Madoff Reportedly Dying of Cancer in Prison

Kurt Nimmo
August 24, 2009

It looks like Ponzi-scheme criminal Bernard Madoff will share the fate of the convicted Enron criminal and Bush buddy Ken Lay. “Bernard Madoff, convicted of swindling $65 billion through the biggest-ever Ponzi scheme, has told fellow prison inmates that he is dying of cancer, the New York Post reported on Monday, citing unnamed prison sources,” reports Reuters.

Madoff allegedly told his fellow inmates at a North Carolina federal prison he does not have longer to live. The New York Post reports there had been speculation that Madoff was suffering from pancreatic cancer earlier this year. Inmates said Madoff was taking “about 20 pills a day” and “not doing very well.”

Ken Lay, CEO of Enron and the poster child for corporate abuse and accounting fraud, allegedly died died while vacationing in Snowmass, Colorado on July 5, 2006, about three and a half months before his scheduled October 23 sentencing.

Last month, Bob Chapman, publisher of the financial newsletter The International Forecaster, predicted arch criminal and fall guy Bernie Madoff would die within six months. It appears Chapman was way off the mark but spot-on about Bernie’s demise. “I don’t think he will die,” Chapman told Jones. “I think they will tell you he died and he will be shipped out some place.”

As Alex noted during the conversation with Chapman, there are persistent rumors that Ken Lay is alive and well and living in Paraguay on a Bush ranch, sort of like infamous Nazis guilty of the most unimaginable war crimes ended up in South America sixty odd years ago.

Chapman noted that the Fed and the Treasury know exactly where the money went — to offshore bank accounts — and the Madoff scam was merely business as usual.


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