A Message from Ron Paul About Socialized Medicine

Dear Friend,

As both a defender of Liberty and a Medical Doctor, I’m very concerned about the plans the Obama Administration and many in Congress have to increase the government’s role in healthcare. 

Medical decisions being made by government bureaucrats, loss of privacy of medical data, and our ability to keep our own insurance and doctors are all up for grabs once Congress starts moving on these government takeover and rationing schemes. 

But the good news is you and I can fight back. 

Because you’ve joined me in battle before, I wanted you to be among the first people contacted by Campaign for Liberty in their fight against this federal power grab of our healthcare. 

As you may know, Campaign for Liberty is carrying the Revolution forward and is leading the fight in Congress and all across the country, mobilizing Patriots to battle. 

This battle against government-run healthcare is one I sincerely hope you will join.

Please take a careful look at the letter below from Campaign for Liberty’s President, John Tate, and do all you can to help our fight for freedom. 

For Liberty, 

Congressman Ron Paul 

P.S. As I sat down to write this to you, President Obama and the House Democrats announced a deal to pass his healthcare power grab through the House no later than July 31. It’s even more urgent you read the letter below and take action TODAY! 


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