Dr. Bob Basso Silenced By Obama White House?


“Forward these videos to friends and family. They are creating quite the sensation on youtube and scaring the living shit out of the White House. They should be very scared up there. You’ve pushed the people too far. You can’t deny the power of truth & common sense.”

Fred Face 3/31/09


Bob Basso (Thomas Paine) Silenced! – Jerry Doyle Show Jerry Doyle Show ^ | 03-25-2009 | Bob Basso Posted on 3/25/2009 12:56:53 PM by GraceG

By dugfmjamul

Jerry Doyle has reported on his show that the creator of the viral video in the link above is not appearing on his show due to intervention from the white house and Obama himself. He has been told not to discuss it on his show but he is going ahead and re-playing the audio in direct defiance of the request from the white house. The creator of the Viral You Tube video Bob Basso was supposed to be on his show today. This could get ugly, just giving a heads up, this is my first post here. What this appears to be is a direct repressionof free speech by the President of the United States. Bob Basso was told not to talk about his visit to the white house.

Are Americans sucking at the hind tit of dead cow? Can we rise up from this bitter repast and demand that Congress enforce our Constitution, follow the law and get out of our business? Can “we the people” demand a “we the people stimulus package?”

Bob Basso thinks we can and that is why Obama is trying to intimidate him into Silence.

It’s happening NOW as I post this thread! The awesome power of the Federal Government trying to Silence the Silent Majority!

Watch the videos and then tell me what is so bad that the awesome power of the Federal Governmentfeels the need to silence a private citizen like Dr. Basso. Is this what President Obama means by “Change”!






2 Responses to “Dr. Bob Basso Silenced By Obama White House?”

  1. Grany Says:

    When the liberal left marched on our freedoms, we should have come out swinging and kicking their butts but instead we licked our wounds, played nice according to Political Correctness and whined like babies. Obama is not marching to a different drum beat; it is the same drum beat he was raised with, in tune with his parents theology, his grandparents theology and he is a racist. Pure and simple. You can’t expect democracy of the people, for the people and by the people with a dictator and a wanna be World President. Combine all of that puss with the likes of Pelosi, Reid and Company and you get CRAP, every time.

    We sat too long and did nothing and now we have reaped the whirlwind. It all started back when women voted for the best looking, talking and sexy man running for office. Way back in JFK’s day, it was rotten and starting to stink.

    So, I dare all of you young Americans to get off of your duffs, clear your throats and tell the Government to get with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and stop shitting around with our country and freedoms. They made the mess, now let them pay for them.

    Put them all on the same playing field that we are on and no more special “elected perks” regarding pay, FICA taxes, Social Security benefits and Medicare. Let them pay the price of all their earnings and not just some of them. Then let them be servants called Bond Servants of this country, without pay for their positions in Washington, DC and every state elected official the same way. Stop paying taxes over and over and over again on the same money you paid to begin with.

    If you call your cows home that are just getting free milk, the problems we are facing now will soon disappear. Self serving officials are not a blessing in any environment.

  2. BJP Says:

    Where is Dr. Bob Basso? Has Obama successfully silenced him? I have not seen a video since he came out and said that he was not called to the White House. I believed otherwise. It has been too convenient that Dr. Basso is missing in action right after the “rumor” went around that Obama had spoken to him directly. Damn the impostor, Obama.

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