GOA-PVF: Specter Must Go



Time For Arlen Specter To Go 
— GOA Supports Pro-gunner Pat Toomey 

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 

First, Senator Arlen Specter provided the instrumental Republican 
support to get anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed by the 

Then, he singlehandedly pushed through the massive economic bailout, the 
so-called stimulus bill, which contained several provisions of concern 
to gun owners. 

So it comes as no surprise that liberal anti-gun Specter, who has no 
loyalty to the Constitution, also has no loyalty to the political party 
that elected him.  Specter announced this week that he will leave the 
Republican Party and run as a Democrat in 2010. 

Specter’s announcement comes only after poll after poll showed him 
trailing pro-gun conservative Pat Toomey in a Republican primary. 

Specter thinks that changing parties will improve his chances of winning 
next year. 

What he’s going to learn is that the voters of Pennsylvania are much 
more concerned about their Constitutional rights than they are with what 
political party a candidate belongs to. 

Every time Attorney General Eric Holder opens his mouth and talks about 
reinstating the Clinton gun ban, gun owners know they have Arlen Specter 
to thank. 

Back in early January, Sen. Specter said he had “grave 
concerns” about 
Eric Holder.  He made it sound like he was going to join other pro-gun 
Senators and oppose the Holder nomination. 

Specter was only putting on a show. 

After pretending to oppose Eric Holder, Sen. Specter provided the key 
support that brought the nomination to the floor of the Senate. 

Why the big switch? 

Simple.  When it looked like Specter was going to face a primary 
challenge from a real conservative, he talked tough and made it look 
like he was opposed to Holder.  Then for a while, it appeared that 
Specter would not have a serious challenge, so Specter flip-flopped and 
decided not to oppose Holder. 

With people like Specter in office, it’s no wonder our gun rights are in 
such jeopardy. 

At least gun owners have a clear choice in the next election.  Former 
Congressman Pat Toomey has again taken up the conservative, pro-gun 
mantle and will challenge the liberal incumbent. 

Visit http://www.toomeyforsenate.com/contribute to support Pat Toomey 
for Senate. 

Together, we can defeat the Senate’s most dangerous turncoat and replace 
him with a real Second Amendment defender. 

Specter was one of three Republicans whose vote was needed to pass the 
bailout.  When one of the other two Senators expressed reservations, 
good old Arlen Specter stepped in and brought that Senator “back in 

Without Specter, there would be no $1 TRILLION bailout. 

Really, by the time debt services and other frills of the “socialism 
bill” are accounted for, the cost will be over $3 TRILLION! 

The debt foisted upon us by Arlen Specter will be passed on to 
succeeding generations, AND the bailout is being used as a tool of the 
anti-gun left. 

You see, the bailout bill contains provisions that can fund anti-gun 
activist organizations like ACORN and Moveon.org to the tune of hundreds 
of millions — even billions — of your taxpayer dollars. 

The bailout also contains provisions to require your doctor to 
retroactively put your confidential medical records in a government 
database.  Medical records have already been used to deny about 200,000 
military veterans their Second Amendment rights, and that situation will 
be made worse for all citizens thanks to the Specter bailout bill. 

Perhaps no single Senator is negatively affecting the future of this 
country more than Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter. 

Please help Gun Owners of America make this Specter’s last term in 
office by supporting Pat Toomey for Senate at: 

Rep. Toomey challenged Specter in a primary in 2004 with the support of 
Gun Owners of America, and came just 1.7% short of winning. 

Specter’s bacon was pulled out of the fire only after the incumbent 
Senator, President Bush and even, unfortunately, some in the gun rights 
community campaigned on his behalf at the last minute. 

Well, Senator Specter has sold out the people of Pennsylvania and 
conservatives across the nation for the last time. 

At the same time we get rid of an enemy of gun rights, we can also help 
to elect an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment. 

Pat Toomey served in the U.S. House of Representatives for three terms, 
before honoring a self-imposed term limit and retiring in 2004. 

Rep. Toomey was “A” rated by Gun Owners of America during his 
time in 
Congress.  Even though he was supposedly “too conservative” for the 
eastern Pennsylvania district he represented, Toomey stood firm on his 
pro-Second Amendment principles. 

Unlike Arlen Specter, there was no waffling on the issues concerning 
your gun rights. 

Gun Owners of America knows from experience that when we’re in the 
trenches battling the anti-gunners over reinstating the semi-auto gun 
ban, closing down gun shows and funding liberal leftist organizations, 
Pat Toomey will be with us shoulder to shoulder. 

But first he has to defeat Specter, an anti-gun 
Republican-turned-Democrat with millions of dollars in the bank and lots 
of new liberal friends ready to give him more. 

Gun Owners of America calls on sportsmen and gun owners in Pennsylvania 
and across the country to stand with us to defeat Arlen Specter and to 
elect Pat Toomey to the U.S. Senate. 

Please make the most generous contribution possible to Pat Toomey for 
Senate at http://www.toomeyforsenate.com/contribute on the web. 

If you prefer to contribute by check, make your check payable to “Toomey 
for Senate” and mail to: PO Box 220, Orefield, PA 18069. 

Or, you can call the campaign at 484-809-7994 to contribute by phone. 

Pat Toomey stands 100% in favor of your gun rights.  Together, let’s 
stand with Pat Toomey in this crucial election. 


Tim Macy 
Vice Chairman


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