AP report: Source claims Obama intel pick tied to CIA torture program


Update: In 2006, FBI agents feared Mudd wanted them to engage in ‘ethnic targeting’ and mocked him as ‘Rasputin’; Once allegedly ordered FBI agents to search falafel sales records to find Iranian terrorists

A former Bush administration official nominated by President Barack Obama to serve at DHS was linked to the CIA’s torture program, a source tells the Associated Press.

An AP article claims that a congressional aide “who spoke on condition of anonymity,” and wasn’t “authorized to discuss the matter publicly,” has “confirmed that [Philip] Mudd, who was deputy director of the Office of Terrorism Analysis at the CIA during the Bush administration, had direct knowledge of the agency’s harsh interrogation program.”

The AP notes it could wind up becoming “an issue during Philip Mudd’s confirmation hearing, which is expected next week. Mudd was nominated to be under secretary of intelligence and analysis at Homeland Security.”

An updated AP story reveals that “Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said her staff is looking into the extent of Mudd’s involvement in these interrogation program.”

“Mudd’s analysts used information obtained through harsh interrogations, and the official said that Mudd is likely to be questioned on whether the analysis branch pressured interrogators in the field to use harsher methods because they believed detainees were not telling the truth,” the AP adds.

The Washington Times reported last month that Mudd was being tapped to take the place of Roger Mackin, the author of a “controversial report that suggested veterans were being recruited to commit terrorist acts in the U.S.”

However, a DHS spokesperson told Think Progress that the replacement of Mackin “was ‘categorically unrelated’ to the right-wing extremism report.”

Mudd coined the phrase “Pepsi jihad” in “the intelligence leaders’ wide-ranging annual review of global threats before the House Intelligence Committee,” the AP reported in January of 2007.

Though the U.S. is not immune to the grass-roots extremism that has inspired attacks in Europe, the inclusiveness of American society may help against radical Islam’s spread here, intelligence officials said Thursday.

Philip Mudd, a senior official in the FBI’s National Security Branch, termed the U.S. domestic threat a “Pepsi jihad” — an outgrowth of extremism he said has spread among young people over the past 15 years and has been popularized by the Internet.

“We see in this country on the East Coast, on the West Coast and the center of this country — kids who have no contact with al-Qaida but who are radicalized by the ideology,” Mudd said.


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