“Obama Is God”

“If you think this is just some cute “slip of the tongue remark”… think a couple more times.  It’s well crafted. We’ve had scum-bags for many decades running America’s reputation in the ground with the rest of the world because of our very questionable foreign policies. And now you’re suppose to feel bad and guilty about yourself and your country for the atrocities committed over the years by a group of people that 99% of all Americans have nothing humanly in common with. The American people have nothing to do with the ultra elite racist, war criminal, and  murdering thieves who actually control the media, elections, and policy in this country. The only connection we have is our failure to seek out these people by name and have them all executed for high treason. 

At this point after the blatantly outlawed behavior of the Bush administration, (and thats the way they wanted to sell it to you), anything a new well spoken and articulate President shoves in your face will look much better and easier to digest to the majority of the American public: iE::no clue of the actual world outside of television, spiritually dead, and  kinda sorta’ brainwashed.

So when our newer smarter, hipper, and friendlier liberal government tries to pull things like mass thievery of the American public, (( iE:(bailout), continuing NAFTA, completely destroy our economy (by design), try to create the illusionistic need for a singular currency for North America, continued escalation of oppressive occupations overseas, continued  mass murdering of innocent Iraqi civilians, continued spying on the American people, etc, etc, fuckin’ Et cetera…)),  people will just sit there like cute little pinheads and say silly things like, “Well… at least it’s not Bush,” or  “Obama can’t control every little thing that the U.S. Government does.” Whereas people used to blame Bush if their cat got sick.  

They got you right where they want you… Afraid of offending. Afraid of your shadow. Or just plain old distracted.



Obama is just continuing Bushes policies 10 Folds. Snap out of it. 


Some solutions??,” you ask. Well this link may not be the answer for a utopia but it’s a start:




-Fred Face 6/8/09




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