I Almost Died…

No, not really. But I somehow got an extremely bad form of contact dermatitis. Never had anything like it before. The people at the emergency room never seen a case as bad as me. It was pretty fucked up. I thought I was dying at one point. I had open sores that covered most of my arms, chest, back, and calves. I got shot with steroids, cat scan, ekg, the whole nine. It was basically 2 days of hell on earth before I went to the emergency room. I din’t get any sleep for about 3 days. The people at Seton Medical Center are awesome. (Never go to “Blackstock Family Health Center.” Thats were I started and they missed diagnosed me and gave me the wrong meds an my have worsened my condition. Plus, it just has the air of a eugenic cesspool). Anyway, I’m kind of weirded out by the whole thing. One week your writing about the criminal nature of your countries federal government and the next week your covered with sores and thinking your on your death bed. It could have been anything that set off the allergic reaction but you never know? Don’t worry I’m not getting grandiose but who knows these days? Anyway, I don’t care about any of that I’m just happy to be living. 

F.F. 4/14/09


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