C4L Members in Action on July 4th

July 11, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

As is the case with so many today, Campaign for Liberty members are outraged at the direction our federal government is taking us.

However, instead of choosing the easy way out and waiting for someone to stand up in defense of our liberties, C4L members are hitting the streets, knocking on doors, signing up their neighbors in support of Audit the Fed, speaking at public functions, and spreading the word about our mission to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution.

Last weekend, C4L members participated in July 4th events all over the country. In addition to celebrating our independence, our members took these opportunities to invite others to join our grassroots Revolution. Their enthusiasm and passion for the message of liberty demonstrated that the spirit of freedom our Founders fought so hard to defend is still alive and gaining more momentum every day.

In the Washington, D.C. area, C4L staff took part in several events. Campaign for Liberty was a Grand Patron sponsor of the 38th Annual Conservative Fourth of July Soirée (hosted by the Leadership Institute) at Bull Run Park in Centreville, Va., and I was able to address the crowd and to give them an update on the organization. Many of the attendees had never heard of C4L, and have since checked outCampaignforLiberty.comto learn more about us Click hereto view pictures of the event on our Facebook page.

Matt Hawes, Vice President of Programs for C4L, spoke at the Prince William County Tea Partyin Woodbridge, Va., and Nick Gossin, a C4L member and co-organizer of the Tea Party, read the Declaration of Independence. Local Virginia C4L members loaded their booth with information, and hundreds of attendees signed petitions asking Representative Gerry Connolly and Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner to Audit the Fed. You can view pictures from this event here.

Pennsylvania C4L saw great success with their participation in the Welcome America Parade in Philadelphia. Over 50 members from several states (and also a member from China!) joined in their efforts, which included a float (adorned with two C4L banners, as well as American flags and Gadsden flags) featuring several members in historical clothing and trailed by members who passed out fliers, flags, and Constitutions to the crowd. For the full story on the Parade and the rest of their outreach on July 4th, check out Pennsylvania C4L Region 13 Coordinator Robert Pepe’s blog post here.

On the national Campaign for Liberty blog, we’ve spotlighted PA County Coordinator Donna Serdula’s video of the event. Check it out here.

C4L North Carolina Interim State Coordinator Pat Armstrong reported that our North Carolina members were able to gather hundreds of signed petitions for HR 1207/S 604 in less than five hours at the Charlotte Independence Day Tea Party. Estimates place the crowd at over 2,500, and North Carolina C4L was able to set up a booth in a well trafficked area to spread the word about our organization. Read Pat’s report and see pictures here.

At the Citrus County Tea Party in Inverness, Florida, C4L Florida District 5 Regional Coordinator John Baeza had an opportunity to address the crowd, and, in less than four hours, C4L members collected 901 signatures in support of Audit the Fed! Read Hernando County Coordinator Debi Longarello’s report here.

In Garland County, Arkansas, C4L Interim State Coordinator Caleb Kinley and C4L District 4 Regional Coordinator Ken Griffin worked with the Garland County GOP to organize the Garland County After the TEA Party Freedom Rally. Taking place in front of the Garland County Courthouse, the Freedom Rally celebrated our heritage of freedom and challenged those in attendance to proudly defend their liberties. Fittingly, a direct descendant of Patrick Henry was among the 500+ attendees. For pictures and a full report, visit Anita Kinley’s blog here.

Be sure to check out the Recent Member Postssection on our website to read more reports from our members’ efforts across the country on July 4th. Thanks to all those who worked so hard to make these outreaches a tremendous success.

Never before have the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution been under so great an assault from all sides. Our movement, guided by those timeless principles, has risen to the challenge of protecting them from further attacks and mobilizing to once again see them respected in all levels of government.

Together, we are making a difference and working to ensure that the independence our Founders declared on July 4th is passed on to future generations.

In Liberty,

John Tate



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  1. Isabelle Says:


    Isabelle here form OpenCongress.org. I just wanted to write quickly and let you know that your recent blog post on H.R.1207 got picked up by our blog aggregator and is now posted in our list of articles on that bill. Now people looking for information on the bill can find your article through its bill page on OpenCongress. Check it out here:


    Since you’re writing about bills in Congress on  your blog, I encourage you to check out OpenCongress as a research tool and a source for finding out what’s hot in Congress. One of our main functions that you ca see off the homepage is to provide context to bills, showing which ones are being viewed by people the most, which are being blogged about the most, and which are in the news the most. You can also follow the OpenCongress Blog for updates on stuff that’s moving in Congress.



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