Rachel Maddow Compares Sovereignty Movement to Confederacy

“Holy Shit!… Holy Shit! What is going on here? I spend two days in the E.R. and I come home and these people have gone insane. Listen, I’m as liberal as you can get. I’m an artist and a musician and I think anyone should do whatever the fuck they want as long as they are not hurting anyone. That’s (kinda) what this Ron Paul “libertarian” movement is all about. More freedom for all people. We want government to stop meddling in all of our lives. The people I know in this “libertarian” movement are (obviously) more open minded and accepting to all races and sexual orientations than certain types of republicans but I find them to be much more (“smarter!!”) and opened minded than your typical liberal democrat.

I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts… the most goddam liberal democrat epicenter in the country. And I’m fuckin’proud of it. I’m everything you’ll find in a liberal democrat, except that I’m not stupid. Your suppose to evolve the older you get. Get it? The democratic party is as much a circus side-show business as the republican party. You’ve been indoctrinated your whole life on the idea that there are only two choices for a presidential canidate…………*BANG*………and here comes the “Libertarian, Ron Paul, 3rd Parties,” (whatever you want to label it), offering the American people more choice, more diversity. If Rachel Maddow has such a feverish case of white-liberal-guilt I wish she’d used that energy to vote for a real African-American presidential candidate like Cynthia McKinney.

It just goes to show you what a machine our media is for the pentagon. The Limbaugh’s, the Olbermann’s, the Beck’s, it’s a fucking charade to divide the American people. Get it? Did you notice how Olbermann swept in just at the hight of anti-Bushy. Good timing, huh? We all hate Bush. Thats no secret. But… but… let’s bring in the next talking head to adore our in-coming presidential king, Obama. Never in the history of this country was so much positive attention lavished on presidential candidate than Obama. Do you think the real powers that be didn’t have anything to do with that? Are you that fuckin’ naive and blinded by a mans race, liberal democrats? Just because a politician is black doesn’t mean he’s not like the rest of the fat fuckin’ white fat cats stuffing their faces in Washington. You’ve been played like suckers. Just ask this Boston rapper. Ya’all need to stop watching television. Especially, the news. It’s poisoning those sweet little brains of yours. I don’t mean to be condescending but it is really hard to watch this mind-fuck that is being carried out on Obama supporters.

I don’t support or like a guy like Rick Perry, nor do most Ron Paul/Libertarian people. But we sure as flying fuck support a sovereignty movement because our Federal Government is completely out of control. There are no more checks and balances, literally.  They were out of control with Bush & Cheney. And now they are out of control with Obama & Brzezinski. 

So, Rachel Maddow, a Sovereignty Movement would be good for all people, (I hate to use this word but she deserves it here), you dumb broad. It would be a step closer to freedom… away from our every growingly oppressive government… for all American people! Look into what it’s really about before you bring some race-card bullshit into it. She has obviously lost her coffee sippin’ Smith College brain. Or she’s just another agent. An agent for an agenda that does not want you to taste T R U E  F R E E D O M.  The true people in power are scared shitless of the (real) Libertarian movement gaining more momentum and they have basically declared war on it with this fake tea party/ Republicans are Libertarian’s/ weird race-card bullshit. Hey, if you wanna be a codependent to a President who is just as much a fraud as Bush, then stay in your little comfort zones. We’re working on really fixing the fuckin’ problem. 

Ron Paul kinda people have nothing to do with REPUBLICANS, period. Yes, we support the right to bear arms and it’s for all  citizens… white, black, asian, gay, etc. And yes, we support immigration laws, so that our legal ctizens, i.e.-hispanic, white, black, asian, etc), can be taken care of before “criminals” who violate the law by sneaking into this country do.

Look into Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty you won’t find any racists red-necks or any self-loathing white liberals… you’ll find some very smart people of all ages, races and sexual orientations that have a real plan for change! And it’s (fuckin’) for the better of all our beautifully diverse American citizens. 

Stop being played. 

-Fred Face  4/18/09



Kurt Nimmo
April 18, 2009


Rachel Maddow, described as Keith Olbermann’s “political soul mate” and “a liberal in the purest, almost mineral sense of the word,” has characterized the states’ rights and sovereignty movement as a modern spin-off of the Confederacy, “except the states aren’t clinging to a slave-based economy.” She claims to be “weirded-out by the Civil War theme” of the Tea Party movement.

Maddow’s comments are part of MSNBC’s nasty campaign to portray the April 15 Tea Party demonstrations held around the country as racist and troglodytic.

Faux conservatives are fond of ranting about the “liberal bias” of MSNBC, owned by the monopolistic software titan Microsoft and NBC. NBC’s parent is General Electric, a multinational corporation that makes a lot of money in the “defense” business (this division generated $3,100,000,000 in 2003), not exactly the sort of business model liberals support.

It is interesting Maddow compares states’ rights advocates to Confederates and then links them to the immorality of slavery. It is rather ironic — if not entirely hypocritical — that this “liberal in the purest, almost mineral sense of the word” works for a corporation that manufactures engines for Black Hawk attack helicopters used in Iraq. Liberals are said to be viscerally opposed to the Iraq invasion and occupation.

In fact, MSNBC is used by our rulers to amplify the false right-left paradigm that serves as a big distraction and keeps the masses squabbling over meaningless issues. Important issues like states’ rights are minimized and excused in the most reprehensible manner (as an example, see the exchange between Keith Olbermann and the disgusting “comedienne” Janeane Garofalo).

Wall Street Journal columnist Thomas Frank is surprised how “mainstream extremism is,” an obvious attempt to link the Tea Party and sovereignty movement to the recently leaked “rightwing extremism” report produced by the Department of Homeland Security. Frank characterizes the “tea-baggers” as a “lunatic fringe” that has allowed itself to be exploited by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the Republicans, and “that other network” (Fox News). 

Frank is right to a certain degree — the Tea Party movement, initially created by Libertarians, was co-opted by “mainstream” (establishment) Republicans and Glenn Beck “conservatives” for cynical political reasons. Rick Perry is a dyed-in-the-wool globalist minion groomed by the Bilderbergers and the CFR as a possible presidential selectee and has absolutely no plan to urge Texas secession.

It remains to be seen if Maddow and her guest realize the establishment Republicans are backing states’ rights in order to derail the movement and use it as a tool to attack the left side of the false right-left construct.

“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies,” wrote Dr. Carroll Quigley.

Republicans are merely preparing to “throw the rascals out” during the next election cycle so a new (or recycled) batch of CFR, Trilateral, and bankster operatives can be installed. The agenda will remaind absolutely the same.

Maddow and her guest are on par with “doctrinaire and academic thinkers” who accept the “foolish idea” that there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans. Maddow’s task is to sell this nonsense to liberals who apparently revel in the soft porn presented on MSNBC and CNN (where crude sexual imagery is employed to describe the Tea Party movement).





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