Blackwater Scum

They“, (being the real people who really run this country… not puppet Obama… though he sure ain’t helping), may use Blackwater like Hitler used his SS scum-fuck’s to help run this country in the ground. It’s a huge throbbing steroid of a possibility. This will be their army to carry out all the treasonous actions that 99% of real working-class service men & women would not carry out against their own country. They’ll use little yuppie toy soldiers from homophobic Erik Prince’s fairy stable. (If that sounds like the most ridiculous thing ever said then look into the companies history). These are the kind of people to worry about. Not fake middle-eastern or, (the media’s new one), right-wing American terrorists. These Blackwater guys are no good. Period.

“Well ok… they’ve done one good thing… you can thank Eric Prince for driving even more good American people into gun ownership.”

-Fred Face 8/31/09


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