Contact Congress and Fight for True Health Care Reform

July 20, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Universal health care has long been one of the chief tenets of the big government ideology.  According to its adherents, not only does everyone have a “right” to health care, Congress has the right to make you pay to ensure everyone has access.

President Obama and his allies in Congress believe all they have to do is constantly harp about the “high cost of health care” and American citizens will instantly fall in line behind their scheme to “take care of us.”

Want to opt out of this power grab?  Americans who do not have some kind of health care coverage will be forced to pay a “penalty tax.”

The President and Congress also want to increase taxeson the wealthy (an ever more inclusive definition for the government) and tax employer-provided health benefitsto help pay for their plan.

According to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates, Congress’ plans would increase the budget deficit by $239 billion over the next ten years.

It’s enough to make you sick.

Call your representative, Lloyd Doggett, at (202) 225-4865 and let Congress know you want no part of this latest government power grab. Click hereto sign our petition.  Urge your representative to take a stand for patients by supporting true health care reform – reform that ends government meddling and unleashes the power of the free market by encouraging competition and presenting real choices.

At Campaign for Liberty, we agree that America’s health care system needs serious reform.  Since the inception of managed care in the 1970s, excessive regulation and corporatism have damaged the patient-doctor relationship and driven up consumer costs.  The problems today stem from too much government, not market failure.

Instead of moving toward even more government and less freedom, it is critical that America enact the right reforms to empower consumers and doctors.

Click hereto read Campaign for Liberty’s official Statement of Health Care Reform Principles.  Simply put, we will not support any plan that raises taxes on any American, forces Americans into the new system, or creates a “public option.”

We willsupport health care reform that gives Americans control over their health care dollars, protects patients’ privacy rights, and empowers doctors by softening antitrust law restrictions on health care professionals when they negotiate with insurers and medical providers.

President Obama is right that now is the time to take action.  It is imperative that we immediatelyget government out of health care to guarantee real, lasting reform.

Many in Congress and across the country have decided that there’s no point in trying to fight government’s takeover of health care.  They believe it’s a “done deal.”

I believe, however, that the Revolution that made Audit the Feda mainstream media issue, brought the entire Republican Party and nearly a hundred Democrats onto HR 1207 in less than six months, and shocked the political establishment by refusing to back down after Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency ended, is the same Revolution that can successfully fight for real health care reform.

We can stand up to those who seemingly have nothing better to do than think up more ways to interfere with our lives.  Together, we can champion and achieve true, lasting change.

In Liberty,

John F. Tate


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