WHO Says Virus Will Return With “Vengeance” in Months Ahead

“It’s obvious that these people are insane and it’s becoming more clear that they mean business.  They seem to know something we don’t know. Like that barrel-on-wheels, Janet Napolitano said, “that this round of the swine flu isn’t as powerful of the one that is “coming.” How can you predict an outbreak if nothing has happened yet?Look at what happened in 1976. If this is true and they are going to intentionally create this mass murder then their will be two types of people left in America.

(1)The people who will willingly march into Fema camps, town halls, schools, and hospitals to be injected with a “cure” vaccination.  While having no concept of history and the diabolical nature of out-of-control governments and the psychopathic, eugenicist, power-freak, corporate elite,  banking elite family scum-fucks who control them. Why don’t you look into the familiar names who have funded both sides of all the world wars. When you learn things they may not always be pretty but at least you know what you gotta do to make things better. You learn how “your” world is based on love, compassion, and tolerance. But you learn about the dark side too. It is a black hole that feeds on greed, power, and total control.  It engulfs the free-thinking, connected-to-nature, beautiful innocent human being and shits them out into a soul-crushing fake reality of overwhelming fear and blinding servitude. 

(2) And two… the other Americans… the people won’t inject things into their bodies, especially, when they have no idea of the ramifications of doing so.  People who have respect for themselves. People who realize that they are free human beings and will not take part in a world of fear mostly based on fiction. The people who are creating history by walking up to the reality of criminal governments and the real people in power who kill millions of people decade after decade throughout our world. 


This is why they want to disarm the free people of the world. Not because they give a shit about some little kid being killed in a drive by shooting.  Naw. they throw parties for that kinda shit. Stand up for yourselves people. Stop being herded around. Man.


-Fred Face 5/4/09



By Andrew Jack

Published: May 3 2009 14:08 | Last updated: May 3 2009 17:42


The head of the World Health Organisation hit back at critics who have accused it of over-reaction to the swine flu crisis, warning it may return “with a vengeance” in the months ahead.

In her first extensive media interview since alerting the world to a potential flu pandemic nine days ago, Margaret Chan, the agency’s director-general, told the Financial Times that the end of the flu season in the northern hemisphere meant an initial outbreak could be milder but then a second wave more lethal, as happened in 1918.

Fresh data from Mexico suggested the impact of the flu could be less than initially thought. José Angel Cordova, health minister said the flu virus epidemic had passed its peak and was declining. “The evolution of the epidemic is now in its phase of descent,” he said.

The Mexican government, which had already scaled back its original estimate of 176 deaths, said 19 of the suspected 100 deaths from the H1N1 virus had been confirmed.

But Ms Chan warned that an apparent decline in mortality rates outside and within Mexico did not mean the pandemic was ending.

“We hope the virus fizzles out, because if it doesn’t we are heading for a big outbreak.” But she said: “I’m not predicting the pandemic will blow up, but if I miss it and we don’t prepare, I fail. I’d rather over-prepare than not prepare.”

She stressed that a likely increase to the agency’s highest “level six” pandemic alert did not necessarily mean “every country and every individual will be affected” with many more deaths.

Rather “it is a signal to public health authorities to take appropriate measures” such as intensified disease surveillance.

Ms Chan acknowledged frustration with slow release of data on the threat posed by the virus. But she defended Mexico as very co-operative but overwhelmed by extending treatment and limiting the spread of infection as well as analysing cases. She added: “The information is beginning to roll in.”

“These countries are so overwhelmed. Other countries may expect a lot of information now. But people need to allow time for the epidemiology, laboratory and clinical data. ”

She reiterated the WHO’s view based on “the evidence and science available to us” that travel restrictions were counterproductive. Although countries had the right under international health regulations to take different measures, they would need to justify them publicly.

But she defended recent decisions such as that of Hong Kong and New Zealand to quarantine travellers arriving with suspected flu.

Ms Chan called on pharmaceutical companies to increase their contributions, praising their efforts so far but calling for fresh donations and for far larger quantities of drugs and vaccines at lower prices to help treat and protect the poor.

She had released most of the WHO’s stockpile of the antiviral medicine Tamiflu provided by Roche, its manufacturer, which had already agreed to provide more and to propose lower prices.

She hinted at fresh ways to encourage generic companies to produce cheap versions of Tamiflu to expand capacity.



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