Willie’s World

“Man, I had to just email the writer of this article, which I’ve never done before, but this guy got to me. This bozo “Willie” writes a column in the S.F. Chronicle, I guess, called “Willie’s World.” Anyway, just another pawn being used in the retarded fight/logic behind gun control. Notice the use of black folks behind the gun control fight, Obama, Holder,  this Willie dude. If these sellouts had any minds of their own they would realize that the people who really need to be armed are all of the good black folks living in high crime areas, who are held hostage in their own homes because they are not allowed their God given right to protect themselves.  While little armed hood-rats terrorize the neighborhood… it’s just another form of slavery. I want all people to be able to protect themselves from street crime and from tyrannical governments.  Especially, poor folks and people who have dealt with a long history of oppression!

Anyway, here’s the article & Willie says a lot of dumb stuff and makes a claim to the Oakland “Bart” shooting… and because of that incident we need to ban AK-47’s? Wasn’t that kid unarmed and shot by a cop with a hand gun? It’s just shows how silly the gun control issue is and how desperate this Obama/Holder/Clinton gun control posse is getting.

(Willie’s email is at the bottom of the article if you want to contact him).


Willie’s Little S.F. Chronicle Article:

“Assault weapons have no place on streets”



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