Dear President Obama,

We are all aware of your desire and the need to change health care. It is a daunting but absolutely necessary task you must undertake. What we are currently doing is financially unsustainable and not only that, as I shall explain, the health care that we provide is not very good. I am a true believer in capitalism. But capitalism is not an isolated mathematical discipline. It exists in a societal context. And as such, it is subject to moral principle. But all true morality requires long-term thinking, a moral law that is obviously ignored by some of our most powerful capitalists. Greed and corporatism have overtaken our honest ingenuity, our hard work, our respect for our fellow man and, as I am sure you well know, our federal government. 

As a practicing primary care physician with years of experience in traditional medicine and, I believe more importantly, considerable experience in alternative and antiaging medicine, I bring a broader perspective and a different health paradigm. I believe this information will be useful and should you choose to consider it, could produce a country with a level of health far beyond yours or anyone else’s wildest imagination. I humbly offer as follows.

I can teach you and my fellow physicians in 10 minutes how proper dietary changes cure the vast majority of adult diabetic patients in 5 to 6 weeks and it is not the American diabetes diet. I am not the only physician who can do this but our letters to the medical journals have been ignored. You see, our medical journals have been taken over by the pharmaceutical industry. Research of our top medical journals shows a 95% conflict of interest. A former editor in chief of the New England Journal of Medicine has stated, “The pharmaceutical industry owns our medical journals, nothing gets published except what that they approve.” In another five minutes I can teach my fellow physicians how to clean out the coronary arteries of their patients that have cardiovascular disease. This “miracle method” utilizes simple nutritional supplements and was taught to us by Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Prize winner, but was completely ignored by the medical community. Why? It is the patients themselves that prove this method works. I can teach my fellow physicians how to keep their patients healthy and functioning for a much longer period of time so that we as a people remain productive longer while dramatically reducing the need for medical intervention in later years. 

As an antiaging physician I do not seek to extend maximum life expectancy, I seek to extend health and functionality until the end at a ripe old age. I can show you how the vast majority of disease is caused by our diet, a diet that is at absolute odds with our genes. As such, real health can never be expected until this is changed. You see, the problem is genetic but it is not our genes that are bad but a lifestyle that chooses to ignore our genes. 

The number three cause of death in the United States behind heart disease and cancer is the proper use of prescription drugs. Vioxx killed at least 100,000 people from heart attack and stroke and hundreds of thousands more injured. I know you received a letter just two days after you were elected signed by more than 100 researchers at the FDA. They said they wanted you to know that their managers were changing the wording of their research and approving drugs that they had disapproved. A former director of the FDA stated, “the FDA is incapable of protecting us from another Vioxx…. the FDA should be closed down and rebuilt “. Please take him up on this.

Cancer is the number two cause of death in the United States but if you ask what percentage of cancers in the United States are cured by chemotherapy? The answer, 2.2%. In 1950 cancer wasn’t even in the top 10 causes of death. What are we doing? The cost of cancer care is astronomical or should we now say, TARPanomical? So often most chemotherapy treatments do not seek to cure the cancer but to extend life. If you are a pharmaceutical company, that is a much smarter business model. 

The pharmaceutical companies are in trouble. They are bankrupt on new ideas. Pfizer sought to purchase Wyeth because it had a new vaccine that looked promising. Vaccines have become a real moneymaker for the pharmaceutical industry. They work with government agencies to try and make them mandatory to the insane extent that a child is now required to get 56 different vaccinations by the time they graduate high school. And unless a mother protests very loudly, these vaccinations start the day after we are born. Each vaccine has a purposeful irritant included in the injection (for example mercury) to stimulate an immune response, but these irritants enter our cells and permantly promote inflammation every time we get sick. 

The World Health Organization has said that heavy metal toxicity is in some way responsible for at least 90% of the chronic diseases humans experience. Doctors are not taught this information and in fact have had their licenses removed for trying to reduce a patient’s heavy-metal burden by the safest and most effective method which is chelation. 

Recently, under oath, patients testified that they paid their insurance premiums for years and when they got sick had their insurance canceled. At the same hearing, under oath the, CEOs of the major insurance companies testified that they would not stop this practice. 

The present system is not acceptable and very often not accessible but I would say with some courage on your part and the backing of the people we could create a system that incorporates the great virtues of capitalism and the caring attempts of socialism while avoiding the obvious pitfalls of each. I have some ideas. 


Lane Sebring M. D.




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