by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

March 13, 2009

For example: The March 27, 2009 edition of Pravda.ru featured an article, date-lined March 26, headlined “Obama makes his first anti-Russian statements.” That false charge against President Obama, clearly has the paw-prints of current British efforts at subversion of Russia. However, the actual fact to which that misleading headline is attached, is that someone in the editorial department of Pravda had been duped into swallowing and regurgitating a British swindle, a proposal for a swindle known as “a single world currency,” a swindle also imposed upon some official circles in China.

In this respect, Russia is not unique among today’s nations. Similar attempts at inducing political-economic suicide in Russia, China, and other places, are being spread among duped leading circles of many nations; a virtual epidemic of a fatal economic disease is being spread, world-wide, in this way. However, nations which allow themselves to continue to be misled in this way, will be now soon doomed by their own choice.

In general, the problem is, that, speaking generally, the government of Russia, like most of the leading governments of the world today, has shown no significant comprehension of the real nature of either the present world economic crisis, or possible cures. This is largely due to the success of British imperialist interests in befuddling, not only some leading circles in Russia, but virtually every presently leading government of every part of this world. If beliefs of that sort prevail, there is no hope for any part of civilization, even leading existing national cultures, for a very long time still to come.

It is typical of imperialist methods which the British Empire of Lord Shelburne adopted, explicitly, from the legacy of the notorious Roman emperor Julian the Apostate, to induce nations to destroy themselves by swindles of that sort. Swindles such as British schemes for supranational “world currencies” are much safer, and often more feasible weapons of mass destruction than nuclear ones, provided that credulous dupes can be found among governments of the intended victims.

The source of that unfounded opinion’s circulation in Russian circles, like those of the sociopath Larry Summers inside the U.S.A., is clearly an echo of the work of certain known British financier networks which have also been operating similarly inside certain Russian circles. Nonetheless, while the intrinsic silliness of the Pravda.ru headline is clear, there are, unfortunately, many people in various nations, who may not actually be British agents, but whose ignorance of the principles of economy nonetheless permits them to be duped into promoting swindles such as investing in schemes resembling a John Law bubble of an Eighteenth-century past, or, similarly, the fraud of “a single world currency,” today.

Those who would shape economic and financial policies of nations should, first, reassess the competence of their opinions, before expending efforts on supporting what may well be the fantasies which they may have been induced to adopt.




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