Don’t Tread on Me

July 13, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty: 

When you’re backed into a corner, all you can do is FIGHT your way out. 

Today, that’s exactly where Patriots like you and me find ourselves

It doesn’t matter that the big government politicians from BOTH parties have nearly wrecked and bankrupted our country. 

The out of control Fed…Trillion dollar stimulus bills…Record deficits under both Presidents Bush and Obama… 

Bailouts…Government takeover of the Auto industry…Taxpayer-funded handouts for bankers and Wall Street… 

I’m sick and tired of it.  And I’m sure you are too.

You and I can’t count on politicians in either party to do the right thing, not without being pushed. 

The good news is Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty are fighting back.  And you and I are starting to see results

Not only that, but there’s a groundswell of folks all over the country who are also FED UP and are supporting our cause of Liberty. 

With our battles heating up, I’m asking you to dig deep today to support Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty

These battles simply can’t be won without your help. 

Your support for ALL of Campaign for Liberty’s critical efforts is absolutely vital, including: 

*** AUDIT THE FED, so the American people can finally see the corruption and economic devastation caused by the central planning of a handful of bankster bureaucrats;

*** STOPPING the radical environmentalists’ Cap-and-Tax schemethat would drive already sky-high energy costs through the roof, massively hike taxes on hardworking Americans and grind our economy to an immediate halt;

*** DEFEATING Big Government Medicinethat would not only lead to astronomical tax hikes, but would give big government bureaucrats decision-making power over our healthcare system and virtually EVERY medical decision.

That’s why Campaign for Liberty is fighting – and why I’m asking you to act TODAY to push our battles forward! 

You see, Campaign for Liberty supporters are making a REAL impact in Washington

So many patriotic Americans are FED UP, and it’s thanks to your efforts on H.R. 1207, AUDIT THE FED. 

Already, Dr. Paul’s bill has gained the support of over half of the House of Representatives!  That would have been unthinkable just a year ago. 

But today is a new day for our movement.

You know, it’s funny.  If you read a newspaper, you won’t see a call for a full-fledged audit of the Federal Reserve.

Turn on the television and you won’t hear the talking heads calling for AUDIT THE FED. 

So what’s happening?  Where is the pressure coming from? 

It’s simple. It’s YOU! 

It’s called a grassroots R3VOLUTION. 

And if you and I can succeed, Washington DC and your state government will never be the same. 

But the truth of the matter is there’s still much, MUCH work to be done if we’re going to hold on to the precious freedoms we still enjoy and restore the freedoms that have been whittled away

This is not a battle that will be won in weeks, or even months.  You and I must prepare for long-term revolution to take back our country and our liberty. 

In the past, the Socialists and Statists have used crises like our current economic disaster to grab more and more power. 

They’re trotting out the same tired playbook now, trying to take more of our money and liberty each passing day

The only difference is that — in the past — there’s been no cohesive, organized opposition ready and able to fight back. 

But today, we have Ron Paul. 

Today, there is Campaign for Liberty.

And you. 

There are literally hundreds of thousands of folks all over the country just like YOU

And together, we must fight back, and not back down from this challenge. 

Of course, just knowing how the regime works and what it’s up to isn’t going to be enough

As I said before, we have to start “throwing punches.” 

It’s sad but true — too many politicians don’t care about right or wrong or what’s good or bad for America.

If they did, they wouldn’t be so intent on stripping us of our God-given rights, plunging us into unconstitutional, undeclared wars and spending us to the verge of bankruptcy!

At the end of the day, too many politicians care ONLY about getting and keeping POWER.

That’s why if our movement is to succeed, you and I must FIGHT back and DEFEAT the big government politicians’ pet legislation.

And then hold the politicians accountable as well.

But to do this, the R3VOLUTION must continue to grow.

Already, we’ve recruited over 180,000 supporters for Campaign for Liberty.  But that’s nowhere near the number we’ll need to really bring pressure to our elected officials.  And my research indicates there may be as many as 700,000 more ready to join us – if we can reach them. 

As I’m sure you know, reaching like-minded Americans through direct mail, phone banking and the internet to recruit them to our cause all takes a good deal of money.

Media campaigns like the one we’re about to embark on to help push Audit the Fed are even more expensive.

And unlike the government, we can’t just print money to cover our operations.

That’s why I’m counting on you.

I’m counting on you to make a generous contributionTODAY to help Campaign for Liberty fight back against the politicians’ big government schemes and recruit hundreds of thousands of new supporters.

When Dr. Paul announced he was running for President in 2007, few people could have imagined the movement he — and you — would create.

You see, you are an important part of this movement.

And today, despite all the naysayers, YOU have a very real opportunity to help turn our movement into a major political force in Washington through Campaign for Liberty.

And what you and I are able to accomplish over the next several months will help determine whether Dr. Paul’s Presidential run was truly the “start of something” or just “a flash in the pan.” 

I think I know the answer.  But I’m counting on every single one of Dr. Paul’s supporters to heed his call to arms today.

So please make a generous contributionof $250, $100, or $50 TODAY.

Nothing worth achieving is ever easy.  Nor is it free.  And I’m sure you agree, restoring real liberty in our time is truly a goal worth achieving


John F. Tate


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