We already know the results of one so-called health care reform‏

Some politicians want to mandate that employers provide health insurance for their workers, and/or that individuals must acquire such insurance, much as we’re all required to have car insurance. This is supposed to achieve universal coverage while also reducing costs. But…

Massachusetts politicians have already run this experiment, with bad results.

Please use our generic health care campaign to tell your Congressional employees to NOT impose Massachusetts’s mistake on the entire country.

Use your personal comments to share the results of the Massachusetts mistake, as summarized by Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute…

Massachusetts politicians promised that the insurance mandate would reduce medical costs. They also estimated that health insurance premiums could drop by 25-40%. Instead…

* Premiums rose by 7.4% in 2007, 8-12% in 2008, and are expected to rise 9% this year
* This compares to an average nationwide increase of only 5.7% over the same period
* Annual health insurance costs for a family in Massachusetts average about $4,000 more than the national rate
* Health care spending has also increased in Massachusetts by 23% since the coverage mandate was enacted

We already know the results of the mandate idea. Congress MUST NOT inflict this mistaken idea on the rest of us.

We also know what the results will be if DownsizeDC.org keeps growing…

If we keep sending larger numbers of messages to Congress each month we’ll make them increasingly nervous, and have increasing influence. Last month we sent 36,512 messages. To stay on pace to beat that number this month we need to send 1,669 messages today.

We also know what the result will be of a constantly growing Downsize DC Army — we’ll eventually reach the point where we can apply relentless, overwhelming, resistance-numbing pressure on Congress. We grew by 17 net new members yesterday, which brings us to 1,151 net new members for the year. The Downsize DC Army now stands at 25,500. We’re half way to our next 1,000 increment of growth!

It took us 176 days to grow the previous increment of 1,000, but now we’re half way to the next one in just 35 days!

YOU can make the army grow even faster by following our quick and easy instructions for personalized recruiting.

We also know what the results will be of constantly increased funding — we’ll be able to reach more and more people until eventually we can reach everyone, everywhere, every day. To achieve this result faster please consider starting a monthly credit card pledge using our secure contribution form.

Please also let us know if its okay to advertise your support here…

NEW MONTHLY PLEDGERS IN JUNE: David H. Abernathy, John Murphy, Jeremiah J Blanchard — IN MAY: Don Matesz, Silvy Berman, David Jones, Barbara Baxter, Nancy Kovar, Ryan Ackroyd, WM Michael O’Brien, John C Houghton, James Alan Speedie, THREE unlisted

If a monthly pledge doesn’t work for your budget right now, please consider making a one-time donation using our secure contribution form.

And again, please let us know if its okay to advertise your support here…

NEW ONE TIME DONORS IN JUNE: Jan Berridge — IN MAY: Dorothy Davis, Arlene Lindstrand, Dee Clary, Joan Garro, Jennifer Tarling, Richard Linchitz, Steven Palmer, Bruce N. Liddel, Ernest P. Eusea, Chris Reulman, David Anthony, Christopher T Wagner, Thomas Sartwelle, Jr, EIGHT unlisted

Thank you for being a part of the growing Downsize DC Army.

Jim Babka
DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

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is the official email list of DownsizeDC.org, Inc. & Downsize DC Foundation
Normally published 3 – 6 times per week.


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