Not To Burst Your Bubble But The Hubble…


“Take a look at some of these beautiful snapshots taken by the Hubble telescope.  We as humans are essentially descendants of this matter you see floating freely in space. Think about that when you find yourself on a planet with these weird entities called governments who think they have a right to interfere with your life during the brief time we have on this blue planet.  They do strange things like spreading war, hatred, and death around its people, when all we want to do is live peacefully with our neighbors. It’s all done in the name of profit and depopulation of, (what they see as), unwanted and useless poor/middle-class people.

Governments also do funny things like spread unnecessary fear amongst its  people with mythical tales of terrorists around every street corner… all in the name of taking away what liberties you have left. They like to lay claim to all of the worlds natural resources for their own… to hoard and to regulate as they see fit. The list goes on and on and on.

It’s obvious to anyone with a free-thinking mind that our government like most governments has run their course. Just like the stars, things eventually burn out and come to an end. The people have had it with you. You can not control the world and its entire people. We are people of nature and answer to nobody except that big pie in the sky.  What you’re trying to do will go against all the laws of nature and because of that… it will absolutely fail.”

-Fred Face 6/14/09











“If your not sure what I’m talking about above, here’s a little push in the “reality” direction”


America: Freedom to Fascism

Waz Up Real Obama…

American Drug War the Last White Hope

Controlling Our Food



36 Responses to “Not To Burst Your Bubble But The Hubble…”

  1. MERETIANA Says:


  2. connie Says:

    Such beauty in space is a drastic contrast to man’s inhumanity to man.

    If there was a new plant with a male and female to start over, what government would you suggest? lol 🙂

  3. zack Says:

    Anarchy, “true inspiration comes from finding beauty in nature”, Emma Goldman.

  4. john doe Says:

    dude, you need some serious help, or maybe just to get laid. either one ought to help. wake up!

  5. Darren Says:

    suddenly i feel i’m a 1/100th of a speck floating in one of our endless oceans lol. one of the pics looks like a rotten,broken old piece of sunken pottery

  6. Steviek198 Says:

    ‘We are a virus in shoes’ Bill Hicks

  7. BOMTRAK Says:

    Yeah mang, I have the same struggle everyday with humans. Walking around, polluting up this joint, fighting amongst land that we don’t even own. Everyday I look up at the sun and thank it for spitting out the planet (and its neighbors), in such perfection that if Earth was closer or further by 10,000 more miles we would be either freezing all the time or too hot and radiated to think straight.

    We don’t have a lot of time here on this planet. And regardless of what religion you might follow (or not), your mortality cannot be ignored.

  8. fredface Says:

    The “people” I have no problem with… it’s the current “governing class” of people that got to go. Yes, we are lucky enough to be in that pocket to receive sustainable life from the sun. We have billions of more sustainable years left on this earth. Man-made Global Warming is not a real threat. The real threat is a very very small percentage of globalist who run most of the worlds governmental policies and are hell bent on making you think that “you” are the problem and that “you” got to go. When we all know it is “they” who need to be pushed off a cliff.

  9. dean Says:

    everyone knows it… best things in life are free.. money root of all evil.. keep pressing people…the wall will fall…

  10. will Says:

    their is alot said here , about pepole our goverment , but when all is said and done, it really dont matter what you think or not , life is what it is and we must deal with it, like it or not, love you guys, so smile and be happy if you can, but try , bye will……

  11. Marsh Says:

    I am in agreement about the beauty and awe inspiring wonder of outerspace … however, to think that its beauty is calm and serene would be the farthest thing from the TRUTH. Most of those pretty pictures are Nebula and are the remnants of an exploding star, a fate that awaits our own sun one day. That big red spot on photo of Jupiter is a hurricane that has been raging for over 300 years and is many time the size of the planet Earth. In reality, outerspace is a violent and inhumane environment … and we are drawn to it like “a moth to a a flame”. Perhaps that is our fate?

  12. fredface Says:

    wrong. yes, nature is violent. man on man violence and enslavement can be avoided. we have brains and they are suppose to be evolving. if you want to keep thinking it’s your destiny to fuck up other peoples lives or have your life fucked with by people you don’t know then keep on livin’ like a complacent mouse. it’s your choice and none of my business except to speak out about it.

  13. Yann Says:

    Nothing is ever free… Some one some where is always paying for it.
    The age of Aquarius is coming and the Globalists are on the move.
    Why is it that ppl only wake up to this shit when it is almost too late.
    Let us stop them before they enslave our children and their children, etc..

  14. Joseph Rodriguez Says:

    If there were more people like me, and them there we would be back in the same position as we are in now, everything is in cycles, so if the millions were creative, we would have the revolutionary stupid.

  15. Deliberate Intent Says:

    You are right that the modern government isn’t what it should be. They do as they see fit, something a government SHOULD do but, they fail to have the ‘peoples’ interests in mind whilst doing so. Modern man needs a governing body. People are much like sheep, very few stray far from the flock. Without “law and order”, there would be murder, rape, destruction, wide-scale theft and panic everywhere you turn your eyes.

    All we can do as mere puppets on this plant is look up and dream. Without dreams, there is no hope. Without hope, what is left? Alls I know is that space, in all of its glory, may be violent but… aren’t we violent as well?

  16. wer Says:

    without governments? no nasa no hubble, you clown

  17. turk Says:

    i guess the perfect government for Fred would be one dictated by him, the fucking dumbass

  18. Jeanne Says:

    Mankind is the only organism that does not fit here on earth. Take mankind off the planet and it thrives. A bee serves more purpose.
    To me this is proof that one…we were put here as an experiment by another race of beings or two…we are not really here.

  19. fredface Says:

    another self-loathing human? Bad science has gotten to you huh? Give yourself some credit.

  20. Mike Says:

    The beauty around us is a gift. Man’s intelligence is a gnat buzzing an elephant’s ass. Look and tell all the aspects of what is revealed…You Can’t. “We” don’t have the capabilitiy. That’s obvious.
    Simply looking back through our own history as humans on this ball will prove the truth written,”there is nothing new under the sun”. Civilizations come and go and our’s has been good over all to the millions that have been granted the priveledge of calling themselve’s American’s. That to WILL change.
    Sorry if you have not learened reality.

  21. modave Says:

    yes indeed–very beautiful images. This is our universe, and there is wonderment all around us, if we´ll just slow down a bit and have a look.

    I don´t quite get the connection with government, but heartily agree–our basic nature tends to a peaceful coexistence. We must resist the desire some of us have to seek to have power over others. We are all capable of being responsible. Perhaps if humankind saves itself, it will be because we experience a “tipping point” together where we recognize this universal/individual responisbility.

  22. Pkzip Says:

    Great post.
    Please, forgive all polititians and those alike..they are part of this – human just like the rest of us. It’s just that they never take time to look at the stars and feel this…

  23. Mike Says:

    Jeanne, get off the drugs and join us. Life is a daily blessing given by God. Fredface, Chill man! Life is wonderful if it YOU let it. One Day At A Time.

    I’ve had a GREAT DAY and even with personal loss and hardships, I choose to take tomorrow when it gets here.

    The only thing in life that never changes is the fact that…..LIFE CHANGES.
    There is a book that teaches of how the SYSTEM works. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. B>I>B>L>E.

    HE LIVES!!!!!!!

  24. fredface Says:

    whatever tard. Ignoring things & praying accomplishes as much as wiping your ass with your bare hands. Good luck with your dumb little philosophy… passive adult child.

  25. Khrys Says:

    You tell him “fredface” if only more people would get……

  26. Sim Roos Says:

    National and global elites in no way consider the poor and middle class useless; that’s just silly and poorly thought out conspiracy theorizing. In fact the opposite is true: the poor are crucial to the generation of wealth as a large reserve of desperate people keep wages low and the middle class is THE main driver of consumption in the economy. Without either of these groups in significant numbers the system would collapse and the owners and managers of capital and the political system would lose the source of their wealth and power. That’s why a number of the neo-liberal free market elites of a few years ago supported the mild interventionism of the democratic party in the last couple of election cycles, just like during the great depression. Propaganda aside, these guys understand implicitly that capitalism in any form requires government to keep it stable and operational.

  27. hehe Says:

    Yes the universe is grand….stellar in fact. What is your problem with government? The actual word bother you? Try looking at history. No! Let’s get rid of government so the mfucking criminals can rape and loot and no one will put out your fire or rescue your kids….. or seek the asshole that put a virus in the computer that you spew stoned malevolence from. Go get some Cheerios

  28. anothersorryhuman Says:

    Some people percieve the truth differently.
    Terrorists do not see themselves as terrorists.
    We humans do not see ourselves as a threat to the planet.
    We do not think we do no harm to the earth, space etc.

    Civilians (peasants) do not know much at all.
    How do we know these pictures are real?
    How do we know they are not cropped?

    Who says anyone is right?
    Because we are humans we know the answers to everything??
    How do we know everything we say or “think” we have learned is right or wrong? Can anyone prove to me that everything we see is real….?

    Someone can say “here is a bible, written by god”,
    anyone can write anything, and publish it.

    Life is a funny thing….a humans life at least.

    There are more questions then answers.
    Only thing we have to do is wait.

    And the only thing we can do is “live, breath, eat, reproduce, and sleep” just like the rest of the living organisms on this planet we call home.

    Good luck to all fellow humans.

  29. MarioSavio Says:

    I just came to say what I wonderful blog this was. It’s sad to see the very explicit effects of the social constructs man has established – emergently – in his history – applied here.

    People are capable of such amazing things and be infinately loving but also infinately confused and hateful. It is amazing how instead of open a civil dialogue people are so threatened by anothers perception of reality, that just might be more objective than theirs. Just a little farther outside of the ego, or the dogmas of religion, the state, the flag or this prehistoric notion of ‘human nature’.

    The only constant in our reality is change. Fred – I liked your blog, but when people get nasty, try not to lower yourself to the level of name calling. If you want change you must become it. We’re all human and we all make mistakes but we have to try not to fan the flames and lead by example.

    Check this =)

    Peace and love human beings..

  30. MallincamUser Says:

    That second picture is the devil, and he’s lookin’ right at ya!

  31. GKFE Says:

    Love how people write about perils of power and greed, then put google adsense ads on the blog to, you guessed it, make money and garner power by inticing readers with pics… LOL

  32. Devendra pandey Says:

    This tremandous post.I cannot believe to see this………forget all things and deeply gone into it………..nice

  33. Anonymous Says:

    is that message at the top towards illuminati

  34. toomanywe Says:

    These photos make you realize that the only real God is science.

  35. Comrade420 Says:

    This is awsome, and i hope the best to everyone.

  36. JackCooper Says:

    Yeah if I have to hear some more bible stuff about how i am a sinner and i’ll go to some place horrible for no damn reason i’m gonna lose it. We’re made up of energy from the universe i believe and we’ll never “die” just be recycled to some other part of our universe and if you want to label energy then i would say it is God, cause we’re all God and all connected. Seriously as i’ve heard from another source “do you remember ever not being”, my guess would be no you can’t remember that cause you’ve always been.

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