Dear Friends in Liberty,

That headline appeared last night on the Huffington Post. After viewing the videos captured by cellphone cameras it was not as “violent” as the liberal news gauntlet would like to convince their reads it was. (You can go to the link above to watch the videos for yourself). I wondered why they had exaggerated the incident. Was it to make the Republicans look crazy? Fire up their liberal followers? Or both? Then you have to ask why would they do either? I believe like most of us they did not think that through. They are passionate about their health care reform and will say and do what it takes to undermine the opposition the same way the Republicans are proceeding at the town hall meetings. Neither are considering the effects their rage and passion will have on the people. They think they can insult and yell their way to victory. The same goes for our so called representatives. By now everyone knows the statements Nanci Pelosi has made about the protesters and many other Democrats and liberal commentators have come out in the past and insulted the tea party protesters. Can any of these people see where this leading? They are aggravating and inciting the people by calling them a mob and ignoring their pleas.

I spent the better part of my night and early morning attempting to debate this in the comment section of the article and for the first time I was unable to get an open mind from the left to engage. It was a hate fest and there were 500 to 2000 comments at a time held up in moderation. I have never seen so many comments posted there at once. This morning I opened up my laptop to see nearly 15,000 comments over night. I read through them and notice a common theme; Republicans are nuts and the GOP is dead. They declared they have won and Obama is going to force feed the opposition socialized health care. Now of course if you ask the Republicans they will declare victory because the people are waking up and standing up for their freedom.

I am genuinely concerned about where this is all leading. The town hall meetings are hot spots for confrontations initiated from the right and the left is now planning their offensive. Tea parties are gearing up in an attempt to stop the liberals from destroying our country any further and the liberals are fighting back convinced all these problems are caused by the conservatives. I attempted to explain that there is a large number of people in this country who will fight and even die to protect freedom and that nobody has ever sacrificed their life to protect socialism. The response I got from the liberals was overwhelmingly negative and some even said that they sent my information to the FBI. Neither side wants to understand the other. They both want to force the other into submission.

There are many true patriots in this country ready and willing to violently take back this country and I fear that one of these town hall meetings or tea parties may set them off. If true violence does breakout and someone gets hurt I can see this escalating to a violent revolution. Though some believe this maybe the only way it is the wrong way. Any violence will only lead to martial law and we do not want that. It’s a hard thing to admit but this government has become much more powerful than the people. I do not believe an armed uprising of the people will last very long. I do believe the FEMA camps will fill very quickly. We must do everything we can avoid any form of violence. Non-compliance is a very effective tactic and I strongly recommend observing August 25.

Obama has been on television nearly everyday since he became President. Why doesn’t he come out and try to bring peace to these obviously heated confrontations? One has to wonder, does he want it this way? When violence breaks out and Americans start getting hauled off to FEMA camps is he going take credit for keeping the rest of Americans safe from these extremists? His approval numbers are dropping quickly and the people are rising slowly. What is he going to do about this situation? Will he invite everyone to the White House for a beer? He could not deliver on “hope and change”, he could at least make an effort for peace and understanding.

With the economic crisis, states declaring sovereignty, job loses, hatred of the US around the globe, Russian subs off our coast and China concerned about our debt it seems that if this loud debate over health care continues to escalate we could all see this country implode and then possibly, at our weakest moment, be invaded by countries offering to “help” us. When I was a kid I thought the cold war was as bad as it could get and when it was over I thought peace and prosperity was the future for the unmatched superpower of the United States. Now I wonder if there will even be a United States in our future. I think I miss the cold war a little. At least then we were respected and known as the defender of the free world instead of now being seen as the broke, bully, invader, occupier nation that represses its own people.

Your Friend in Liberty,

Andy Wright

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