The Daily Kos Does it Again


Jurriaan Maessen
June 11, 2009


Now that a majority-support for Ron Paul’s bill HR 1207 is just a couple of co-sponsors away, it seems that an attempt has been made to undermine the credibility of the congressman by equating criticism of the Federal Reserve with neo-Nazis.

The Daily Kos, known for their questionable reporting in the past, have reaffirmed their tarnished reputation by suggesting that James von Brunn, the man who reaped havoc in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, was a loyal supporter of the Texas congressman. Not unlike Glenn Beck’s idiotic attempt to equate white supremacists with 911 Truth, Daily Kos joins the bandwagon by falsely suggesting that Von Brunn was a supporter of Ron Paul and his political beliefs.

Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. Conveniently, the Daily Kos contributor, using the pseudonym ‘Lefty Coaster’, notes that the alleged gunman posted an anti-Semitic tirade on the Yahoo Message Board ‘Ron Paul for President’. The author quotes Von Brunn as saying:

‘Remember, the un-Constitutional Federal Reserve Act (1913) gave JEWS control of America’s MONEY.’

Besides the obvious fact that the politics of Ron Paul has nothing whatsoever to do with Von Brunn’s obsessive preoccupation with Jews, Daily Kos suggests a kinship with no basis in reality. After the quoted tirade, Von Brunn signs off with an explicit ‘Heil Hitler’- which doesn’t really sound like somebody endorsing the views of the anti-tyranny, individual liberty-promoting Ron Paul.

Von Brunn probably posted his comments on any and every website with a comment section. This attempt at subversion by the ‘liberal’ Daily Kos is a prime example of the amateurism with which this online magazine tries to mix in neo-Nazi’s with real constitutional issues, attempting to infect the latter with the former.

Lefty Coaster’ ends his strange little article with the following comment:


‘The Far Right is in a state of despair, desperate to change the paradigm that transformed our federal government so dramatically when Team Obama took office. My fear is that this is just the start of a parade of Far Right Wing nutballs coming unglued with a gun.’

Wrong on both counts. By any definition, people who disagree with the current administration in the White House could not be equated with neo-Nazis like this James von Brunn-character. Nor does Ron Paul and his promising bill to audit the Federal Reserve resemble anything even close to the racially motivated views of Von Brunn- whose ideas on the Federal Reserve as a racial exclusive society are contrary to Paul’s views of the Fed as an unconstitutional body that requires adequate oversight. But we have come to expect thoughtlessness of the Daily Kos and its contributors. In April 2009, the magazine alleged that cop killer Richard Poplawski got his inspiration from InfoWars and Prison Planet. An allegation they quickly had to retract. It will probably not be long before the Daily Kos will also retract this clear but feeble attempt at smearing the good name of Ron Paul.


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