John Bolton Confronted about PNAC Race Specific Bioweapons, Bilderberg Membership & Sibel Edmonds – Philly 9/11 Truth

Article: Truth-squaded on PNAC bio-weapons, Bilderberg, and Sibel Edmonds January 29, 2008 John Bolton, speaking at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, was pummeled with a fury of tough questions from Philly 9/11 Truth. Being a director of the notorious Project for a New American Century and endorser of the anathematic document ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’, member Nick Carangi asked Bolton to address the use of “genotype” bio-weapons to which Bolton issued an assurance that the United States has no such ambitions. After the main forum, Philly 9/11 Truth continued to accost Bolton with hard issues. Bolton became belligerent toward Mark Peters as he was probed about his 2003 attendance at the Bilderberg Conference in Versaille, Paris. Peters informed Bolton that his activities were in violation of the Logan Act and prodded Bolton to give up information about the Bilderberg’s itinerary asking him “what goes on there.” Bolton became defensive saying, “Not a damn thing” and stated that more happens at another elite event (name of event is inaudible). Bolton was ushered away by secret service however caught mid step by another team of info-warriors. Much to the dismay of the next questioner, Bolton confirmed being aware of the Sibel Edmonds nuclear-secrets issue, but remarked that he was unsure as to its significance.


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