The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (Get Involved)



Independent farmers and ranchers need a voice.  For too long, our elected officials have listened to the huge industrial-agriculture companies, and made the laws and regulations to benefit them.  Independent farmers and ranchers were forgotten or, worse, targeted for ever-more burdensome regulations.  It is time to make a change! 

The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) is dedicated to representing non-corporate agriculture and animal owners, from homesteaders to horse owners to full-time ranchers.  FARFA’s work also serves those who are local foods consumers, people who care about protecting our traditional way of life, and other like-minded individuals.  




FARFA advocates for farmers, ranchers, and homesteaders through public education and lobbying to assure their independence in the production and marketing of their food, and to prevent the imposition of unnecessary regulatory burdens that are not in the public interest.  FARFA also advocates for consumers’ access to information and resources to obtain healthy foods of their choice.  FARFA promotes connections between rural and urban communities to support diversified, local agricultural systems. 


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