Chase Credit Cards Serivices Are Scum-Bags

“I got really sick a little while ago and I missed, ( by 2 days),  a few credit card payments. American Express was great about it but Chase bank is just as filthy and sleazy as you would expect them to be. They wanted me to send them photo copies of  my “proof of stay” at the hospital. I have had several Chase credit cards for over 4 years, (I got sucked into it in college), and I have NEVER missed a single payment. Here is a the letter I accompanied with the hospital documents. It’s much more toned down then my first draft,  (I still want them to take off the late charge ya know).

-Fred Face 5/3/09

Correspondence Department

Chase Credit Card Services

P.O. Box 15298

Willington, DE


To whom it may concern,

My name is (F.F.) and this is in regards to my Chase credit card ending in XXXX. I missed my payment a few days after the due date this month. I spent a few days in and out of the emergency room a couple days before my payment was due because of a really bad case of Contact Dermatitis. I usually pay my bill online the week before it is due. And that week leading up to the days I went to the E.R. was literally hell on earth. I didn’t sleep for 4 days leading up to the E.R. because of open sores and extreme itching sensation. I had missed that whole week of work also.

Now, with all that being said, I am extremely agitated that I have to write this letter and photo copy my medical records and buy a stamp and drive to the post office to mail out this pathetic plea to you. I have never missed a payment with you guys before and I have multiple accounts with Chase. I also missed my payments with my American Express cards and it was taken care of “professionally” over the phone like it should have, (and I was not taxed by them).

Now, with that being said, I don’t like being treated like some scam artist who has been waiting for years in good standing with my payments, to cook up some scheme about getting really sick just so I can pay my bill a few days late. Treating me like some adolescent kid whose dog ate his homework.

Now, with that being said, who are the one’s really pulling the scams here? After banks like Chase steal billions of dollars in bailout money from hard working American tax payers just like me, you guys raise your credit card APR rates on us. Not to mention the bailout money you received will be used to loan back to us with interest.

I’m pretty upset about all of the skepticism  place on my behalf when it should be place heavily on companies like Chase and all of the worker bees, (“you” who reading this), who keep their very questionable policies and procedures working like a well oiled menace of a machine.

I want to be contacted immediately upon your decision whether or not to credit my late charge.

With Lavishing Love,



10 Responses to “Chase Credit Cards Serivices Are Scum-Bags”

  1. Nunya Says:

    We should keep Gitmo open just to put these filthy cocksuckers there forever.

    They’re raising my card rates nearly 5% and I’ve never, ever even been anywhere close to paying late.

    And all because the incompetent filthy lowlife scumbags nearly brought down the whole world’s economy because they can’t stand it if they’re not screwing people.

    Didn’t these assholes learn anything????

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Chase Bank is criminal scum. They jacked my rate to 30% because of a missed payment and now fucked my credit by lowering my limit! Absolute bankster evil trash! The Chase execs belong in a Pound-In-The-Ass prison!

  3. Pissed Chase Customer Says:

    Chase Bank is criminal scum. They jacked my rate to 30% because of a missed payment and now fucked my credit by lowering my limit! Absolute bankster evil trash! The Chase execs belong in a Pound-In-The-Ass prison!

  4. Not surprised by Bank Scum Says:

    I just got a letter from Chase cutting my credit in half and doubling my APR on existing balance. Of course, it went in under the new law’s wire that doesn’t allow that. Their actions are criminal, they have no oversight to the rules they create, and if their business was based anywhere but in Delaware, this would have already been illegal.

  5. mike alan Says:

    Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.

    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  6. fredface Says:


  7. fredface Says:


  8. Steve Says:

    It’s been obvious to me for years that Chase lacks any understanding of human customer relationships. They are a bunch of robots and crooks who look for the slightest opportunity to charge late fees or take advantage of the customer. I am not opposed to profit driven enterprises, not at all. And, we customers have our responsibilities too. But Chases’s business practices are shady at best. DO NOT do business with them under ANY circumstances. I have had numerous accounts with Chase for years and a 770 credit score. I carried a $0 balance on my cc for over a year and ordered a free credit report when I was considering refinancing my mortgage. The credit report was free (supposedly). 6 months last I try to use the credit card and I can’t . I call Chase and they closed the account. I never received a call or letter from them about this account. Seems that the credit report company was charging $15 over two months for credit monitoring that I did NOT want. This was very unethical in an of itself and I called the merchant about it. They agreed to credit me back for the charges. But, Chase had already charged finance charges/later fees to the account, closed it, written it off, and submitted two late payment to my credit report. The only communication I received from them was my credit card statement that I had not checked because it was a $0 balance (my fault, I guess). Obviously, Chase did not want me as a customer because they weren’t making any money off of me. They only thing that I can do now if make a comment on my credit report. Buyer beware!!!

  9. Bob Smith Says:

    Don’t carry a monthly balance. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Then the CC companies will stop raping you. Quite simple really.

  10. fredface Says:

    did you read the whole story bone-head?

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