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Plans for Mass Graves Confirmed: Government Surveying Cemetery Readiness for Flu Outbreak

April 3, 2009


April 3, 2009

Ron Paul Video — Audit the Fed Gaining Momentum

April 3, 2009

April 3, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Your outspoken support for Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill is working!

The politicians are taking notice, and already 55 of them have signed on as co-sponosors to HR 1207.  There has even been a companion bill introduced in the Senate.  This is great news!

Now is the time to push harder!

Dr. Paul recently spoke about the gathering momentum of this movement, and he is optimistic that this bill really can pass.  Please take a minute to listen to him in the video linked below.

As you can see, Dr. Paul is enthusiastic about our chances, and his spirits are really buoyed by the outpouring of grassroots support.

It is essential that our government operate with as much transparency as possible, now more than ever.  But the Federal Reserve’s operations remain shrouded in secrecy. 

When people found out that Congress had quietly appropriated millions for AIG bonuses, people were outraged.

Imagine their reaction when they hear about the TRILLIONS the Fed has secretly been sending to Wall Street!

If you have not already done so, it is vital that you sign the petition urging your Congressman to cosponsor the Audit the Fed bill.  The thousands already signed up have shown that your voice really can move Congress to act.

Even if you have already signed the petition, there is still more you can do to help.  Forward this e-mail to your friends and encourage them to get on board and sign the petition. This is a winning effort and your friends won’t want to miss out.

Campaign for Liberty will be matching the overwhelming activity of the grassroots.  We will be gathering hundreds of thousands more petitions and lobbying Congressmen on the fence.  A few days before the vote, if we have the resources, we plan to run hard-hitting targeted newspaper, radio and TV ads.

Such a massive effort won’t be easy – or cheap.

So in addition to signing your petition or forwarding this e-mail to a friend, I also hope you will make a contribution of $25, $50 or $100 to Campaign for Liberty.

Listen to how encouraged Dr. Paul is already.  He’s been seeing the inaction in Congress for years, so he should know when the politicians are beginning to wake up.

Let’s reward his hard work by helping pass his momentous bill that will change our monetary system forever.

To make that milestone possible, please click here to donate to Campaign for Liberty.  Your contribution of $25, $50, $100 – or even more – will allow us to ramp up the efforts that have Dr. Paul so optimistic.

We can do this, but we need your help.

Campaign for Liberty can’t just print money out of thin air like the out of control Federal Reserve.  Only your voluntary contributions permit us to do this work.

So please, listen to Dr. Paul talking about the progress we’ve made, forward this e-mail to a friend, and make a generous contribution to Campaign for Liberty to help make this bill a reality.

In Liberty,

John Tate
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill now has 55 cosponsors and is still gaining momentum!  Click here to hear how encouraged Dr. Paul is with the flood of petitions on Capitol Hill, and how optimistic he is about this bill’s chances.

Kucinich on Fox: Merrill Lynch Bonuses

April 3, 2009

President Obama Must Dump Larry Summers to Save His Presidency

April 3, 2009



March 28, 2009 (LPAC)–The following article by LaRouche’s National Spokeswoman, Debra Hanania-Freeman, will appear in the upcoming April 3, 2009 issue of the Executive Intelligence Review.

The Enemy Within: President Obama Must Dump Larry Summers to Save His Presidency

By Debra Hanania-Freeman


During an internationally broadcast webcast on March 21, Lyndon LaRouche noted that the real problem in the Obama Administration’s economic policy team is not Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Instead, LaRouche stressed, the man whose policies pose the gravest danger to both the nation and Barack Obama’s presidency is Larry Summers, the head of the President’s National Economic Council. LaRouche called for Summers to be removed from his post.

LaRouche’s Saturday warning that Summers posed a significant threat to the Administration was borne very quickly. By Monday, as Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner unveiled the latest phase of the biggest bailout swindle in history, it was announced that the President’s popularity had plummeted from a high of 78%, which he enjoyed in the days following his inauguration, to just under 50%. In fact, during the course of that week alone, the President’s approval rating dropped by more than 13%!

As the week progressed, it became increasingly apparent that there was a potentially cataclysmic split inside the Administration. While a clearly hoodwinked President Obama was persuaded by Summers and his backers that the way to solve this worst financial and monetary crisis in modern history was to turn the keys to the banking system–at taxpayers expense–to a bunch of hedge fund thieves, saner voices echoed the policies outlined by LaRouche. A group of prominent and accomplished economists, most notably Texas economics professor and noted author James Galbraith (who is also the son of FDR’s economic adviser John Kenneth Galbraith) and Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, insisted that not only would the latest (and worst) of the bailout schemes could not work, but that in fact, it would serve to make things much worse. They argued instead for the solution employed by FDR; the same solution that Lyndon LaRouche put on the table almost two years ago – to save the U.S. banking system by reorganizing it under bankruptcy protection. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, who heads the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, during a speech in NYC, was even more emphatic on a point he has addressed before: that the current system absolutely had to be reorganized, and reorganized in a Glass-Steagall framework.

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Marijuana helps in battle against cancer: study

April 3, 2009

The main chemical in marijuana appears to aid in the destruction of brain cancer cells, offering hope for future anti-cancer therapies, researchers in Spain wrote in a study released Thursday.

The authors from the Complutense University in Madrid, working with scientists from other universities, found that the active component of marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), causes cancer cells to undergo a process called autophagy — the breakdown that occurs when the cell essentially self-digests.

The research, which appears in the April edition of US-published Journal of Clinical Investigation, demonstrates that THC and related “cannabinoids” appear to be “a new family of potential antitumoral agent.”

The authors wrote that the chemical may prove useful in the development of future “antitumoral agents.”

The scientists conducted their research on mice, first stimulating the growth of cancer in the lab animals, then injecting them with a daily dose of THC near the site of their tumors.

The researchers also analyzed the tumors of two patients in an experimental trial looking at the effects of THC on a highly aggressive form of brain tumor, and saw findings “in line with the preclinical evidence” first observed in the laboratory mice.

Obama and the Ruling Class

April 3, 2009

“Tax revolts people. It’s the next (very) logical step to taking back what is ours. Stop being little squeaking gerbils.”

F.F. 4/02/09




David Macaray
April 2, 2009


“We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”
– Leona Helmsley


The list of Obama nominees not to have paid their taxes continues to grow.  The latest confessor is Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas, former state representative, former insurance honcho, and Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).  On March 31, it was revealed that Sebelius had “forgotten” to pay almost $8,000 in taxes.  Oops.

featured stories   Obama and the Ruling Class  
  Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.

Earlier, Tom Daschle—former South Dakota senator, former Senate Majority Leader, Obama’s original choice for HHS Secretary, and a man generally regarded as the one person in the country capable of ushering in a national health care plan—turned out to owe so much in unpaid taxes he was forced to withdraw.

Daschle, a corporate lobbyist (despite how hard they tried to “spin” his position, when you make $2 million in one year from industry fees, that’s what you are, a lobbyist) owed more than $128,000 in unpaid taxes.  His withdrawal was a stunning disappointment to the administration.

During confirmation proceedings, Timothy Geithner, our Secretary of the Treasury, was forced to go on national television and apologize for not having paid over $34,000 in taxes.  The man who, as Treasury Secretary, would be the titular head of the Internal Revenue Service apparently didn’t know how to fill out his tax form.

Nancy Killefer, Obama’s nominee for Chief Performance Officer, also had to withdraw due to tax problems.  She threw in the towel with the investigation barely underway, choosing to nip it in the bud before too much was revealed.  No thanks, she said.  You can keep your appointment and I’ll keep my privacy.  Adios.

And Ron Kirk, Obama’s choice for U.S. Trade Rep, was shown to owe $10,000 in back taxes, which he agreed to pay only after it was made clear that his appointment to a big-time government position was contingent upon repayment.  Makes you wonder how amenable he and the others would have been to making restitution had their appointments not hung in the balance.

These were the ones we actually heard about, the ones who had made it all the way to final cut, the ones whose names had been formally submitted as nominees.  It doesn’t take into account those who, presumably, were removed from consideration when red flags went up in the first round of vetting, or those who dropped out voluntarily after meeting with their tax accountants.


Of course, it’s possible, as some have suggested, that these wealthy people were the victims of red tape, that the complexity of the U.S. tax code is the real culprit here.  Yes, that’s possible.  Still, it’s odd how these people always err on the side of paying too little than too much.  How refreshing it would be for an audit to reveal that someone making millions of dollars had actually paid a few thousand too much.

Unfortunately, the opportunity for President Obama to step up to the plate was lost here.  Instead of immediately withdrawing the name of any nominee who’d shown they failed to pay their taxes, and making it clear that he wanted honest, fair-minded people in his administration, he took the other approach.  He became complicit in providing cover and excuses.

The opportunity to prove that he fully intended to “change” the way Washington did business, beginning with flushing out the smug, the slippery, the uber-privileged, was ignored.  It could have been a defining moment not only for Obama, but for the country.  Instead, he demonstrated that his allegiance lay with the powers that be.

This whole thing should have been embarrassing for everyone—not only the people caught “cheating” on their taxes, but for Obama’s advisors as well.  But, wild ambition being what it is, these revelations were more or less shrugged off.  Those who talked their way out of it have prestigious government jobs, and those who were dropped from consideration have already moved on with their careers.

Still, critics of the administration will surely say that the reason rich liberals don’t mind Obama’s plan to raise taxes on the wealthy is because they have no intention of paying them.  And we sink deeper into cynicism.

Health Care Records Leading To A Gun Database

April 3, 2009


Health Plan Threatens to Feed Your Gun-related Data Into a National 
— And charge you $10,000 a year for the privilege 

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert 
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151 
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408 

Thursday, April 2, 2009 

In a year when trillion dollar bailouts have become routine, many 
Americans have become almost numb to our acceleration towards socialism. 

But gun rights activists aren’t in that crowd, and so GOA has to inform 
you of yet ANOTHER threat to your privacy, the Second Amendment, and 
even your wallet. 

It is called an “individual mandate” or, alternatively, the 
“Massachusetts plan.”  And over the weekend, both the 
Washington Post 
and the New York Times worked hard to build momentum for it. 

First, a little history. 

We alerted you a few weeks ago to the gun control provisions in the 
stimulus bill that President Obama signed in February.  Our government 
will now spend between $12 and $20 BILLION to require the medical 
community to retroactively put our most confidential medical records 
into a government database — a database that could easily be used to 
deny veterans (and other law-abiding Americans) who have sought 
psychiatric treatment for things such as PTSD. 

Currently, gun owners can avoid getting caught in this database by 
refusing to purchase health insurance or by purchasing insurance with a 
carrier that has not signed an agreement with the government to place 
your records in a national database. 

But that’s all about to change.  A budget resolution — to be voted on 
this Friday in the Senate — will be the first domino in a process that 
could FORCE you to buy government-approved insurance, thus making it 
impossible to avoid the medical database. 

Put another way:  If you do not have health insurance — or, 
potentially, if you do not have the TYPE of health insurance the 
government wants you to have — the government will force you to 
purchase what it regards as “acceptable” health insurance.   
And, in most 
cases, you will have to pay for it out of your own pocket. 

What would all this cost?  Based on comparable insurance currently on 
the market, it could cost $10,000 a year — or more. 

If you were jobless, the socialists would probably spot you the ten 
grand.  But if you are middle class and can’t pay $10,000 because of 
your mortgage payments, your small business, or your kids’ college 
education, you would be fined (over $1,000 a year currently in 
Massachusetts).  And, if you couldn’t pay the confiscatory fine, you 
could ultimately be imprisoned. 

Scary, you say.  But why is this a Second Amendment issue?  Under the 
Massachusetts plan, your MANDATED insurance carrier has to feed your 
medical data into a centralized database — freely accessible by the 
government under federal privacy laws. 

So… remember when your pediatrician asked your kid if you have a 
firearm in the home?  Or when your dad was given a prescription for 
Zoloft because of his Alzheimer’s?  Or when your wife mentioned to her 
gynecologist that she had regularly smoked marijuana ten years ago? 

All of this would be in a centralized database.  And all of it could 
potentially be used to vastly expand the “prohibited persons” list 
maintained by the FBI in West Virginia. 

How serious a threat is this? 

If it gets into the budget resolution the Senate will consider on 
Friday, it will be almost impossible to strip out later. It will be as 
much of a done-deal as the stimulus package was. 

We have asked senators to introduce language to prohibit such an 
individual mandate for socialized medicine that would violate the 
privacy of gun owners. In the absence of such an amendment, we are 
asking senators to vote against the budget resolution. 

ACTION:  Write your U.S. Senators.  Urge them to vote against the budget 
resolution if it does not contain language prohibiting a mandate that 
Americans buy government-approved health insurance against their will. 

Please use the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center at to send your Senators the 
pre-written e-mail message below. 

—– Pre-written letter —– 

Dear Senator: 

A budget resolution that could end up requiring Americans to purchase 
expensive health insurance policies against their will is truly 

And equally alarming is the fact that such mandated health care coverage 
could easily become a shill for gun control. 

Potentially, anyone who does not have health insurance– or does not 
have the TYPE of health insurance the government wants them to have — 
will be forced to purchase “acceptable” health insurance and 
pay for it 
out of our own pockets. 

Based on the cost of comparable insurance currently on the market, that 
could cost $10,000 a year — or more. 

That’s bad enough. But far worse, such a “Massachusetts Plan” would 
MANDATE that an insurance carrier feed medical data into a centralized 
database — freely accessible by the government under federal privacy 

Hence, a kid’s statement to his pediatrician about his parents’ 
firearms… or a dad’s prescription for Zoloft because of his 
Alzheimer’s… or a wife’s statement to her gynecologist about her 
regular use of marijuana ten years ago… could all turn up in a federal 
database and unconstitutionally expand the list of “prohibited 
Individuals would have no ability to opt out. 

For all of these reasons, if the budget resolution does not contain 
language prohibiting an “individual mandate” regarding health 
care, I 
would ask that you oppose the budget resolution. 


(your name)