CIA delays release of secret prison report





The CIA has delayed the release of a promised 150-page report on secret prisons and interrogation techniques, according to a letter sent to the American Civil Liberties Union on Friday.

The report, originally expected Friday, was still being examined by government censors for sensitive material, the intelligence agency said Thursday.

“We are disappointed by the delay in the disclosure of this report which contains critical information about the illegality and ineffectiveness of the CIA’s interrogation program,” said ACLU attorney Amrit Singh in a media advisory. “We can only hope that this delay is a sign that the forces of transparency within the Obama administration are winning over the forces of secrecy and that the report will ultimately be released with minimal redactions.”

The report sought by the ACLU was originally released, albeit heavily redacted, in May 2008. The document, now expected on Friday, June 26, will likely be only slightly less-redacted.

The report on the CIA’s torture program, as released by the Office of the Inspector General last year, is available on the Internet (PDF link).


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