Army targets Congress to keep tax spigot flowing: US Forces Strategic Communications Plan Memorandum of Instruction

June 11, 2009

The document presents a leaked copy of the US Army Forces Command “Strategic Communication Plan”. This file is part of the Army’s strategy for influencing Congress towards its budget goals. It clearly includes “Congress members” as its strategic communications targets. Goals (see E-2), include “Resourcing Full Cost of Expeditionary Army; Preserving All Volunteer Force” and “Maintain Public and Congressional Support”.

The document also includes a rather remarkable graphic on page G1 showing the Public Affairs Office’s interactions with social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, etc, something it refers to as the “StratComm Social Media Network.”

Section J-1 “Marketing and Media” again refers to “Members of Congress” as targets.

The Tactical Plan “Enduring Theme” (I-1) is “The Strength of the Nation”.

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