Straight Talk – Weaponized Vaccines and Pandemic Protection

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Nano Silver
Engineered Pandemic 
Weaponized Vaccines 
New World Order 
Self-Quarantine & 14 Point Checklist
Anti-Virals, Herbal and Other Remedies

First, A Word For Our Sponsors: YOU

When the Natural Solutions Foundation shared our analysis of the weaponization of the Avian Flu with you in 2008, we got thousands of emails asking us what to do to protect ourselves. What does Dr. Laibow use?.

We said very clearly that while the weaponized Avian Flu Virus might not react the way other pathogens did, we predicted that it would be killed by contact with Nano Silver, a finely divided type of silver which kills all known disease-causing agents or pathogens and which is sold as a Dietary Supplement in the US. I was very clear that the Avian Flu organism might or might not respond the same way. As it happened, later information let us know that we were correct: Nano silver DOES, indeed, kill the weaponized Avian Flu virus as it kills all known micro-organisms except beneficial ones. The US government says that people marketing silver products are not allowed to tell you this truthful information.

We told you, within our private, opt-in expressive association, of the truth as we see it. To receive information like this is exactly why you opted into our Health Freedom Action eAlert – Please be assured, so long as an open and free Internet exists, we will speak truth to power… for you and for all humans who are facing this “time of plague” together.

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On to the Engineered Pandemic

The predicted, or perhaps I should say, “promised” pandemic may very well be upon us. This is, as sure as God made little green apples, a totally man-made event, with a totally man-made pathogen (disease-causing agent). The WHO, US Government and MMD (media of mass deception) have been ramping up, ramping up, ramping up. But there is no honest virologist in the world who can look you in the eye and say that this virus had any chance whatsoever of having self-assembled genes

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What will it get you? Vaccinated with a Weaponized Vaccine.

I have the reports of several Mexican doctors who tell us that their colleagues were vaccinated and died. Vaccinated with what, you may ask? Now that is a really good question…

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Can you Spell “New World Order”

Natural Solutions Foundation always provides solutions when we raise problems and issues. Always. And, since we understand that Nano Silver is the most potent, yet safe, nutritional pathogen killer know, we have been recommending for some time now that you need to lay in a good store of Nano Silver for health threats, both natural and man-made. But there are other ways to regulate the immune system, too, and we want to tell you about some of them. We urgently recommend the Nano Silver route (here is the link again:

Man does not live by Nano Silver alone… other steps you can take…

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From Natural Solutions Foundation last year –

How to Self-Quarantine; Advice from a Public Health Professional:

The above article was exclusively published by Natural Solutions Foundation and includes expert opinions –

(1) Self-Quarantine Memo from a NBC Protection Expert 
(2) Fourteen Preparedness Points, and 
(3) Other Preparedness Steps

The following articles were provided by two readers. We pass it along without endorsement or commentary since the information is benign and might help support your immune system in reasonable ways.

Please note, we do not think this information will replace Nano Silver or other profound strategies, but it might help protect you and your loved ones. Nano Silver MIGHT be a magic bullet. These other strategies are not, but can be very helpful used together with a good diet free from contaminants and taken in enough quantity to have a substantial impact. Don’t be embarrassed about wearing a face mask… it may soon be the fashion rage!

Yours in health and freedom, 
Dr. Rima Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical Director Natural Solutions Foundation

PS: My special thanks to our readers for bringing the following articles to my attention. REL 

PS#2: Don’t forget, even in dangerous times, we need to continue to educate decision makers about protecting Health Freedom. Please send your message to the President, Congress and state decision makers, in opposition to the pending (sic) “Food Safety” bills that would force the industrialization of agricultural, destroying family farm, natural and home food production — just when our immune systems need wholesome nutrition the most:


Folk Medicines and Herbs to use and avoid with Bird Flu 

“Research suggests certain natural foods may be as effective against virus H5N1 as commercial antivirals.

(PRWEB) May 10, 2006 — A Biology teacher from Australia, named Stephen Jones, has done extensive research into the H5N1 virus and compiled a list of natural foods that are effective against it and listed others that are detrimental. The list may come as a surprise to many people since foods such as spirulina and echinacea are listed as detrimental… Other foods that create mucous in the respiratory tract, such as bananas, are also listed as detrimental due to the fact that the predominant breeding ground of the virus is the respiratory tract and another way in which a patient may suffer is due to the body’s over production of mucous in this area… 

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Some Herbal and Other Remedies

To read this article about … garlic, green tea, resveratrol … olive leaf and more…

And additional miscellaneous remedies… dehydration, mercury toxins, magnesium, etc and that old-stand-by, Iodine…

Please help Natural Solutions Foundation continue to bring you this type of important information.

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