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Charlie Sheen Requests Meeting With Obama Over 9/11 Cover-Up

September 9, 2009


Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Actor and television star Charlie Sheen has publicly requested a meeting with President Barack Obama to urge him to reopen the official investigation into 9/11 in light of the fact that the majority of the 9/11 Commission members have now publicly gone on record to express their conviction that the government agreed to lie about the official story.

Sheen’s request takes the form of a letter to the President in the context of a fictional meeting between the two entitled “20 Minutes With The President,” published exclusively on radio talk show host Alex Jones’ and Prison websites.

The letter cites evidence, backed up by a substantial online bibliography, that proves the official story behind 9/11 is a fraud and that this conclusion was also reached by the majority of the 9/11 Commission members, a fact that mandates President Obama to reopen the investigation into the terrorist attacks.

Sheen expresses his hope that President Obama will follow through on his promises of change, accountability and government transparency by using his executive powers to re-examine 9/11, adding that he voted for Obama with the understanding that he would follow a different course to the Bush administration.

However, as Sheen highlights in his letter, the course of Obama’s first year in office clearly indicates that he will do nothing to reverse policies crafted by the Bush regime, and in fact has sought to exceed outrages of the previous administration in areas such as warrantless wiretapping, rendition, detention without trial, and wars in the Middle East – all of which arrived as a consequence of 9/11.

Sheen’s letter is a public declaration demanding the truth behind 9/11 as America approaches its eighth anniversary since the tragic events of that day. His questions are shared by a majority of victims’ family members, according to Bill Doyle, the representative of the largest 9/11 families group.

The letter focuses around the fact that no less than 60 per cent of the 9/11 commissioners have now publicly stated that the government agreed not to tell the truth about 9/11 and that the Pentagon was engaged in deliberate deception about their response to the attack.

Sheen also presents a plethora of other evidence to illustrate how the official story is a fraud, including the revelations of whistle blowers like FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, who recently broke a Federal gag order to expose how Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were working for the U.S. government right up until the day of 9/11.

The issues highlighted by Sheen do not represent idle speculation or conspiracy fodder, they are documented facts that have been deliberately ignored by strawman 9/11 truth hit pieces that are now doing the rounds again as the anniversary approaches, particularly last months’ 9/11: Science and Conspiracy which was aired by the National Geographic Channel and wasted little time in portraying people who have doubts about the official 9/11 story as extremist cranks, while failing to acknowledge that the majority of the members of the 9/11 Commission have publicly expressed similar concerns.

Charlie Sheen is once again using his prominent public platform in an attempt to expand a national debate about the disturbing unanswered questions behind 9/11, having first spoken out on the issue in March 2006. After he first went public, Sheen was asked to do more and now he is doing more as he feels there is a chance to get more traction behind a new investigation with a new President in the White House.

Sheen is directly appealing to Barack Obama to read his letter and to look into the lies surrounding 9/11 for himself.

Regardless of whether or not President Obama agrees to meet with him, Sheen is confident that his letter will serve as a catalyst from which questions surrounding 9/11 and other false flag events will be brought to national attention.

This is a call to action and a declaration of war on the lies of 9/11 that have formed the foundation of the endless wars abroad and the police state at home as the Republic falls. Sheen is demanding that truth activists and those who simply care about the future of the country stand up beside him and speak truth to power.

Sheen is now urging grass roots political organizations and individuals across the country, such as the town hall protesters and We Are Change groups, to go to press conferences and other public events and demand answers about the truth behind 9/11. As much awareness as possible around the issue of false flag terrorism needs to be generated in order to prevent tragedies like 9/11 from happening again. Sheen emphasizes in his letter that we cannot let 9/11 become ancient history, try and forget about it or just move on, because if a nation forgets its history then it is doomed to repeat it.

We cannot allow governments to continue to advance their political agendas by exploiting forged pretexts, argues Sheen, and the fact that big budget hit pieces against 9/11 truth are still being rolled out proves that the establishment is upset that the population is waking up to false flag terror.

Sheen will appear live on The Alex Jones Show on Wednesday and Friday to discuss the content of his “20 Minutes With The President” piece and how he plans to move forward with this exciting new initiative. You can listen free here or subscribe to prison to watch live streaming video.

No matter what your views are on 9/11, Sheen is begging the thinking public to look at how manymembers of the 9/11 Commission itself have questioned the official story, along with the scores of other highly credible former and current government officials, intelligence professionals, military officials, scientists, structural engineers and architects, and legal scholars who have all publicly denounced the fraud that continues to masquerade as the official 9/11 story.

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We are Living in an Artificially Induced State of Consciousness

September 9, 2009


Nathan Janes
September 8, 2009

Since its inception in American homes in the late 1930’s, television has essentially given America it’s culture. Today, television watching is the most popular leisure activity as more and more people are choosing the fantasy world of TV over engaging with others in real communication and experiences. Where people once wanted to explore the wonders of the world and nature, now many explore the world outside their homes only through what they view on television. Once a vast majority is living the same reality through television, then they are more predictable and easily managed. The television does an excellent job placing everyone that watches it on the same page, all sharing the same views, worries, interests, and idols.

Through the television, we are trained from birth to death as to what to believe. Many studies have demonstrated that the young unquestioningly accept whatever reality is presented by television. Impressionable children will often spend hours in front of the television each day as it is used as a trust worthy babysitter. As they sit down for their daily intake of cartoons, children’s programming and commercials, many parents fail to realize what lessons the television is teaching their children. And so culture and norms of behavior are often more strongly influenced by what is on television rather than by what parents are teaching children. The parents of today grew up in front of the television as well and so the television is not often questioned and instead accepted as a part of the family’s daily life. Children who grow up in front of the TV learn to arrange their lives around TV programming and will likely grow up to be adults who get their entertainment, news, and information from it.

Heavy television watching is culturally accepted and expected in our society. In fact, the act of not watching TV can actually offend some people. With the average American adult watching more than 4 hours of television each day, the television plays a major role in continually creating the reality in which we live. Those who create the television programming- the 6 corporations and little over 100 board members who control all American mass media outlets shape this reality. The interests of these corporations and those who lead them are to make money for both the media corporations and those corporations that the board members have special ties to. Rather than creating television shows that engages critical thinking and keeps Americans well informed on topics that may affect their well being, the TV causes us to see ourselves as consumers who need to be entertained. Television is creating a culture of occupied minds- an apathetic and passive population only interested in being entertained by mindless trivia with no interest in analyzing information and instead relying on the TV for all answers.

TV has lead us into a world controlled by science and run by experts. In predicting a “Scientific Dictatorship,” Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World and well known for his studies on the development of new techniques by which to control and direct human behavior, described a world run by experts, which isn’t hard to imagine when we’ve been trained through our television sets to always listen to experts. Major media promotes experts on just about every topic you can imagine while implying that the public is too dumb or uneducated to make their own decisions about such topics as vaccinations, financial management, and medical interventions. In this way, the television is creating in individuals a sense of learned helplessness, leaving us dependent on those given to us as experts to direct our decisions and actions.

The act of watching TV regularly is obedience to those in control. For total control in any system, everyone must be predictable. TV creates a collectivism society, where to be an individual is seen as an enemy to the peace within the collective society. Groupthink is essential in a society where everyone is to be controlled by those in power. Aldous Huxley once said, “It is possible to make people contented with their servitude. I think this can be done. I think it has been done in the past. I think it could be done even more effectively now because you can provide them with bread and circuses and you can provide them with endless amounts of distractions and propaganda.”

Obama environmental advisor resigns over 9/11 truth petition controversy

September 7, 2009


Source: Associated Press

WASHINGTON – The White House environmental adviser under fire for inflammatory statements made before he joined the administration resigned after what he called a “vicious smear campaign against me.”

Van Jones “understood that he was going to get in the way” of President Barack Obama’s agenda, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Sunday.

The resignation was disclosed without advance notice by the White House in a dead-of-the-night e-mail on a holiday weekend. It came as Obama is working to regain his footing in the contentious health care debate.
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Jones, who specialized in environmentally friendly “green jobs” with the White House Council on Environmental Quality, was linked to efforts suggesting a government role in the Sept. 11 attacks and to derogatory comments about Republicans.

Gibbs said Obama did not endorse Van Jones’ comments but thanked him for his service.

“What Van Jones decided was that the agenda of this president was bigger than any one individual,” Gibbs said on ABC’s “This Week.

Sept. 11 comments
Recent news reports cited a derogatory comment Jones made in the past about Republicans, and separately, of Jones’s name appearing on a petition connected to the events surrounding the Sept. 11 attacks. That 2004 petition had asked for congressional hearings and other investigations into whether high-level government officials had allowed the attacks to occur.

“On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me,” Jones said in his resignation statement. “They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.”

Howard Dean, former head of the Democratic National Committee, told “Fox News Sunday” that he thought Jones “was brought down” and that his resignation was “a loss to the country.”

Jones said he has been “inundated with calls from across the political spectrum urging me to stay and fight.” But he said he could not in good conscience ask his colleagues to spend time and energy defending or explaining his past.

Jones said in an earlier statement that he did not agree with the petition’s stand on the Sept. 11 attacks and that “it certainly does not reflect my views, now or ever.”

As for his other comments he made before joining Obama’s team, Jones said, “If I have offended anyone with statements I made in the past, I apologize.”

Despite his apologies, Republicans demanded Jones quit.

‘Extremist views’
Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana said in a statement, “His extremist views and coarse rhetoric have no place in this administration or the public debate.” Missouri Sen. Christopher “Kit” Bond said Congress should investigate Jones’s fitness for the job.

Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck repeatedly denounced Jones after a group the adviser co-founded,, led an advertising boycott against Beck’s show to protest his claim that Obama is a racist.

The president of Beck’s media organization, Christopher J. Balfe, said the commentator had begun focusing on Jones’ “radical beliefs” on July 16, before the group started taking on Beck.

But James Rucker, the organization’s executive director, has said Jones had nothing to do with now and didn’t even know about the campaign before it started.

Jones, well-known in the environmental movement, was a civil-rights activist in California before shifting his attention to environmental and energy issues. He is known for laying out a broad vision of a green economy. Conservatives have harshly criticized him for having left-wing political views.

Nancy Sutley, who heads the White House environmental council, said Jones “had been a strong voice for creating jobs that improve energy efficiency and utilize renewable resources.’

Full Spectrum Dominance

September 4, 2009

by: F. William Engdahl

The Piggies Slide Show

September 3, 2009

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George-Bush frowning







US Obama Science

Bill Clinton









Etc… Etc… Etc..

(This is just installment # One.  There’s plenty more were that came from).

The Science of 9/11

August 31, 2009

“Common Sense 2009” by Larry Flynt

August 24, 2009


Here’s what Rockefeller said in 1994 at a U.N. dinner: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

They’re gaming us. Our country has been stolen from us.

Larry Flynt

Publisher of Hustler magazine and free speech advocate

Posted: August 20, 2009 08:15 PM

The American government — which we once called our government — has been taken over by Wall Street, the mega-corporations and the super-rich. They are the ones who decide our fate. It is this group of powerful elites, the people President Franklin D. Roosevelt called “economic royalists,” who choose our elected officials — indeed, our very form of government. Both Democrats and Republicans dance to the tune of their corporate masters. In America, corporations do not control the government. In America, corporations are the government.

This was never more obvious than with the Wall Street bailout, whereby the very corporations that caused the collapse of our economy were rewarded with taxpayer dollars. So arrogant, so smug were they that, without a moment’s hesitation, they took our money — yours and mine — to pay their executives multimillion-dollar bonuses, something they continue doing to this very day. They have no shame. They don’t care what you and I think about them. Henry Kissinger refers to us as “useless eaters.”

But, you say, we have elected a candidate of change. To which I respond: Do these words of President Obama sound like change?

“A culture of irresponsibility took root, from Wall Street to Washington to Main Street.”
There it is. Right there. We are Main Street. We must, according to our president, share the blame. He went on to say: “And a regulatory regime basically crafted in the wake of a 20th-century economic crisis — the Great Depression — was overwhelmed by the speed, scope and sophistication of a 21st-century global economy.”

This is nonsense.

The reason Wall Street was able to game the system the way it did — knowing that they would become rich at the expense of the American people (oh, yes, they most certainly knew that) — was because the financial elite had bribed our legislators to roll back the protections enacted after the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

Congress gutted the Glass-Steagall Act, which separated commercial lending banks from investment banks, and passed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which allowed for self-regulation with no oversight. The Securities and Exchange Commission subsequently revised its rules to allow for even less oversight — and we’ve all seen how well that worked out. To date, no serious legislation has been offered by the Obama administration to correct these problems.

Instead, Obama wants to increase the oversight power of the Federal Reserve. Never mind that it already had significant oversight power before our most recent economic meltdown, yet failed to take action. Never mind that the Fed is not a government agency but a cartel of private bankers that cannot be held accountable by Washington. Whatever the Fed does with these supposed new oversight powers will be behind closed doors.

Obama’s failure to act sends one message loud and clear: He cannot stand up to the powerful Wall Street interests that supplied the bulk of his campaign money for the 2008 election. Nor, for that matter, can Congress, for much the same reason.

Consider what multibillionaire banker David Rockefeller wrote in his 2002 memoirs:

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

Read Rockefeller’s words again. He actually admits to working against the “best interests of the United States.”
Need more? Here’s what Rockefeller said in 1994 at a U.N. dinner: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.” They’re gaming us. Our country has been stolen from us.

Journalist Matt Taibbi, writing in Rolling Stone, notes that esteemed economist John Kenneth Galbraith laid the 1929 crash at the feet of banking giant Goldman Sachs. Taibbi goes on to say that Goldman Sachs has been behind every other economic downturn as well, including the most recent one. As if that wasn’t enough, Goldman Sachs even had a hand in pushing gas prices up to $4 a gallon.

The problem with bankers is longstanding. Here’s what one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, had to say about them:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation, and then by deflation, the banks and the corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their father’s conquered.”

We all know that the first American Revolution officially began in 1776, with the Declaration of Independence. Less well known is that the single strongest motivating factor for revolution was the colonists’ attempt to free themselves from the Bank of England. But how many of you know about the second revolution, referred to by historians as Shays’ Rebellion? It took place in 1786-87, and once again the banks were the cause. This time they were putting the screws to America’s farmers.Daniel Shays was a farmer in western Massachusetts. Like many other farmers of the day, he was being driven into bankruptcy by the banks’ predatory lending practices. (Sound familiar?) Rallying other farmers to his side, Shays led his rebels in an attack on the courts and the local armory. The rebellion itself failed, but a message had been sent: The bankers (and the politicians who supported them) ultimately backed off. As Thomas Jefferson famously quipped in regard to the insurrection: “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Perhaps it’s time to consider that option once again.

I’m calling for a national strike, one designed to close the country down for a day. The intent? Real campaign-finance reform and strong restrictions on lobbying. Because nothing will change until we take corporate money out of politics. Nothing will improve until our politicians are once again answerable to their constituents, not the rich and powerful.

Let’s set a date. No one goes to work. No one buys anything. And if that isn’t effective — if the politicians ignore us — we do it again. And again. And again.

The real war is not between the left and the right. It is between the average American and the ruling class. If we come together on this single issue, everything else will resolve itself. It’s time we took back our government from those who would make us their slaves.

South Tower Smoking Guns (Follow-up)

August 23, 2009

A video with some sensationalized images but the text is pointing to the truth

August 15, 2009

9/11 Families: Obama Favors Saudi Terror Financiers Over Victims

July 17, 2009


IPT News
June 9, 2009


Families who lost loved ones on September 11 are angry over the news that the Obama Administration has intervened to prevent alleged Saudi terror financiers from lawsuits. On May 29 – just five days before President Obama made his first state visit to Saudi Arabia – Solicitor General Elena Kagan filed a brief arguing that it would be “unwarranted” for the Supreme Court to hear cases brought by the families against five of Saudi King Abdullah’s closest relatives for financing the attacks. The group, named the 9/11 Families United to Bankrupt Terrorism, charges that “five Saudi princes knowingly and intentionally provided financial support to al Qaeda waging war on America.”

“By urging the high court to not review lower court decisions dismissing these these cases, the Obama Administration took the side of the Saudi princes over thousands of family members and survivors of the 9/ll attacks seeking justice and accountability in U.S. courts,” the families said in a statement issued May 29.

They issued a second statement June 3, the day President Obama visited Saudi Arabia. It pointedly criticized the government as standing in the way of further investigation into 9/11:

“The Administration’s filing mocks our system of justice and strikes a blow against the public’s right to know the facts about who financed and supported the murder of 3,000 innocent people. It undermines our fight against terrorism and suggests a green light to terrorist sympathizers the world over that they can send money to al Qaeda without having to worry that they will be held accountable in the U.S. Courts for the atrocities that result.”

Mike Low of Batesville, Ark., lost his daughter Sara on September 11. She was an American Airlines flight attendant who died on Flight 11, which slammed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Low called the administration’s decision to urge the Supreme Court not to hear the case “a betrayal of our fundamentally American right to have our day in court.” The move “sacrifices the principles of justice” in order to accommodate the political pleadings of a foreign government on behalf of a handful of members of its monarchy,” he said.

Motley Rice LLC, a South Carolina firm that is among the nation’s top tort-law firms, represents the September 11 families. They have put together reams of information linking the five Saudi princes to al Qaeda “in the months and years leading up to September 11, 2001.” The press statement issued by the families describes the five Saudi Royal Family defendants in the case as follows:

*Prince Turki Al-Faisal Al-Saud, “past head of Saudi intelligence, coordinated Saudi financial and logistical support for al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and the Taliban.

In July 1998, Prince Turki brokered an agreement between these parties in which the Saudis provided al Qaeda the Taliban with generous financial assistance in exchange for a pledge by bin Laden and the Taliban that al Qaeda would not attack the Saudi royal family.”

*Prince Salman Bin-Abdulaziz Al-Saud “has a long history of funding Islamic extremists through his work as chairman of the General Donation Committee for Afghanistan. In this capacity, Prince Salman made substantial personal contributions to al Qaeda front charities with the full knowledge the charities were misappropriating funds and involved in terrorist activities.”

*Prince Naif Bin-Abdulaziz Al-Saud, “who has long supported Palestinian suicide bombers, provided pay-off money to al Qaeda. His oversight of al Qaeda charity al Haramain allowed it to support bin Laden and al Qaeda unabated.”

*Prince Mohamed Al-Faisal Al-Saud “headed the Islamic bank Dar al Maal al Islami, which provided global financial services and financing to al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.”

*Prince Sultan Bin-Abdulaziz Al-Saud, “whose responsibilities included overseeing Islamic charitable funding in Saudi Arabia, funded al Qaeda through personal contributions to Islamic charities known to support bin Laden and his terrorist organization.


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Ex-FBI Agent: Why I Support a New 9/11 Investigation

July 15, 2009


By Coleen Rowley


In the absence of my being there in New York City to stand with the 9/11 families, first responders and survivors, I offer the following statement in support of your goal of a new investigation into the attacks of September 11th and the NYC CAN campaign to place it on the ballot for November.

At the time of 9-11, I had been an FBI agent for over 20 years. My main responsibilities by then were teaching criminal procedure to FBI agents and other law enforcement officers, mostly about 4th Amendment search and seizure, 5th and 6th Amendment law of interrogation, right to attorney and constitutional protection of rights to “free speech”, due process, habeas corpus, and against cruel and unusual punishment. A week before 9-11, I and the rest of the FBI’s ethics instructors were mandated (as a result of an earlier public FBI scandal) to give a one hour PowerPoint presentation, a form of remedial training on “law enforcement ethics” which I accomplished in a fairly perfunctory way, just reading the slides.

After 9-11, with the knowledge I had of the bitter internal dispute inside the FBI that was being hushed up but had kept some of our better agents from possibly uncovering more of the 9-11 plot before it happened, I couldn’t forget two of the slides in that Law Enforcement ethics curriculum: “DO NOT: Puff, Shade, Tailor, Firm up, Stretch, Massage, or Tidy up statements of fact.” And “Misplaced Loyalties: As employees of the FBI, we must be aware that our highest loyalty is to the United States Constitution. We should never sacrifice the truth in order to obtain a desired result (e.g. conviction of a defendant) or to avoid personal or institutional embarrassment.”

The official dissembling and excuse-making about the true causes and prior mistakes that gave rise to and allowed the terrorist attacks to happen, almost immediately ushered in the Bush-Cheney Administration’s egregious and lawless, post 9-11 “war on terror” agenda which bore no connection to the original causes and no connection to the goal of reducing terrorism and making the world safer. When I got a chance, about 8 ½ months after 9-11 to tell what I knew, I did so and my disclosures led to further investigation by the Department of Justice Inspector General and figured in the 9-11 Commission Report.

But it was way too late for this emerging bit of truth that has continued to leak out in dribs and drabs to have any impact. The laws themselves, especially the criminal procedure ones rooted in the Constitution that I had spent my career teaching to law enforcement, have largely gone up in smoke. Having seen the cost of remaining silent, I publicly warned, a few months after my first memo, against launching the pre-emptive invasion of Iraq. But false agendas had already filled the vacuum created by lack of truth. And we are still dealing with the disastrous consequences of these unjustified, pre-emptive wars.

Let me therefore simply repeat the request I made to the Senate Judiciary Committee in June 2002: “Foremost, we owe it to the public, especially the victims of terrorism, to be completely honest. I can only imagine what these crime and terrorism victims continue to go through. They deserve nothing but the complete, unfettered truth.”

Therefore, I fully support the 9/11 families, first responders, survivors and over 60,000 other New Yorkers who have endorsed a new 9/11 investigation in New York City as advanced by ballot referendum this coming November election.

Coleen Rowley is a former FBI staff attorney who turned whistle-blower after witnessing repeated failures within the bureau to properly investigate alleged 9/11 co-conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui. She was one of three Time Magazine Persons of the Year in 2002.

NSA Security running amok to plug leaks about 9/11

July 11, 2009

“This is pretty huge. But like everything else it will be swept under the rug because most people will be consumed with Jacko’s death, the game thats on tonight, some chick celebrities sex tape, some no talent little freak American Idol tard, or what ever else that keeps American adults regressing into their childhood because they are afraid to face a reality that will get much worse for the rest of us the more they keep on acting like little scared children. Grow up.

-Fred Face  7/10/09



Wayne Madsen
Online Journal
July 10, 2009


WMR has learned that the National Security ‘Q’ Group, responsible for security, has grown to an immense security and counter-intelligence force, with an estimated one thousand government employees, contractors, and paid informants. NSA’s Security force is reportedly primarily tasked with plugging any leaks of classified or other information that points to U.S. government’s involvement with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

NSA Security has doggedly pursued a number of NSA employees, some in ’sting’ operations, others in frequent polygraphs and repeated security interviews where threats are made by thuggish NSA security agents with and without the presence of FBI agents, and others in constant surveillance operations at their homes, churches, and other locations away from the Fort Meade, Maryland, headquarters of the agency.

The most egregious NSA Security operation against an NSA employee was the 2004 arrest of NSA analyst Ken Ford, Jr. Ford became a target of opportunity for NSA Security and the FBI after Vice President Dick Cheney noted his name on an NSA signals intelligence report on Saddam Hussein’s government that stated that there was no proof from interceptions of Iraqi communications that Saddam Hussein possessed ‘weapons of mass destruction.’

Cheney and other neocons in the Bush White House arranged for a ’sting’ operation to be mounted as retribution against Ford. Ford was charged with taking classified papers home from NSA headquarters, something that is quite impossible considering the stringent security in place at one of the most-secured complexes in the world.

Ford was convicted by a tainted jury and sentenced to seven years in federal prison. Ford, who is African-American, originally had an African-American federal trial judge. However, the judge was replaced by a pro-Iraq war Jewish U.S. judge, Peter Messitte, who set out to ensure a guilty conviction of Ford in cahoots with Jewish U.S. Attorney for Maryland Rod Rosenstein, and Jewish Assistant U.S. Attorney for Southern Maryland David Salem, both Bush appointees. Nothing was done by the judge or prosecutors to dismiss from the jury a contractor whose company had major contracts with NSA. The trio of Messitte, Rosenstein, and Salem have also ‘rocket-docketed’ a number of cases, resulting in slam-dunk convictions, against Arab- and Iranian-Americans in the southern district of Maryland.

NSA’s Security chief is Kemp Ensor III. Ensor has built up what amounts to a massive law enforcement and intelligence agency in Maryland that operates as a virtual independent operation that answers to no one. Maryland’s congressional delegation has shown little interest in oversight over the security operation.

In fact, WMR has learned that many NSA employees, aware of the political and other misuse of their agency by the Bush-Cheney administration, avidly backed Barack Obama for president hoping that the past era when NSA complied with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution would be restored. However, many NSA employees are bitterly disappointed that Obama has done nothing to curtail not only the widespread surveillance of the communications of law-abiding Americans but the constant ‘Stasi-like’ harassment and surveillance conducted by Ensor’s team of agents and confidential informants.

WMR has also learned that NSA Security has been authorized to work directly with Washington area local police department intelligence divisions to carry out its surveillance of not only NSA employees and contractors, but journalists who report on the activities of NSA. Two police departments mentioned in this respect are the Alexandria, Virginia, and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, sheriff departments.

One senior level NSA official recently found himself sitting in front of NSA Security questioners asking why he gave his NSA business cards to some students at a university. It turns out the official was trying to recruit students for NSA employment. When the official asked why there was a problem in his handing out his business cards, the answer by NSA Security was that some of them, all American citizens, had ‘Russian last names.’

Even former NSA employees and contractors are being subjected to continual NSA Security surveillance and harassment at their work places and other locations, according to WMR’s sources. Some have lost their jobs as a result of pressure from NSA Security.


WMR has in the past reported on NSA surveillance of journalists. On December 28, 2005, we reported: ‘WMR has learned that the National Security Agency (NSA), on the orders of the Bush administration, eavesdropped on the private conversations and e-mail of its own employees, employees of other U.S. intelligence agencies — including the CIA and DIA — and their contacts in the media, Congress, and oversight agencies and offices. The journalist surveillance program, code named ‘FIRSTFRUITS,’ was part of a Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) program that was maintained at least until October 2004 and was authorized by then-DCI Porter Goss. FIRSTFRUITS was authorized as part of a DCI ‘Countering Denial and Deception’ program responsible to an entity known as the Foreign Denial and Deception Committee (FDDC). Since the intelligence community’s reorganization, the DCI has been replaced by the Director of National Intelligence headed by John Negroponte and his deputy, former NSA director Gen. Michael Hayden.’

Since the revelation of the NSA journalist monitoring database, which later added communications intercepts of journalists’ phone calls, emails, and faxes to its database, NSA Security has, according to information received by WMR, conducted physical surveillance of journalists it deems to be threats to the operations of the agency. The top targeted journalists, who make up a virtual ‘rogues’ gallery’ at NSA Security, complete with photographs and other personal information, are: former Baltimore Sunand current Wall Street Journal reporter Siobhan Gorman, Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz, former Baltimore Sun and current New York Times reporter Scott Shane, Baltimore Sun reporter Phil McGowan, author James Bamford, New York Times reporters James Risen and Eric Lichtblau, and this editor, Wayne Madsen.

In addition to the aforementioned, FIRSTFRUITS also contained the names of former Washington Post reporter Vernon Loeb, New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh, and UPI’s John C. K. Daly.

Ironically, NSA Security allegedly has its own connections in the news media. A Washington Times source revealed that the paper’s writer of the ‘Inside the Beltway’ column, John McCaslin, has a relative inside NSA Security — Robert McCaslin, the chief of NSA Security counter-intelligence and the chief ’sting’ agent against Ford. Robert McCaslin, according to the Times source, is the brother of the paper’s columnist.

NSA Security is also able to utilize the agency’s most sophisticated electronic surveillance systems to monitor the activities of journalists. The cell phones of journalists are routinely used as listening devices, even when turned off. And what was considered a sure-fire method of avoiding having a cell phone used as a transmitter, removing the batteries in what has become known as ‘batteries out’ conversations, is no longer safe. Even when the batteries are removed, the global positioning system (GPS) chip in cell phones continues to have enough residual power that two to three pings from satellites can give away a person’s location and what other uniquely identifiable cell phones are at the same location.

The bottom line is that a number of NSA personnel who were on duty in the months leading up to 9/11, the day of the attacks, and subsequent weeks and months, are aware of undeniable facts that point to a massive cover-up by the Bush-Cheney administration of the circumstances surrounding 9/11, including what actually befell United Airlines flight 93 and who was issuing direct military orders from the White House.

The Obama administration, rather than lessen the pressure on the NSA personnel, has turned up the heat and is resorting to even more draconian methods to ensure silence. The word from inside NSA is that a state of fear exists and the mission of the agency, to conduct surveillance of foreign communications to provide threat indications and warnings to U.S. troops and policy makers and protect sensitive U.S. government communications from unauthorized eavesdropping is suffering as a result.

Robert M. Bowman On Alex Jones

July 9, 2009

“This is a good overview for people who have no idea what is really happening in this country. A “Dot Dot Dot For Dummies” kind of overview of American politics and World politics. This is what is happening. Stop living in denial and stop supporting an administration that used your liberal goodwill by baiting you with the promise of change by ushering in a fake, (corporate shill puppet), black President.

I hate to say it but… wake up people. Your civil liberties will be on the chopping block for good soon, if all you good people do not speak up. Get your confidence back and start standing up for yourselves.”

-Fred Face 7/8/09



Robert M. Bowman, former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations, a former United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with 101 combat missions, and presidential candidate for the Reform Party in 2000.


VIDEO: Joe Scarborough apologizes for ‘irony’ in saying 9/11 truth activists should be tasered

July 8, 2009

While Joe Scarborough was confronted at a book signing, he apologized to 9/11 truth activists (We Are Change Chicago & Ohio) in response to his call for one to be tazed at a Clinton rally back in 2008. Scarborough also assured that the climate bill that passed through the house would not make it past the Senate. While being confronted about the mainstream black out on the Bilderberg meetings, both Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski denied any knowledge of the annual meetings that her father attends.–.html

WMD LIES – Bush Cheney Rumsfeld etc. – THE ULTIMATE CLIP

July 8, 2009

Supreme Court quashes 9/11 lawsuit against Saudis

June 30, 2009

“Well of course! Or connections with an outside country are much more vital interests to our criminal government than families who live in American and relatives were murdered by them. Duh?”

-Fred Face 6/29/09






The Supreme Court has rejected a class-action lawsuit against Saudi Arabia brought by 9/11 survivors and relatives of those killed in the attacks.

The court’s decision Monday not to allow an appeal of the case to go forward effectively ends an effort by some 6,000 9/11 relatives and survivors to sue the government of Saudi Arabia and several members of the Saudi royal family over the country’s alleged behind-the-scenes role in the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Citing the 9/11 Commission report and numerous other documents, the plaintiffs had argued that Saudi royals were among the largest contributors to charities that funneled money to Al Qaeda, AP reported Monday.

In its decision, the Supreme Court let stand a federal appeals court’s ruling that “sovereign immunity” — the notion that a country can’t be sued in another country’s courts — means that the lawsuit cannot go forward.

That was more or less the position of the Obama administration as well, which sided with the defendants and urged the courts to dismiss the lawsuit.

Lawyers for the 9/11 families argued in a brief submitted to the court this month that the White House’s desire to end the lawsuit was an “apparent effort to appease a sometime ally” that is important to the U.S.’s energy security.

Last week, the New York Times ran a story outlining the evidence the 9/11 families had put forward, evidence the paper said showed “extensive financial support for Al Qaeda and other extremist groups by members of the Saudi royal family.”

Among the documents were a statement from an Al Qaeda operative in Bosnia who said the Saudi High Commission had funded the terrorist group in the 1990s, and evidence from the U.S. Treasury Department that a Saudi charity, the International Islamic Relief Organization, had been financially supporting Al Qaeda as recently as 2006.

As is typical when the Supreme Court declines to hear an appeal, the court did not give reasons for its decision, Reuters reports.

Fighting the New World Order: Information Revolution 2009

June 28, 2009

CIA Chief Believes Cheney Almost Wants U.S. Attacked

June 16, 2009

“Yes, it’s one big happy family.”





June 15th, 2009


Why not go all the way and detail Cheney’s role in 9/11? Or any of the dozens of other links between the regime and 9/11? Ah, because the same regime is in power!

How’s the Change working out?

Obama Exempts CIA Torture Staff from Prosecution

Obama Signals His Reluctance to Look Into Bush Policies

Obama Regime Wants to Allow Detainees Charged with Capital Offences to Plead Guilty, Which Would Result in the Detainees Being Executed Without Trials


This is from yesterday’s Washington Post:

During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama criticized the Bush administration for using state-secrets arguments dozens of times to stop lawsuits over warrantless surveillance, alleged abuse of terrorism suspects and other controversial subjects.

One day after the judges issued a sharply worded ruling in the rendition case, known as Mohamed et al v. Jeppesen Dataplan after the Boeing subsidiary that provided support for the overseas rendition flights, the president said he would direct his lawyers to develop a more “surgical” policy on state secrets. That effort continues, according to the White House and the Justice Department.

But yesterday’s court filing frustrated civil libertarians who said their hopes for a significant break from the Bush era on state-secrets policy had been all but dashed.

“This is a watershed moment,” said Ben Wizner, a staff lawyer at the American Civil Liberties Union’s National Security Project. “There’s no mistake any longer . . . the Obama administration has now fully embraced the Bush administration’s shameful effort to immunize torturers and their enablers from any legal consequences for their actions.”

Tracy Schmaler, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department, declined to comment.

In the government court filing yesterday, lawyers reported that the “highest levels of the Department of Justice” had reviewed the case and had sided with former CIA director Michael V. Hayden. He had twice submitted sworn statements warning that any release of information would cause “grave harm” to the agency’s intelligence-gathering efforts and its relationships with foreign leaders.

“It is the government’s position that allowing this suit to proceed would pose an unacceptable risk to national security and that the reasoning employed by the panel would dramatically restructure government operations by permitting any district judge to override the executive branch’s judgments in this highly sensitive realm,” the Justice Department filing said.

Wizner and other advocates for greater disclosure called the argument puzzling, because details about the rendition program have already emerged. European researchers have compiled documents tying Jeppesen to the CIA-commissioned flights, and one of the five men suing in U.S. court has recovered $450,000 from the Swedish government for its alleged role in his capture.

While the KosTards and other crackpot Left sites will woop it up, this nonsense below is just more theater and laudanum for people who are complicit in the regime’s atrocities.

Via: Reuters:

CIA director Leon Panetta says it’s almost as if former vice president Dick Cheney would like to see another attack on the United States to prove he is right in criticizing President Barack Obama for abandoning the “harsh interrogation” of terrorism suspects.



“I think he smells some blood in the water on the national security issue,” Panetta said in an interview published in The New Yorker magazine’s June 22 issue.

“It’s almost, a little bit, gallows politics. When you read behind it, it’s almost as if he’s wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point.”

Cheney, who was a key advocate in the Bush administration of controversial interrogation methods such as waterboarding, has become as a leading Republican critic of Obama’s ban on harsh interrogations and his plan to shut the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

In a blistering May 21 speech, Cheney said Obama’s reversal of Bush-era policies were “unwise in the extreme” that would make the American people less safe.

Panetta called Cheney’s actions “dangerous politics.”



He told The New Yorker he had favored the creation of an independent truth commission to look into the detainee polices of former President George W. Bush. But the idea died in April when Obama decided such a panel could be seen as politically vindictive.

Glenn Beck’s Outrageous Lie: Racist Von Brunn is “Hero of 9/11 Truthers”

June 11, 2009

“Wow. wow. This is why you don’t watch the TV kids. Like this fuckin’ Von Brunn Nazi pig has anything to do with 9/11 truth seekers. You know who started the 9/11 truth movement… the family members of the people murdered in the twin towers. They still are waiting for some unanswered questions… like the rest of half-way intelligent America. 

These wastes of space are sitting in the expansive frontier of your television square literally performing a ceremonial soul offering to Satan.  These men are evil. I can’t imagine what barren cement wasteland the C.I.A. cultivated the glenn beck weed?

-Fred Face 6/11/09



Kurt Nimmo
June 10, 2009


There should be absolutely no doubt Glenn Beck is a government disinfo operative tasked with taking down the 9/11 truth and patriot movements. In fact, Fox News — as a primary fount of Operation Mockingbird — is tasked with attacking not only the 9/11 truth movement but the pro-liberty and Constitution movements as well.

Our country is now vulnerable,” the operative Beck declares. “Those people who would like to destroy us — our enemies like Al Qaeda. They’d like to destroy us, and they will work with anyone. There are also people like white supremacists or 9/11 truthers that would also like to destroy the country. They’ll work with anybody they can.”

In other words, the 9/11 truth movement, according to Beck, will work with al-Qaeda. If you read between the lines, Beck is calling for the government to dish out the same kind of violent response to the truth movement the CIA-created al-Qaeda received in Afghanistan or at Camp Gitmo. Beck is calling for murder and torture of people who disagree with the government.

Fox News did a smash up job subverting the tea parties and reducing the movement to a carnival sideshow while CNN and especially MSNBC went into overtime to portray the “tea baggers” as irrelevant and absurd.


On October 22, 2007, Beck — then a host on Prime Time News — viciously attacked the 9/11 truth movement, describing the whole movement as “insane” and branding 9/11 activists as “dangerous anarchists.”

“These truthers are exactly the kind of people who want to rock this nation’s foundation, tear us apart and plant the seeds of dissatisfaction in all of us” said Beck. He later said the 9/11 truth movement is “the kind of group a Timothy McVeigh would come from,” insinuating the movement is intent on violence.

In November of 2007, Beck the operative teamed up with the scurrilous ex-Marxist and neocon David Horowitz to denounce Ron Paul’s supporters as terrorists. “Beck opened up his show segment by inferring that the U.S. military should be used to silence domestic dissent against the war, claiming that those he would later identify as Ron Paul supporters, libertarians and the anti-war left and link with terrorists, were a ‘physical threat,’” wrote Paul Joseph Watson for Prison Planet.

“When you enlist in the U.S. military, you have take an oath that says you’re gonna support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies – foreign and domestic – we talk a lot on this program about the foreign threats – maybe we should spend some time tonight on the domestic one….the physical threat may be developing domestically as well,” said Beck.

Last week the corporate media reported that U.S. counterterrorism officials “authenticated” a video by a supposed al-Qaeda recruiter who claimed he has the ability to smuggle a biological weapon into the United States via tunnels under the Mexico border. In the video, Abdullah al-Nafisi also suggests that al-Qaeda might want to collaborate with “members of native U.S. white supremacist militias who hate the federal government,” according to the Washington Post. The video was posted on the web by MEMRI, a documented Mossad front and Israeli propaganda outfit run by intelligence operatives and neocons.


Related Story:

Obama Admits US Involvement in Iran Coup in 1953, But Doesn’t Admit American Involvement in False Flags

June 6, 2009

BUILDING BOMBINGPentagon where the planewtc-9-111



Obama has admitted that the U.S. was involved in the Iranian coup in 1953.

I applaud the president for admitting this fact.

When will the U.S. admit that the U.S. was not only “involved”, but – as documented by the New York Times – Iranians working for the C.I.A. in the 1950’s posed as Communists and staged bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its democratically-elected president (see also this essay)?

And when will America admit that – as confirmed by a former Italian Prime Minister, an Italian judge, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence – that NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA, carried out terror bombings in Italy and blamed the communists, in order to rally people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism. As one participant in this formerly-secret program stated: “You had to attack civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security.”

And when will we admit that – as confirmed by recently declassified documents – in the 1960’s, the American Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on a plan to blow up AMERICAN airplanes (using an elaborate plan involving the switching of airplanes), and also to commit terrorist acts on American soil, and then to blame it on the Cubans in order to justify an invasion of Cuba. If you view no other links in this article, please read the following ABC news reportthe official documents; and watch this interview with the former Washington Investigative Producer for ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings?

Because the important admission is not that the U.S. helped with a coup, but that America and virtually all other powerful nations throughout history have used “false flag terror” as means to political ends.–.html

FBI ‘lured dimwits’ into terror plot

June 4, 2009



Tony Allen-Mills, New York


ON the steps of New York city hall on Friday, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor, praised the police officers and federal agents who helped disrupt an apparent terrorist plot to blow up a synagogue and shoot down military aircraft.

The mayor was flanked by more than 100 homeland security and counter-terrorist specialists, all of whom had a hand in an elaborate sting that netted four alleged Muslim extremists. Their plan, according to FBI agents, was to detonate a “fireball that would make the country gasp”.

The operation was acclaimed by New York officials for its success in averting what David Paterson, the state governor, described as “a heinous crime”.

Yet not every New Yorker was impressed by the latest in a long line of purported anti-terrorist triumphs that have supposedly averted tragedy in New York, Chicago, Toronto and several other North American cities since September 11, 2001.

“This whole operation was a foolish waste of time and money,” claimed Terence Kindlon, a defence lawyer who represented the last terror suspect to be tried in New York state. “It is almost as if the FBI cooked up the plot and found four idiots to install as defendants.”

Kindlon’s complaints were echoed by other legal experts who have repeatedly questioned the FBI’s reliance on undercover informants – known as confidential witnesses (CWs) – who lure gullible radicals into far-fetched plots that are then foiled by the agents monitoring them.

The last such plot purportedly involved an alleged attempt to blow up a fuel pipeline at John F Kennedy airport in New York in 2007; the defendants are awaiting trial in a case that depends heavily on evidence from an undercover CW.

“One question [about the synagogue case] that has to be answered is: did the informant go in and enlist people who were otherwise not considering trouble ?” said Kevin Luibrand, who represented a Muslim businessman caught up in another FBI sting three years ago. “Did the government induce someone to commit a crime?”

The other question that US security experts were debating was how much had been achieved by assigning more than 100 agents to a year-long investigation of three petty criminals and a mentally ill Haitian immigrant, none of whom had any connection with any known terrorist group. “They were all unsophisticated dimwits,” said Kindlon.

Prosecutors alleged that James Cromitie, a 44-year-old ex-convict who converted to Islam in prison, was the ringleader of a plot to bomb synagogues because, in his tape-recorded words, “I hate those f****** Jewish bastards”.

Cromitie, from Newburgh, 60 miles north of Manhattan, was said to have recruited three other Muslim converts – David Williams, 28, and Onta Williams (no relation), 32, both former Baptist American ex-convicts; and Laguerre Payen, 27, a Haitian former Catholic and paranoid schizophrenic.

This unlikely crew was said to have planned to use remotely detonated C4 explosives to bomb synagogues in the New York suburb of Riverdale; they then intended to drive north to a National Guard base near Newburgh to shoot down military aircraft with a Stinger missile supplied by a man they believed was working with Jaish-e-Mohammed, a Pakistan-based terrorist group.

That man is now understood to have been Shahed Hussain, a former New York state motel owner who became an FBI informant in 2002 to avoid deportation to Pakistan after being arrested on fraud charges. Hussain appears to have met Cromitie at a Newburgh mosque where the plot to bomb Jewish targets was hatched.

With Hussain’s help, the FBI was able to monitor every move made by Cromitie and the others. Hussain also provided the group with bogus C4 explosive and a fake Stinger missile and launcher supplied by the FBI. When the conspirators planted their dud bombs outside two Jewish targets on Wednesday night, the FBI was watching. The area was smothered with heavily armed Swat teams, the would-be bombers’ exit was blocked and agents hauled them away in handcuffs.

“Did they really need all those men in ninja suits with M16 rifles to arrest four idiots?” wondered Kindlon, a former marine sergeant whose main concern is that real terrorists may be plotting undisturbed while domestic US agencies focus on fantasists. “Somewhere, someone in Al-Qaeda must be laughing.”

Concern about the FBI’s tactics heightened after Salahuddin Mustafa Muhammad, imam at the Masjid al-Ikhlas mosque in Newburgh, revealed that when Hussain first came to the mosque and started talking about jihad (holy war) – apparently to identify radical elements for his FBI handlers – several members immediately concluded that he must be a government agent.

The FBI is known to have infiltrated mosques, and many anti-terrorist experts believe a mosque is the last place a serious Islamic terrorist would plot an attack. “Anyone with any smarts knew to stay away from [Hussain],” said Muhammad. Yet nobody will accuse Cromitie and his cohorts of being smart.

New Alex Jones Documentary Pays Homage To Maverick Patriot Aaron Russo

May 31, 2009

“I loved this guy. This is someone who really didn’t have to do what he did. Like any trailblazer in the fight for freedom of all people he died an early death. They probably have a nice quick and discreet way to contaminate people with cancer down at the C.I.A. The damage is done though and Russo planted some very important seeds that will never go away.”

-F.F. 5/30/09




Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, May 29, 2009


Alex Jones’ latest DVD documentary release, Reflections And Warnings – An Interview With Aaron Russo, pays homage to maverick patriot Aaron Russo, who left this mortal coil in August 2007 after a long battle with cancer. The film is a 90 minute full version of Jones’ seminal interview with Russo, which took place months before his death.

This was Russo’s final videotaped interview before he passed away, but his legacy as the founder of the movement to end the power monopoly of the Federal Reserve makes the documentary more contemporary than ever before in light of how the Federal Reserve has increased its stranglehold over the American economy since the beginning of the financial crisis last year.

The DVD is interspersed with new footage of Jones highlighting the progression of many things that Russo warned were part of the ultimate agenda for the prison planet before he passed away.

Russo was perhaps best known for managing star of stage and screen Bette Midler, as well as producing Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy, but his last great work was undoubtedly the most important of his life – Russo’s groundbreaking exposé of the criminal run-for-profit Federal Reserve system, the documentary America: From Freedom to Fascism.

The interview opens with Russo talking about how he first started to become aware of the fact that something was very wrong in America, when cops set him up and raided his Chicago night club and later demanded protection money, mafia style.

The conversation on the DVD features many shocking revelations that were divulged by Russo’s one-time close friend Nick Rockefeller about the elite’s agenda for mankind.

After his popular video Mad As Hell was released and he began his campaign to become Governor of Nevada, Russo was noticed by Rockefeller and introduced to him by a female attorney. Seeing Russo’s passion and ability to affect change, Rockefeller set about on a subtle mission to recruit Russo into the elite.

During one conversation, Rockefeller asked Russo if he was interested in joining the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) but Russo rejected the invitation, saying he had no interest in “enslaving the people” to which Rockefeller coldly questioned why he cared about the “serfs.”

“I used to say to him what’s the point of all this,” said Russo, “you have all the money in the world you need, you have all the power you need, what’s the point, what’s the end goal?” to which Rockefeller replied (paraphrasing), “The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world.”

Rockefeller even assured Russo that if he joined the elite his chip would be specially marked so as to avoid undue inspection by the authorities.

In another conversation, Russo states that Rockefeller told him, “Eleven months before 9/11 happened there was going to be an event and out of that event we were going to invade Afghanistan to run pipelines through the Caspian sea, we were going to invade Iraq to take over the oil fields and establish a base in the Middle East, and we’d go after Chavez in Venezuela.”

Rockefeller also told Russo that he would see soldiers looking in caves in Afghanistan and Pakistan for Osama bin Laden and that there would be an “Endless war on terror where there’s no real enemy and the whole thing is a giant hoax,” so that “the government could take over the American people,” according to Russo, who said that Rockefeller was cynically laughing and joking as he made the astounding prediction.

“Eleven months to a year later that’s what happened….he certainly knew that something was going to happen,” said Russo.

In a later conversation, Rockefeller asked Russo what he thought women’s liberation was about. Russo’s response that he thought it was about the right to work and receive equal pay as men, just as they had won the right to vote, caused Rockefeller to laughingly retort, “You’re an idiot! Let me tell you what that was about, we the Rockefeller’s funded that, we funded women’s lib, we’re the one’s who got all of the newspapers and television – the Rockefeller Foundation.”

Rockefeller told Russo of two primary reasons why the elite bankrolled women’s lib, one because before women’s lib the bankers couldn’t tax half the population and two because it allowed them to get children in school at an earlier age, enabling them to be indoctrinated into accepting the state as the primary family, breaking up the traditional family model.

This revelation dovetails previous admissions on behalf of feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem (pictured)that the CIA bankrolled Ms. Magazine as part of the same agenda of breaking up traditional family models.

Rockefeller was often keen to stress his idea that “the people have to be ruled” by an elite and that one of the tools of such power was population reduction, that there were “too many people in the world,” and world population numbers should be reduced by at least half.

Russo talks at length in the interview about how any attempt at taking America back from the criminal elite needs to be focused around dismantling the private criminal enterprise known as the Federal Reserve, by returning America to a system where the government prints its own money backed by gold without having to be in debt and pay interest to a private cabal of elitists.

At the end of the interview, Russo describes how he had plans to further fight the new world order once he overcame his cancer, which unfortunately was not to be. However, Aaron’s legacy will live on through this interview, through his outstanding documentary America: From Freedom To Fascism and through the countless people in his life who he brought joy to by way of his engaging, warm and above all, innately human personality.

Watch the trailer for the documentary below.


Longer chip of AJ & AR interview:


Russo’s Documentary,  America: From Freedom To Fascism.”



Revolution in the air

May 24, 2009


By Dan Jones
Author, Summer of Blood

The anger in the air is palpable. The ordinary people hold the political class in contempt.

The government is failing, as war and economic catastrophe are dealt with in increasingly unconvincing fashion by second-rate public servants. There is, for the first time in a generation, a sense of revolution brewing.

This is not today’s Britain. It is England in 1381, the year that witnessed one of the greatest popular risings in our history: the Peasants’ Revolt.

Between May and November that year, England was seized by spasms of popular rebellion, provoked by poll taxes and a disastrous war, and underpinned by the common belief that the government was a pack of scoundrels.

Towns and villages from Somerset to Scarborough rose against their rulers, beating and sometimes killing MPs, lawyers, landowners and politicians, tearing down their homes and vandalising their land.

Bloody revenge

At the heart of the rising was a march on London on Corpus Christi weekend (Thursday 13 to Saturday 15 June).

Traditionally this was a time of mystery plays and festive processions. In 1381, the main procession consisted of villagers from the Thames estuary marching along the pilgrim road between Canterbury and London, burning houses and taking political prisoners as they protested against their venal, incompetent masters.

Wat Tyler's mob burning St John's Monastery near Smithfield, London

The peasant’s revolt ransacked London before it was put down

When the protestors, led by their general Wat Tyler and the maverick preacher John Ball, reached London, they found they had significant common cause with the townsmen.

The London populace bore long-held grudges towards their own ruling elites – which included the oligarchic, super-rich merchant traders in the City as well as the hapless courtiers who governed in the name of 14-year old King Richard.

Common fury with the state of lordship bound rural and urban rebels in a compact to clean up government.

So the town mice opened their gates to the country mice, and together they all set about the cats.

At first there were organised protests, attacks on specific, symbolic landmarks: the Savoy Palace, home of the powerful and unpopular duke of Lancaster, was burned to the ground; the Temple, home of the legal profession, was sacked. Prisons were broken open and the Tower of London, where the government had holed up, was besieged.

Demonstrations became riots. A chopping block was set up at Cheapside, where the street ran sticky with the blood of the condemned.

Portrait of Richard II

Kind Richard II was only 14 years old when faced with the rebellion

The Archbishop of Canterbury had his head hacked off on Tower Hill. The Treasurer was murdered, as – in Suffolk – was a Chief Justice.

Some 140 Flemish merchants and their families were butchered on the banks of the Thames, in a shocking xenophobic massacre.

But for the luck of the young king, Richard II, and the fortitude of a few good men around him led by Mayor of London, William Walworth, the City would have been burned to the ground.

Tyler and his mob were eventually defeated at Smithfield, but it took nearly six months to calm the rest of the country.

Political revolt

The summer of discontent left a profound mark on the English political consciousness.

A few lines written, prior to the rebellion, by the Kentish poet John Gower, were suddenly recognised as an important tenet of government.

“There are three things of such a sort that they produce merciless destruction when they get the upper hand,” he wrote.

“One is a flood of water, another is a raging fire and the third is the lesser people, the common multitude; for they will not be stopped by either reason or by discipline.”

I have thought many times during the past months that our politicians would benefit from revisiting the events of the Peasants’ Revolt.

In many ways it is a tale of mutual misunderstanding: the ordinary folk thought the worst of their politicians, and politicians saw their people as an economic resource, to be taxed and tormented as the necessities of government demanded.

Skeleton from the Great Plague discovered in Spitalfields Market

The Black Death was a major factor in fermenting anti-government feeling

This government, like the government in 1381, has been caught out by a global crisis of unprecedented severity.

In the fourteenth century it was the Black Death, which killed 40% of Europe’s population.

The government’s reaction – to impose labour laws that stifled economic recovery but preserved the social hierarchy, was vastly unpopular, for it prevented ordinary people from improving their lives.

Now, it is the collapse in global credit which has brought a different sort of misery to millions.

No doubt there are many differences between 1381 and 2009. They were medieval, we are modern. And history never repeats itself as exactly as historians sometimes wish.

But if I were an MP today, I would make it my business to learn the course and the lessons of 1381 by heart. Then I would give thanks that there are no longer any chopping blocks at Cheapside.

Dan Jones is the author of Summer of Blood.

The Worlds Biggest Cock Suckers

May 17, 2009

A danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust ( english subtitles )

May 3, 2009


Niels Harrit and 8 other scientists found nano-thermite in the dust from the World Trade Center.

He is interviewed on danish TV2 News.

People can see a full transcript, news, forum and the video in high quality here:…

Another site in danish is encouraging people to stand forward demanding a new investigation here:

The full report from the scientists can be found here:…

Traces of explosives in 9/11 dust, scientists say

April 9, 2009
Published: Monday, April 6, 2009 10:43 p.m. MDT

Tiny red and gray chips found in the dust from the collapse of the World Trade Center contain highly explosive materials — proof, according to a former BYU professor, that 9/11 is still a sinister mystery.

Physicist Steven E. Jones, who retired from Brigham Young University in 2006 after the school recoiled from the controversy surrounding his 9/11 theories, is one of nine authors on a paper published last week in the online, peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal. Also listed as authors are BYU physics professor Jeffrey Farrer and a professor of nanochemistry at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

For several years, Jones has theorized that pre-positioned explosives, not fires from jet fuel, caused the rapid, symmetrical collapse of the two World Trade Center buildings, plus the collapse of a third building, WTC-7.

The newest research, according to the journal authors, shows that dust from the collapsing towers contained a “nano-thermite” material that is highly explosive. Although the article draws no conclusions about the source and purpose of the explosives, Jones has previously supported a theory that the collapse of the WTC towers was part of a government conspiracy to ignore warnings about the 9/11 terrorists so that the attack would propel America to wage war against Afghanistan and Iraq.

The next step, Jones said in a phone interview on Monday, is for someone to investigate “who made the stuff and why it was there.”

A layer of dust lay over parts of Manhattan immediately following the collapse of the towers, and it was samples of this dust that Jones and fellow researchers requested in a 2006 paper, hoping to determine “the whole truth of the events of that day.” They eventually tested four samples they received from New Yorkers.

One sample was from a man who had swept up a handful of dust on the Brooklyn Bridge, where he was walking when the second tower fell. As the journal authors note, “It was, therefore, definitely not contaminated by the steel-cutting or clean-up operations at Ground Zero, which began later. Furthermore, it is not mixed with dust from WTC-7, which fell hours later.”

Another man collected dust in his apartment, about five blocks from the World Trade Center, on the morning of Sept. 12. There was a layer about an inch thick on a stack of folded laundry near an open window.

Red/gray chips, averaging in size between .2 and 3 mm, were found in all four dust samples. The chips were then analyzed using scanning electron microscopy and other high-tech tools.

The red layer of the chips, according to the researchers, contains a “highly energetic” form of thermite. While normal thermite (a mixture of finely granulated aluminum and an oxide of metal) can be incendiary, “super thermite” is explosive. He says there is no benign explanation for the thermite in the WTC dust.

Jones made headlines in 2005 when he argued that the rapid and symmetrical fall of the World Trade Center looked like the result of pre-positioned explosives. He argued that fires alone wouldn’t have been hot enough to crumble the buildings; and that even if struck by planes, the towers should have been strong enough to support the weight of the tops as they crumbled — unless they were leveled by explosives.

Essentially forced to retire, Jones says he is now paying for research out of his own pocket. He likens himself to Galileo and Newton, who stood by their consciences. “I would like to think I could stand up for the truth,” he says.

The dust study vindicates his earlier theories, Jones says, but he has mixed feelings about the implications. “As a young student said to me a while back: ‘It’s exciting from a scientific point of view, because things are now making sense. But I feel sad for my country.’ ”


Obusha is trolling for another 9/11-style attack, to invoke a full-blown (albeit ‘charming’) police state: More US Drone Attacks in Pakistan Planned

April 7, 2009
Published: April 6, 2009

WASHINGTON — Despite threats of retaliation from Pakistani militants, senior administration officials said Monday that the United States intended to step up its use of drones to strike militants inPakistan’s tribal areas and might extend them to a different sanctuary deeper inside the country.

On Sunday, a senior Taliban leader vowed to unleash two suicide attacks a week like one on Saturday in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, unless the Central Intelligence Agency stopped firing missiles at militants. Pakistani officials have expressed concerns that the missile strikes from remotely piloted aircraft fuel more violence in the country, and some American officials say they are also concerned about some aspects of the drone strikes.

But as Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Richard C. Holbrooke, the special envoy to the region, arrived in Islamabad on Monday, the administration officials said the plan to intensify missile strikes underscored President Obama’s goal to “disrupt, dismantle and defeat” Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as to strike at other militant groups allied with Al Qaeda.

Officials are also proposing to broaden the missile strikes to Baluchistan, south of the tribal areas, unless Pakistan manages to reduce the incursion of militants there.

Influential American lawmakers have voiced support for the administration’s position.

Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat who heads the Armed Services Committee, acknowledged last week that “the price is very heavy” when missile strikes mistakenly kill civilians, but he said the strikes were “an extremely effective tool.”

The plans have met strong resistance from Pakistani officials and have also worried some former American officials and some analysts, who say that strikes create greater risks of civilian casualties and could further destabilize the nuclear-armed nation.

“You will be complicating and compounding anti-Americanism here,” said Talat Masood, a retired Pakistani general and military analyst in Islamabad. “How can you be an ally and at the same time be targeted?”

Some American experts say a crucial change in aerial warfare, in which American forces are now often stalking individuals rather than tanks and other large armaments as in past wars, has raised new legal issues.

A. John Radsan, who worked as a C.I.A. lawyer from 2002 to 2004, argued in a recent scholarly article he wrote with Richard W. Murphy, a fellow law professor, that the United States should follow the lead of the Israeli Supreme Court and require an investigation of “targeted killings” by the C.I.A. to control the practice.

While the notion of remote-control killing may seem chilling, military experts say the drones, which can transmit live video for nearly a day at a time, typically supply the weapons targeting officers with enough information to avoid civilian casualties.

Marc Garlasco, a former military targeting official who now works for Human Rights Watch, the international advocacy group, said the drones had helped limit civilian casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq, where the Air Force uses them to attack people laying roadside bombs and to attack other insurgents.

But in trying to take advantage of what can be fleeting chances to kill top Taliban and Qaeda leaders in Pakistan, the C.I.A. faces a much more difficult task, especially if it follows the targets into more populated areas.

“When you’re operating under very short time frames, like the C.I.A. is in Pakistan, you are exponentially increasing the risk of killing noncombatants,” Mr. Garlasco said.

In Pakistan, the extensive missile strikes have been limited to the tribal areas, and authorities say they have killed 9 of the top 20 Qaeda leaders. American officials say the missile strikes have forced some Taliban and Qaeda leaders to flee south toward Quetta, a city in the province of Baluchistan, which abuts the parts of southern Afghanistan where recent fighting has been the fiercest.

One of the prized attributes of the drones — the Cessna-size Predators and their larger and more heavily armed cousins called the Reapers — is that they can linger over an area day after day, sending back video that can be used to build a “pattern of life” analysis.

Some experts have compared them to mini-satellites that can monitor a suspected terrorist compound for weeks, watching where the people go and with whom they interact, to help confirm that the right people are being singled out for attack.

Experts say the drones also carry laser-guided weapons with small warheads that are precise enough to kill a group of people in a street without damaging nearby buildings.

Like the military services, the C.I.A. uses computer software to assess possible collateral damage, and the fusing on the bombs can be adjusted to limit their impact.

But in Pakistan and Afghanistan, it can also be hard to evaluate tips about the locations of Taliban or Qaeda leaders if there are no troops nearby to help check them out.

While the Air Force operates its drones from military bases in the United States, the C.I.A. controls its fleet of Predators and Reapers from its headquarters in Langley, Va.

The final preparations for strikes in Pakistan take place in a crowded room lined with video screens, where C.I.A. officers work at phone banks and National Security Agencypersonnel monitor electronic chatter, according to former C.I.A. officials.

The intelligence officers watch scratchy video captured by the drones, which always fly in pairs above potential targets.

According to the former officials, it is generally the head of the C.I.A.’s clandestine service or his deputy who gives the final approval for a strike. The decision about what type of weapon to use depends on the target, according to one former senior intelligence official.

Top national security leaders have approved lists of people who can be attacked, officials say, and the lawyers determine whether each attack can be justified under international law.

Mark Mazzetti and Elisabeth Bumiller contributed reporting.

“No time in America’s history…

March 29, 2009

has their been a better opportunity to unit our melting pot of people under a common cause. Most of us admire each other and want to learn from one another. It’s our government and (government controlled) media that perpetuates the divide & the hate.”

F.F. 3/28/09

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.”
—Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities.  English novelist (1812 – 1870)


9/11 Truth From The UK

March 29, 2009

Barack Obama told: help Pakistan or risk a repeat of 9/11 in America or Britain

March 16, 2009


By Tim Shipman in Washington
Last Updated: 5:31PM GMT 14 Mar 2009

A team headed by Bruce Riedel, a former CIA Middle East expert, asked to overhaul US policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan, has concluded that stabilising Pakistan is now the higher priority, a source familiar with the discussions has revealed.

The report, prepared in conjunction with the National Security Council, will focus on the need to co-opt moderate Taliban elements and shut down militant safe havens in Pakistan’s he lawless northwest border region. It will also urge a sharp increase in military and civil assistance.

But The Sunday Telegraph has learned that the need to prevent a repeat of the September 11 attacks has become the driving force behind the review, which could be published as early as this week.

Mr Riedel, who served on the NSC under three previous presidents, believes that unless serious action is taken, Pakistan will become a “terrorist university”, posing a far greater threat to the security of the US and Europe than Afghanistan before the September 11 atrocities.

Recent “apocalyptic” intelligence on the situation in Pakistan has sent shockwaves through the upper echelons of the Obama administration and convinced Mr Riedel’s review team that radicals trained in Pakistan are the greatest threat to Western security.

One White House aide emerged from an intelligence briefing on Pakistan three days after Mr Obama’s inauguration to exclaim: “Holy s–t!”

A source who knows the substance of the White House policy review discussions said: “Bruce is on record saying that a failed state in Pakistan is America’s ‘worst nightmare’ in the 21st century.

“What we’ve been seeing in recent weeks is truly apocalyptic warnings from the analysts, which suggest that that is now a live possibility. The Pakistani government seems unable to control its own military or intelligence people. The tribal areas are already a failed state and a safe haven for terrorists.

“If that spreads the whole country will become a terrorist university. The chance of a spectacular in the US, or Britain, is exponentially increased. And Pakistan has nuclear weapons.”

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph in January Mr Riedel argued that British al-Qaeda or Lakshar-e-Taiba militants, trained in Pakistan, are the likeliest source of a new terrorist spectacular in America.

The threat from Pakistan was a centrepiece of discussions between Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, and US Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano in Washington on Friday. Ms Smith also met Robert Mueller, the head of the FBI, who has publicly voiced fears about British-born Pakistani militants entering the US under the visa waiver scheme.

Amid fears that Pakistani militants have already entered the US to radicalise and recruit terrorist cells, US officials have been invited to visit the UK to observe the Home Office’s anti-radicalisation programme.

A British diplomat said that British and American intelligence experts have concluded that while Pakistan used to be blamed for destabilising Afghanistan, the process has now been reversed and risks plunging the nuclear power into lethal chaos.

The US official agreed: “Everyone’s calling it the Af-Pak report, but really it ought to be Pak-Af.” US intelligence reports have expressed concern about the recent decision of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari to allow militants to set up Shariah law in the strategic Swat Valley in the tribal areas of the northwest frontier.

The Riedel review will conclude that seven out of 10 Taliban and other militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan are “reconcilables” who might be bribed, cajoled and persuaded to turn away from extremism.

But it concludes that Pakistani military and civilian leaders do not yet have the resources to hold the line, let alone roll back the al-Qaeda safe havens along the border.

The review, due to be circulated to senior officials early this week, will recommend that non-military aid to Pakistan quadruple. In return, the Pakistani government will be expected to agree to a wholesale overhaul of its military which will see US special forces re-train Pakistani soldiers in counter insurgency warfare.

The army is currently configured to fight a conventional war with India. The US has 200 special forces ready to deploy and there is even talk of taking Pakistani officers to training camps in the US.

CIA and FBI chiefs are also demanding greater cooperation from Pakistan’s ISI intelligence agency in locating militants in the region and potential terrorists who may already have travelled to the US.

President Obama will explain his new approach to Afghanistan at the Nato summit in Strasbourg next month. The Riedel review is recommending increased payments to Afghan tribal chiefs and moves to improve economic development and a clamp down on corruption in the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai., European nations, excluding Britain, will be asked to help train the Afghan armed forces.

Richard Holbrooke, the US envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a co-chair of the Riedel review, has warned that “there is no way that the international effort in Afghanistan can succeed unless Pakistan can get its western tribal areas under control”.

David Miliband, Britain’s foreign secretary, appears to agree with the expected conclusions of the Riedel review. In an interview last week he said that Pakistan’s government needs to realise that it is not just the West that is threatened by the militants, but its very own survival that is at stake. “The situation in Pakistan is extremely dangerous,” he said. “I would say it’s very grave. I think Pakistan faces a mortal threat, not from India, but from domestic terrorism.”


“These video’s kind of predicted Obama & his criminal buddies plans for Pakistan. But don’t believe any of it… it didn’t come from your telivision.”


Our Governments Treason PDF File

March 11, 2009


“It’s all laid out for you. The economic collapse was “by design,” to create the chaos needed for our government to declare Marshall Law. Don’t you know who your dealing with yet? Oh, you don’t… cool, well their psychopathic killers and their in control of our government! They have been for years but they are really unveiling themselves from behind the curtain now. Do you get it yet. This is not a conspiracy theory anymore. They are blatantly and arrogantly shoving it in the American people face. There is no rhyme or reason to their “New World Order” plans… they are completely & utterly hopeless inbred psychopaths!!

These Banking Globalist penis-less fucks have killed millions upon millions during our worlds history. They have funded both sides of all the World Wars. They Funded Hitler!!  The first American depression was orchestrated by factions of these blood thirsty bankers and now their uber-rich candyass grandchildren are doing it again. I don’t know what else to tell you anymore… if you still watch TV, your the one who is getting the fake news, your the one being fed propaganda, your the ones engaged in the conspiracy theories! Prove me wrong.

These people are obsessed with population control. Now, that they have the technology and machines to do most of the work that humans used to do… they look at most of you literally as “waste’s of space.” Especially if you are poor and have a dark skin.

Global warming is bullshit and is also part of their agenda of “planting that seed” in people minds that they are part of the problem. It’s these elite control freaks who are the number one problem and enemy to all of the worlds people. (Plus, they want to just Tax the shit out of you with all this “green, save the Earth” stuff. Yes, the environment could use some “cleaning up” but it is not as dire as mental-defecto Al Gore is being told to tell everyone).

 Luckily large amounts of US soldiers are waking up to the truth, so, our criminal government will have some resistance to Marshall Law right there. The government has underestimated we the people’s resistance factor too. Once more and more people wake-up to the fact that our own government aided in carrying out 9/11, that they’re allowing off-shore bankers to loot our country and it’s working class people as we speak, that Obama is a joke and a fraud puppet, people are gonna go ape—–shit. And hopefully in a “peaceful” ape-shit manner. But we need to “do what we gotta do” to get this country out of the hands of these really sick and evil people.”

F.F. 3/10/09


Heres the PDF file:


In November of 2008 the United States Army War College released the reportKnown Unknowns: Unconventional “Strategic Shocks” in Defense Strategy Development. The report identifies economic collapse as a reason for the defense establishment to conduct domestic operations. The report states,

“Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security. Deliberate employment of weapons of mass destruction or other catastrophic capabilities, unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency…”

Related Story: -CIA Adds Economy To Threat Updates




“You know all that money we spend on the military ever year — trillions of dollars? Instead, if we use this money to feed and clothe the poor of this world, which it would do many times over, then we can explore space, inner and outer, together, as one race.”   –Bill Hicks 


((Here’s one of the sick-fuck-inbred elite Globalist pig-cunt cock-suckers talking about population control. When you realize that population control is not really a immediate issue that needs to be addressed today… you then realize how sick and evil these elite cock-suckers really are))



Is this rifle the new symbol of freedom?  (It will have to be if you refuse to speak out about your government who has clearly shown they do not listen too (or) care about the people they are suppose to be serving.) 






Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack

March 10, 2009

“Is he just warning us on how the U.S. Government and their Globalist filth-masters are gonna do the three things they like best, create a false-flag terrorist attack, kill a shit load of  it’s own people, then take away more liberties of it’s remaining people… all for our own safety from the fake Islamic terrorists? Know your enemy people. These people are psychopaths… look at them…

The new ones may be a different shade of color and act a little more caring & liberal but their psychopathic ways will reveal themselves in time, especially when the people they govern over are to scared to even face the truth and just speak up like real men & women should do in a time like this! America!!!… are you that cowardly?”

F.F. 3/10/09



Gen. Tommy Franks says that if the United States is hit with a weapon of mass destruction that inflicts large casualties, the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government.


Franks, who successfully led the U.S. military operation to liberate Iraq, expressed his worries in an extensive interview he gave to the men’s lifestyle magazine Cigar Aficionado.

In the magazine’s December edition, the former commander of the military’s Central Command warned that if terrorists succeeded in using a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) against the U.S. or one of our allies, it would likely have catastrophic consequences for our cherished republican form of government.

Discussing the hypothetical dangers posed to the U.S. in the wake of Sept. 11, Franks said that “the worst thing that could happen” is if terrorists acquire and then use a biological, chemical or nuclear weapon that inflicts heavy casualties.

If that happens, Franks said, “… the Western world, the free world, loses what it cherishes most, and that is freedom and liberty we’ve seen for a couple of hundred years in this grand experiment that we call democracy.”

Franks then offered “in a practical sense” what he thinks would happen in the aftermath of such an attack.

“It means the potential of a weapon of mass destruction and a terrorist, massive, casualty-producing event somewhere in the Western world – it may be in the United States of America – that causes our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event. Which in fact, then begins to unravel the fabric of our Constitution. Two steps, very, very important.”

Franks didn’t speculate about how soon such an event might take place.

Already, critics of the U.S. Patriot Act, rushed through Congress in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, have argued that the law aims to curtail civil liberties and sets a dangerous precedent.

But Franks’ scenario goes much further. He is the first high-ranking official to openly speculate that the Constitution could be scrapped in favor of a military form of government.

The usually camera-shy Franks retired from U.S. Central Command, known in Pentagon lingo as CentCom, in August 2003, after serving nearly four decades in the Army.

Franks earned three Purple Hearts for combat wounds and three Bronze Stars for valor. Known as a “soldier’s general,” Franks made his mark as a top commander during the U.S.’s successful Operation Desert Storm, which liberated Kuwait in 1991. He was in charge of CentCom when Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda attacked the United States on Sept. 11.

Franks said that within hours of the attacks, he was given orders to prepare to root out the Taliban in Afghanistan and to capture bin Laden.

Franks offered his assessment on a number of topics to Cigar Aficionado, including:

President Bush: “As I look at President Bush, I think he will ultimately be judged as a man of extremely high character. A very thoughtful man, not having been appraised properly by those who would say he’s not very smart. I find the contrary. I think he’s very, very bright. And I suspect that he’ll be judged as a man who led this country through a crease in history effectively. Probably we’ll think of him in years to come as an American hero.”

On the motivation for the Iraq war: Contrary to claims that top Pentagon brass opposed the invasion of Iraq, Franks said he wholeheartedly agreed with the president’s decision to invade Iraq and oust Saddam Hussein.

“I, for one, begin with intent. … There is no question that Saddam Hussein had intent to do harm to the Western alliance and to the United States of America. That intent is confirmed in a great many of his speeches, his commentary, the words that have come out of the Iraqi regime over the last dozen or so years. So we have intent.

“If we know for sure … that a regime has intent to do harm to this country, and if we have something beyond a reasonable doubt that this particular regime may have the wherewithal with which to execute the intent, what are our actions and orders as leaders in this country?”

The Pentagon’s deck of cards: Asked how the Pentagon decided to put its most-wanted Iraqis on a set of playing cards, Franks explained its genesis. He recalled that when his staff identified the most notorious Iraqis the U.S. wanted to capture, “it just turned out that the number happened to be about the same as a deck of cards. And so somebody said, ‘Aha, this will be the ace of spades.’”

Capturing Saddam: Franks said he was not surprised that Saddam has not been captured or killed. But he says he will eventually be found, perhaps sooner than Osama bin laden.

“The capture or killing of Saddam Hussein will be a near term thing. And I won’t say that’ll be within 19 or 43 days. … I believe it is inevitable.”

Franks ended his interview with a less-than-optimistic note. “It’s not in the history of civilization for peace ever to reign. Never has in the history of man. … I doubt that we’ll ever have a time when the world will actually be at peace.”


Related Story:

“The Lone Gunmen” TV Show Foreshadow 9/11??

March 10, 2009

On March 4, 2001—exactly six months and one week before 9/11—The Lone Gunmen television show, a spinoff from The X-Files, premiered on FOX.

In that pilot episode, Byers’ father faked his own death in order to uncover a conspiracy to hijack a commercial airliner, and crash it into what turned out to be the World Trade Center. This episode, and those that followed it, received positive reviews, but FOX cancelled the show due, it said, to a drop in ratings.

The following series of clips from that pilot episode are somewhat more extensive than what has been available on YouTube to date, detailing some of the possible similarities between fact and fiction than had been available before.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice said that, before 9/11, no one anticipated airliners being used as weapons. Given that the government had anticipated this (even considered perpetrating a similar scenario!) as far back as Operation Northwoods and as recently as the “terror drills” it was sponsoring that day, not only is Dr. Rice’s statement patently false, but also—strangely enough—the fictional “Lone Gunmen” seem to have anticipated this, as the following clips plainly demonstrate.

Still, that this 9/11 was foreshadowed by The Lone Gunmen—just over six months prior to September 11, 2001—is stunning.

A War of Words Between Cuban and the S.E.C.

March 10, 2009




















The Mark Cuban insider-trading case has just become very strange very quickly.

Hours after the Securities and Exchange Commission said that it was charging the voluble owner of the Dallas Mavericks with illegally trading on confidential information related to, a search engine company, Mr. Cuban fired off his own salvo. In a press release (and blog post), Mr. Cuban accused the S.E.C. of prosecutorial misconduct.

What did he mean, exactly? A person close to Mr. Cuban told DealBook that an S.E.C. employee had sent Mr. Cuban e-mails several times over the last year or so, accusing him of being unpatriotic. The bone of contention was Mr. Cuban’s involvement with “Loose Change,” a documentary that accuses the Bush administration of engineering the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as a pretext for the Iraq war.

Read one of the purported e-mails — which copies Christopher Cox, the S.E.C. chairman, and was obtained from this person — after the jump.

In a statement, an S.E.C. spokesman told DealBook that the insider-trading investigation was run out of the commission’s Washington headquarters. Mr. Norris worked out of a regional office and had no role in or knowledge of the investigation. He was “referred for disciplinary action,” the spokesman said.

Furthermore, Mr. Cox did not correspond with Mr. Cuban and recused himself from the commission vote on whether to bring up charges.

From: Norris, Jeffrey B.
Sent: Saturday, May 05, 2007 2:27 PM
To: Mark Cuban
Cc: Cox, Christopher

Subject: RE: “Lose Change”



If this upsets you, I wonder how George Bush feels. I assume that Mr. Cox would view your involvement with “Loose Change” much as I do. After all, he served his country as a Republican Congressman from Orange County for nearly 20 years and was appointed by President Bush. If you feel like sharing my thoughts with Chairman Cox, be my guest.

Previously, I thought you were merely foolish and naïve. Now, however, I see that you are also a hypocrite. I guess your belief in free speech has severe limitations. If someone else is the victim of an absurd conspiracy theory, you defend your right to participate in smearing the good name of of a patriot like President Bush. But, when you are the subject of a parody of the attack you have endorsed, you suddenly issue threats.

I think I will e-mail this to Chairman Cox myself. I think he will enjoy it. I’m sure he is also a Laker fan.

Since Chairman Cox may not know the background, I will explain. Mark Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and has participated in distributing the vicious and absurd documentary, “Loose Change,” which posits that President Bush planned the demolition of the World Trade Center as a pretext for going to war against Iraq. We have had some past exchanges about my opinion the Mr. Cuban’s support for this project is irresponsible and immoral. Below, I parodied his position that every opinion, no matter how absurd and vicious, deserves to be broadly disseminated.

–Michael J. de la Merced

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice

March 10, 2009






(This video broadcast was before 9/11)

Civilian Inmate Labor Program

March 5, 2009


“Here’s your police state, straight from the U.S. Armies mouth. How much more do the American people need to “wake-up.” I tell you what, does this make everyone feel better. “I” see our criminal shadow government pulling a false-flag terrorist attack soon, with-in the next couple of months. Yes, just like 9/11 but I see it being far more devastating. There seems to be a wave of people finally “waking up” to our system and it is scaring the living shit out of these Globalist, i.e.-Satan’s Cock-Suckers. They are moving very rapidly and pushing “New World Order” plans very hard. They think if they pull off some type of attack that they can scare the American people into submission and we will go along with anything. And they are partly right on that… After 9/11 we accepted the Patriot Act. I fell for 9/11.

I’ve heard a lot of talk about middle-eastern terrorists, (C.I.A. Ops really), busting into schools and shooting down kids, etc and “bio-attacks,” like bird flu, probably the more likely government sponsored attack plan. They are going to do something so terrible that they will have to declare Marshall Law. This is their goal… Marshall Law. Luckily a large majority of our soldiers have wised up to this. (Oh, by the way, Ron Paul received the largest amount of donations from all of our armed services than any other candidate in the last election. Yes, even more than poster boy Rat, Obama). If the American people get on their fucking soap box and tell our government that we know that they staged 9/11 and we know that the next attack will be staged… then they will really have a tough time pulling off their murderous treason staged events. You have to start speaking out. At least start by telling your friends and neighbors. They maybe something along the line of mass tax-revolts to let our government know we are not contributing our own hard earned money to their bloodshed.  

F.F. 3/4/09

Andreas Von Bülow On 9/11 & Ring of Power Movie

February 23, 2009

Andreas Von Bülow, former German Member of Parliament and Government Defence Minister, states unequivocally that the Bush administration planned, orchestrated and executed the 9/11 attacks in the USA as part of a Geo-Political strategy outlined by the PNAC.

Ring of Power 

Full movie:

Leading Counter-Terrorism Expert and Former High-Level Official Slams War on Terror and Questions 9/11

February 4, 2009

Terrell (Terry) E. Arnold was the number 2 counter-terrorism official at the U.S. State Department, and is one of the world’s leading experts on terror.

Arnold served as the Deputy Director, Office of Counter-Terrorism and Emergency Planning, at the U.S. State Department. He is also the former Chairman of the Department of International Studies at the National War College.

Arnold has worked as a crisis management consultant for several Federal agencies, including The State Department, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Customs Service and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He is the author of numerous books on terror*. Arnold is a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II and the Korean war.

I spoke with Arnold by phone.

GW: Your essay It is Vital to Move Beyond 9/11 is insightful and hard-hitting, and I agree with virtually everything you say. I have previously written on many of the topics you touch on, such as false pretenses for wartorture and illegal spying.

Initially, you write:

“As an alleged post 9/11 defense, the War on Terrorism is a gigantic fraud.”

I agree with you completely, and have written several essays arguing that the War on Terror is a hoax (see thisthis and this).

As a leading counter-terrorism expert, I am curious to hear why you believe this.

Terry Arnold: The military approach doesn’t cover all of the elements of the problem. We need to capture and confine the individuals who are up to doing mischief. That’s a law enforcement issue.

Also, using only a military approach does nothing to recognize the grievances around the world. People are unhappy, and are so willing to commit acts of terrorism, or are willing to support terrorism.

Any approach to terrorism which lacks a mechanism for dealing with “outgroups” will not be successful. Each society has to engage the “outgroups” by itself. No international organization can do that.

For example, the Kurds could be given their own state – Kurdistan. The surrounding states have to recognize that they are part of the problem. Dealing with the Kurds is therefore a regional problem.

Full Article:

Former President Jimmy Carter Supports Call For New 9/11 Investigation

January 31, 2009

“When you realize that our government was able to get involved with illegal wars, trample our civil liberties, (see patriot act), dupe the American people into believing that there is a large scale terrorist treat, all pretext on the September 11th attacks… you may start to see the light of truth. It’s time to grow up people. Why won’t the government release any clear video of the “plane” hitting the Pentagon  ? Why did WTC building 7, (a 47 story building), free fall collapse because of a few isolated fires in the structure? This was their swan song. And they were sloppy about it because they think the American people are that stupid. Prove them wrong!

-F.F.  1/30/09

Mideast Carter

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has become the latest, and perhaps most prominent, public figure to express support for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks.

We Are Change Ohio attended a book signing by the former President in Chicago. Despite the best efforts of secret service personnel to abduct the person recording the conversation, the audio of Carter’s words were still captured.

Carter was asked, “I was just wondering if you’d support the victims’ family members that want a new investigation into 9/11.”

Carter clarifies the question before responding, “Yeah, I don’t have anything to do with it but I certainly would….it would be nice.

Watch the clip below.

In October 2004, Carter told the London Guardian newspaper that President Bush exploited the 9/11 attacks and that the press had not held him to account.

“The basic reason is that our country suffered, in 9/11, a terrible and shocking attack … and George Bush has been adroit at exploiting that attack, and he has elevated himself, in the consciousness of many Americans, to a heroic commander in chief, fighting a global threat against America,” Carter said.

“He’s repeatedly played that card, and to some degree quite successfully. I think that success has dissipated,” he added.

Carter responded to the atmosphere at the time by slamming the notion that questioning Bush’s actions was unpatriotic.

His rebuke for media cowardice about asking tough questions about the “war on terror” was also stinging.

“The press have been cowed, because they didn’t want to be unpatriotic. There has been a lack of inquisitive journalism. In fact, it’s hard to think of a major medium in the United States that has been objective and fair and balanced, and critical when criticism was deserved,” said Carter.

Carter’s support for a new investigation into 9/11 has been echoed by innumerable prominent public figures both in and out of politics over the last few years.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, UK MP Michael Meacher, Japanese MP Fujita Yukihisa, former German Defense Secretary Andreas von Buelow, music icon Willie Nelson, and even vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin have all expressed support for a new inquiry into the September 2001 attacks.

Research related articles:

  1. Exclusive: President Carter Was Concerned About Staged War Provocation, Says Calls for a New Investigation of 9/11 ‘Sound Good’
  2. Sarah Palin Supports New 9/11 Investigation
  3. Amy Goodman supports Investigation into WTC7
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  9. Memo to President Obama
  10. Daschle criticizes anthrax investigation, saying FBI should provide more information
  11. Al-Qaeda Supports McCain
  12. Bush 41 would like to see Jeb as president

This is just too fucked up. (Is this true?)

January 22, 2009

 It’s like saying, “Hey were the American royal family and this is who is getting your bailout money.” Not much has changed. Just goes to show that the masses are still being treated like peasants by an elite few. The whole system could be squashed like the blood-sucking parasite it is if the majority of the people first learn how badly they have been treated and be man enough to admit they’ve been cheated. Then talk amongst themselves  and do something about it. One lesson our dumbed-down American public needs is the power of numbers. We’re all here. Just need to start talking to one another.

A True History of the United States

January 22, 2009

Got an hour or so. You want to learn about the real world around you. Check out the movie below, “A True History of the United States.”

You are not truly free. You are free as a consumer to buy what ever crap you want. You are living in a country that practices MASSIVE voter fraud and then invades other countries to promote our great and “fair” democracy. During the Democratic and Republican National conventions there were designated “free speech zones” for anyone who was protesting both platforms. Hitler had used these exact “free speech zones” during his reign with the exact same terminology, (translated of course). Amy Goodman from the show “Democracy Now” was arrested and man-handled at the DNC for being a journalist. Denver police admitted that they went undercover and posed as radical protesters to make the “protesters” look like scary anarchists on the six-o’clock news. 

 State and local police forces are being federalized at an alarming rate which I hope I don’t have to explain is a very very bad and scary idea. There are some real similarities to Obama’s call for “youth brigades” and “mandatory arm service” for young men to Hitlers policies. Huh? Sorry, it’s true. I’m not say he’s Hitler but I’m stating a fact.

“Lets destroy a nations economy by design and the only work to be had would be through the government or their armed services.” Sounds a lil’ bit like the C word, no?

 History is repeating itself and it doesn’t have too if “YOU” don’t want it to. I’m ready to give Obama a chance but when you realize that a jar full of human feces could be elected and the same agenda would be carried out…it’s kinda hard to get behind the guy or girl or jar of stinky. Think shadow government!  The elite British hand is still in the United States.  Look into Obamas connection with George Soros. While your at it look into George Soros period. I guess I’m just not as gullible as I used to be. Or things have gotten so bad under our nose that it just can’t be ignored anymore. Also, a steady diet of mushrooms helps you get through the cobwebs of years of TV watching and poor state schooling.

-F.F.  1/21/09


Reading real history books helps. If you don’t like to read then here’s a movie about the United States REAL HISTORY:

Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist

January 19, 2009

See Through It

January 17, 2009

“Any biological, chemical, or nuclear attack would be carried out by our own government agencies. Read “real” history books and declassified Government documents to find out how our government has staged “false-flag” terrorist attacks to rally the people behind wars like Vietnam. I guess we will have to wait about 40 years for the US governments declassified documents on the September 11th false-flag terrorist attacks to come out.

How Hitler’s false-flag “fire” rallied the German people behind his dumb ass. History is repeating itself because so many people are living in a enormous state of denial or they just live in TV-Land or they are just looking out for their own ass. Whatever the case there is always hope that these people will wake up to the fact that the world powers that be are leading the human race into an Orwellian state. You can’t deny the power of a persons own primitive needs for freedom. If something happened in this country for the need of an uprising, (and I pray it doesn’t), if only 1% of the American population came together behind a good cause than anything that got in their way would be totally crushed. Just by the sheer numbers. Like most of the information you get from the tube….. the lies about Gun Ownership in America have been out there for a reason. Check out,  

Believe me… I’m from up North and I was taught that you were a coward to have the need to own a gun. Guns are bad, bad, bad. Although, most of the people that had guns were criminals using their guns to profit from crimes they carried out. Your being lied to like many other things. Your family and your gun is the last line of defense towards everything that is good and decent about this country. Just keep an eye out for the Gun Grabbing mentality of the upcoming Obama administration.

-F.F. 1/17/09

(Check out the text below the vids for more info on False-Flag fun fun fun!)



MORE Examples of documented ‘False Flag Terrorism’

B07329 / Sun, 10 Jul 2005 14:20:17 / Intelligence

After reading the article detailing the proposed and existing oil pipeline routes in the Middle East at then consider the following examples of “false flag terrorist operations”… where governments fund, set-up, and execute their own covert terror operations and blame scapegoat nations or “alleged” terror cells like Al Qaeda to ,muster support for further war (to ultimately dominate world economies through control of the world oil supplies).

The point being that world citizens are not only the cannon fodder in the slaughter…but end up paying the tab through increased interest fees and taxation by corporate politicians for their war expenditures.

1.) British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook: “Al Qaeda” was the name of a U.S. intelligence database … also seefabricating_the_enemy

2.) The phony (Mossad) Al Qaeda Cell in Palestine … plus more documented examples of intelligence agents impersonating and setting up Al Qaeda cell groups strategically

3.) FSB (ex-KGB) behind 1999 bombings in Russia’ 
Publica | 05.03.2002 23:14 See source
FSB (ex-KGB) was behind the apartment bloc bombings that were carried out in Russia in September 1999”, says Boris Berezovsky, a former Kremlin insider who has since fallen out with the Putin government.

Nikita Chegulain, a former undercover agent of the antiterrorist division of the FSB, said he possessed documentary evidence that proved that highly explosive hexogen was withdrawn from military bases and distributed secretely to regional organisations. He incriminates top government officials in the coverup; independent investigations have so far been blocked.

The panel brought attention to already known facts about a foiled explosion in Ryazan on 22 September 1999. The FSB was forced to admit that it had planted the device, when phone calls amongst its agents were intercepted. Yet, simultaneously, head of the FSBPatrushev claimed that the explosives were actually sugar and that this was part of a so-called security exercise.

This sharply contradicts the version of the local police force which had determined that the substance was hexogen and that the detonator equipment was real and set for 5.30am © “the clock was ticking”. Four explosives experts from Britain and France recently examined the available evidence from the Ryazan incident and concluded that the bomb was authentic.

4.) In depth article: Originally set up as a network of clandestine cells to be activated behind the lines in the event of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe, “Gladio” quickly expanded into a tool for political repression and manipulation, directed by NATO andWashington

5.) “Operation Northwoods” was a US government plan to stage the assassination of civilians and blame it on Communist Cuba. See “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba”, NationalSecurity_Archive

6.) The Japanese code was broken 9-12 days prior to the Pearl Harbor attack. Foreknowledge of Japan’s planned attack on Pearl Harbor by the US Administration was tantamount to complicity. See Source

7.) Former British MP, Galloway, Wary Of Staged_Terror_Attack As Pretext For Iran Invasion: June 1st, 2005

8.) London Underground Bombing Exercises Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack

9.) Explosions In London: Who Stands To Gain? 
Israel Diplomat Warned, Cover-up_In_Progress

10.) a confirmation of the report that Israel’s Netanyahu recieved a warning prior to the first blast in London 7/7/2005

From ABC station WTVG 36, Lexington_Kentucky

Terrorism expert says at least one person tipped off to London attacks

Terrorism expert Tommy Preston of Preston Global in Frankfort, Kentucky, said sources in the intelligence community reported that at least one person in London, England was warned of Thursday morning’s terrorist attacks moments before the initial blast. Preston, citing sources in the intelligence community, said former Israeli Prime Minister and current Finance Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was in London this morning for an economic forum. “Just before the first blast, Netanyahu got a call from the Israeli Embassy telling him to stay in his hotel room. The hotel is located next to the subway station where the first attack occurred and he did stay put and shortly after that, there was the explosion,” Preston said.

11.) The Muslim Terrorist Apparatus was Created byUS_Intelligence

12.) Another taboo subject is the longevity of the United States as both a terrorist state and a haven for terrorists. That the US is the only nation on record to have been condemned by the World Court for international terrorism (in Nicaragua ), and has vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling on governments to observe international law, is unmentionable.

13.) America as Terrorist Haven: “A chief terrorist with long ties to US intelligence agencies is seeking asylum in the United States. The FBI has evidence linking him to an airline bombing that killed 73 people. We’re talking about the notorious militant Cuban exile: Luis Posada Carriles.”

Democracy_Now ! May 9, 2005

“Though the terrorist’s presence has been an open secret in Miami, neither President George W. Bush nor Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has ordered a manhunt. The U.S. press corps has been largely silent as well.

The reason is that this terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, was a CIA-trained Cuban whose long personal war against Fidel Castro’s government is viewed sympathetically by the two Bush brothers and their father. When it comes to the Bush family, Posada is the epitome of the old saying that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

The Bush administration – which has imprisoned Jose Padilla and other alleged Muslim “enemy combatants” without trial – has taken a far more lenient approach toward the 77-year-old Posada, who is still wanted in Venezuela for the bombing of a Cubana Airlines plane in 1976 that killed 73 people. Posada also has admitted involvement in a deadly hotel bombing campaign in Cuba in 1997.”

Consortium_News , April 25, 2005

“A Cuban exile who has waged a campaign of bombings and assassination attempts aimed at toppling Fidel Castro says that his efforts were supported financially for more than a decade by the Cuban-American leaders of one of America’s most influential lobbying groups.

The exile, Luis Posada Carriles, said he organized a wave of bombings in Cuba last year at hotels, restaurants and discotheques, killing an Italian tourist and alarming the Cuban Government. Posada was schooled in demolition and guerrilla warfare by the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1960’s.

14.) In California, in the eighties, John Pilger (investigative journalist and writer) met four Vietnamese who had been assassins in America’s Operation Phoenix; one of them ran a fast food drive-in. He seemed a contended man. What all these people have in common, apart from their history of terrorism, is that they were either working directly for the US government or carrying out the dirty work of American policies. Operation Phoenix, for example, devised, funded and run by the CIA, was responsible for up to 50,000 murders. He states:

“Much was made of al-Qa’ida’s training camps in Afghanistan, the target of American bombers. But these were kindergartens compared with the world’s leading university of terrorism atFort_Benning in Georgia. Known until recently as the School of the Americas, it trained some 60,000 Latin American soldiers, policemen, paramilitaries and intelligence agents. Forty per cent of the Cabinet ministers who served in the genocidal regimes of Lucas Garcia, Rios Montt and Mefia Victores in Guatemala are graduates.

In 1993, the UN Truth Commission for El Salvador named the army officers who had committed the worst atrocities of the civil war; two-thirds of them had been trained at Fort Benning. They included Roberto D’Aubisson, the leader of the death squads and the murderers of Archbishop Oscar Romero and a group of Jesuit priests. In Chile, the school’s graduates ran Pinochet’s secret police and three principal concentration camps. In 1996, the US government was forced to release copies of the school’s training manuals. For aspiring terrorists, these recommended blackmail, torture, execution and the arrest of witnesses’ relatives.”

16.) American military in Iraq plant car bombs on unwitting Iraqi civilians. See: Sick Strategies For Senseless Slaughter by John Kaminski


I have come to understand this form of government we endure is a “plutocracy” (government by the wealthy) who lie, cheat, assassinate, instigate acts of terrorism and then blamescapegoat_nations and support/fund terrorist regimes anddictatorships as long as their dictators dance to their corporate tune.

It does not take an entire government to be involved in instigating acts of terrorism any more than, say, it does not take all the bank employees to know what the head bank manager is planning in his board meetings. That is whyFBICIA, and firemen who blow the whistle on head office wrongdoing…are muzzled, threatened, fired, demoted, ignored and harassed purposely. I am saying that when someone sincere and with integrity comes across evidence which shows possible corruption by head office, part of the cover-up is to discredit these individuals.It is time to seriously share this vital information…in hopes that an informed public might just refrain from rallying to the war cries of the weapons/military/industrial complex. See source

Seymour Hersh

January 13, 2009

The New Yorker – What Went Wrong
by Seymour Hersh – 10/1/01
Many of the investigators believe that some of the initial clues that were uncovered about the terrorists’ identities and preparations, such as flight manuals, were meant to be found. A former high-level intelligence official told me, “Whatever trail was left was left deliberately–for the F.B.I. to chase.”

In interviews over the past two weeks, a number of intelligence officials have raised questions about Osama bin Laden’s capabilities. “This guy sits in a cave in Afghanistan and he’s running this operation?” one C.I.A. official asked. “It’s so huge. He couldn’t have done it alone.” A senior military officer told me that because of the visas and other documentation needed to infiltrate team members into the United States, a major foreign intelligence service might also have been involved.


Seymour (Sy) Myron Hersh (born April 8, 1937) is an American Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist and author based inWashington, DC. He is a regular contributor to The New Yorker magazine on military and security matters.

His work first gained worldwide recognition in 1969 for exposing the My Lai Massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War, for which he received the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. His 2004 reports on the US military’s mistreatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison gained much attention.

Hersh received the 2004 George Polk Award for Magazine Reporting[1] given annually by Long Island University to honor contributions to journalistic integrity and investigative reporting. This was his fifth George Polk Award, the first one being a Special Award given to him in 1969.

In 2006 he reported on the US military’s plans for Iran, which allegedly called for the use of nuclear weapons against that country.[2]In 2008 he reported on US covert action plans against Iran.