Rachel Maddow Criticizes Obama on “Prolonged Detention”

achel Maddow has come around… too bad it’s too late. Liberals are easy — easily fooled that is. Liberals were so mesmerized by Obama’s rhetoric, the promises he had absolutely no intention of fulfilling, that they overlooked the fact he is a front man for the same sinister forces behind George Bush, who the liberals hated — and rightly so — with a vengeance. It is now impossible to ignore the fact that Obama will not only continue the policies of the Bush administration — torture, detention, war stretching out into the indeterminable future — but will build on them, as instructed. Obama will jettison his liberal followers because he no longer has use for them. It remains to be seen if they will mobilize and fight against the dark forces in control of the government, of if they will simply repeat the process during the next staged election cycle. It was Albert Einstein who said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Are liberal Democrats insane?



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