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Audit the Fed Mass Action Event

September 8, 2009

September 7, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Seventy-five percent of Americans agree with us that it’s time to thoroughly and completely audit the Federal Reserve System.

Every Republican and over one hundred Democrats in the House of Representatives have signed on as cosponsors of HR 1207. Almost a quarter of the Senate has gotten on board with S 604.

So what does this tell us?

It’s time to go get the rest!!

Last month, I announced that we would be holding an Audit the Fed Mass Action Event starting in the last couple weeks of August and culminating in a nationwide Mass Action Day on September 15.

Since then, C4L members have been knocking on doors, standing outside stores, attending county fairs, and gathering petition signatures in support of S 604.

On September 15, C4L National will deliver over 100,000 petitions to Capitol Hill while members across the country deliver the petitions they’ve collected to their senators’ local offices. Many of your fellow members will be holding rallies outside those offices, and several have contacted local media about covering the event.

Here are three ways you can help ensure the success of this Mass Action Event:

1.) Gather petitions –Hit the streets! Make sure your senators hear from as many people in your state as possible. Let’s spread the word and add to the seventy-five percent of Americans who support our cause. You can download petitions at and

2.) Call your senators– Starting Tuesday, September 8, C4L members will be calling their senators’ offices to urge them to cosponsor S 604. Our objective is to keep their phones ringing off the hook by having members call every day for the week leading up to the petition drop. Commit to calling your senators by signing up here.

3.) Show up on September 15 – Congress counts on grassroots activists being content with just calling and sending petitions. To make sure they get our message that it’s time to Audit the Fed, we’re going to take our cause right to their offices in person. These events will be as effective as you make them. Show your senators that you are serious about real reform by rallying with your fellow members right outside their offices.

State and local coordinators and leaders have been working hard to create the most effective and efficient plans for September 15’s petition drop. Click hereto find out how to take action in your area.

We were able to secure the support of almost two thirds of the House with your hard work gathering petitions, calling, and showing up at your representative’s offices. This could be the event that tips the scales in the Senate!

As we also announced last month, we’re adding an extra incentive. The person who gathers the most signatures in each state will win a pocket Constitution and a copy of Dr. Paul’s new book, End the Fed,both autographed by Congressman Paul himself.

And whichever state collects the most signatures (as a percentage of population) will win a $1,500 gift certificate to the Campaign for Liberty store!

Our representatives and senators are expecting to settle back in to business as usual when they return to D.C. after Labor Day. They think that they can leave your opinions and concerns behind in their districts while they continue to work on completely taking over our health care and finding other new ways to run our lives.

Let’s show them that their top priority should be finding out how the Federal Reserve has doled out trillions of our dollars, what deals they have locked us into with foreign central banks and governments, and why they refuse to disclose the details.

The day after our petition drop will mark the official release of End the Fed.This comprehensive look at the Federal Reserve System and its disastrous effects on our lives and country is sure to be a powerful tool with which to convince your family, friends, and neighbors that it’s time to restore our economy by reinstituting a sound money system.

A year ago, no one would have said we could make an audit of the Fed into a national, mainstream issue. Join us on September 15 as we show the political establishment, entrenched bureaucrats, and the media that our grassroots Revolution is more energized and determined to take back our country than ever before.

In Liberty,

John Tate


P.S. Together, we cansee Audit the Fed signed into law. But to do so, we have to take action to grow and secure our support in the House and Senate. Download our petitions and other materials, spread the word, call your senators, and join us on September 15 as we come together across the country to fight to Audit the Fed!


Ron Paul at Loyola University

September 5, 2009

On Wednesday, Congressman Paul addressed a packed house at Loyola University New Orleans.

The Fed’s Interesting Week

September 3, 2009

By Ron Paul
Published 09/01/09

It has been an interesting week indeed for the Federal Reserve. Early this week, it was announced that President Obama intends to reappoint Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to a second term in January, signaling a vote of confidence in him. Bernanke seems to be popular with the administration and with Wall Street, and with good reason. His lending policies have left big banks flush with newly created cash that covers up old mistakes and allows for new ones. By buying up mountains of Treasury debt he has also enabled spending to soar to ridiculous levels that should startle any responsible economist, and scare any American concerned about the value of the dollar. However, these highly sensitive decisions about our money are not made by economists, they are made by politicians. Bernanke, like most of his predecessors, is the politician’s best friend. However, there is no reason to believe any other central planner would behave any differently, considering the immense political pressure on the Fed.

Fed policies have been as bad for the economy as they are good for politicians and bankers, as the recently released numbers on the debt and deficit demonstrate. For the first time since World War II the annual budget deficit is projected to be over 11 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. It is also projected that by 2019 the national debt will be 68% of GDP. Our path, if unchanged, is completely untenable.

The administration claims that it inherited a dire situation from the last administration, which is absolutely true. However, that hasn’t stopped them from accepting all the policies and premises that got us here, and accelerating those policies to rapidly make a bad situation much worse. The bailouts started with the last administration. They have gotten bigger with this one. The last administration gave us expanded government involvement in healthcare with a new prescription drug benefit. This administration gave us a renewal and expansion of SCHIP, and now the current healthcare takeover attempts. In reality, we can afford none of this, but shady monetary policy allows Washington to continue along its merry way, aggravating all our economic problems.

Not everyone in government finds it acceptable that the Fed wields so much power and privilege in secrecy. Last week, a federal judge ruled against Fed secrecy, compelling them to release under the Freedom of Information Act information regarding which banks received emergency loans, and under what terms. The Fed will, of course do everything in its power to fight this ruling and it is certainly not the last word on the issue. Still, it is encouraging to see that the interests of the taxpayers were defended victoriously in court, while the Fed only sees the plight of its big banker friends.

Meanwhile HR 1207 and S604, legislation to open up the Fed’s books to a complete audit, continue to gain momentum in Congress as the people continue to insist on real transparency of the Federal Reserve. One way or another, the days of Fed autonomy are coming to an end, as well they should. No one should have the power to debauch the currency and gut the economy as they do. It is time they answered for their actions, so the people can understand that we truly are better off with freedom instead of Fed tyranny.

Ron Paul Endorsing Debra Medina

September 3, 2009

I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Debra Medina. I have known Debra for over ten years and have always been impressed by her drive and commitment to principle. Debra has been a real defender of Liberty both in her home town of Wharton and across the state of Texas.

Debra has for years been a key supporter and member of my campaign team. As chairman of the Wharton County Republican Party, she has stood up to the big government establishment and fought to hold our party accountable to our platform and our conservative Texas values. Because of her leadership and organizational skills, I asked Debra to serve on the board of directors of my national grassroots action group, Campaign for Liberty, where she has played an important role in our fight to defend our Constitution.

In addition to her political accomplishments, I am proud of Debra for the person she is. Debra Medina is a loving wife, a home school mother of two talented honor students, and a successful business owner. Debra is a true success story and role model for Texans across our state.

I am proud to call Debra Medina a friend, and as a fellow Texan, I encourage you to get to know her. Debra is exploring a run for higher office and would appreciate your input on her effort. You can learn more about her at

I am sure we will look to Debra for leadership in my community and across our state for many years to come.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul


C4L Members Take Action to Reclaim our Republic

September 3, 2009

September 2, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Exactly one year ago today, over 10,000 passionate grassroots activists gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota to proudly proclaim their support for limited constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a free people.

The Rally for the Republic was a clear call to all political parties to return to the founding principles that made our nation great. Featuring premier speakers and musicians from our movement, the Rally officially kicked off Campaign for Liberty and energized and motivated us for the battle ahead.

It served notice to the political establishment that our Revolution, which so many assumed would fade away after the Ron Paul presidential campaign, was just getting started.

Every day, you continue to spread the message in innovative ways.  It is through your actions and your involvement in C4L that we will take back our country and pass on a legacy of freedom to future generations.

Here are just a few of the exciting activities being done by your fellow C4L members all across the country:

Florida:In our last update on member activities, we reported that Florida Campaign for Liberty was preparing for their Liberty Summit and working hard to recruit additional Local Coordinators to promote liberty in their own backyards.

As one of the attendees, I can proudly say that I was overwhelmed by Florida C4L’s tremendous turnout for the Summit! It is estimated that over 1,500people came to the Summit’s Liberty Celebration, which featured speakers including Congressman Ron Paul and Tom Woods.

Read Interim Florida State Coordinator Mark Cross’ report here.

And congratulations to Florida C4L for their continued success in recruiting Local Coordinators. Our last report noted that they had 159, and they have since added 44 for a nation-leading total of 203!

Keep up the great work!

Missouri:After the Missouri Information Analysis Center released their report attacking the freedom movement last March (which was eventually retracted after C4L members and others in the freedom community put enormous pressure on them), Missouri C4L members promised to hold those responsible for the report accountable and to do all in their power to prevent another such blatant abuse of power in their state.

On August 31, C4L Director of Membership Services Deb Wells, Interim Missouri State Coordinator Paul Hamby, and C4L member Larry Flinchpaugh testified before the Missouri House Interim Committee on State Intelligence Analysis Oversight. This committee is charged with taking recommendations about the MIAC back to the state legislature.

Read Paul’s report on what happened here, and thanks to all those in Missouri and every other state who are taking such courageous stands for the freedom movement.

California:On August 8, Sacramento Campaign for Liberty held an event called the “Federal Reserve Sunshine Day.”

As member Tom Davenport says, it was “an outdoor event to be held in an accessible, high traffic, high visibility location for the specific purpose of promoting Federal Reserve transparency in a non-partisan manner.” They decided to hold the event on “Second Saturday,” which Tom reports is a “long standing Sacramento tradition in which local art galleries, restaurants, bars, and businesses participate by keeping extended hours and holding special events.  Second Saturday is a draw not only for residents of Downtown and Midtown, but for residents of the greater Sacramento area as well, which made a perfect opportunity for exposure.”

Read his full account (including video) of what happened here. Congratulations to Sacramento C4L for their success with this event, which resulted in over 500 petitions signedfor Audit the Fed. Tom’s blog post also includes many helpful tips for those who are interested in holding a similar event.

Maryland:In Hartford County, local Campaign for Liberty members gathered outside of Congressman Frank Kratovil’s office on August 11 to protestthe latest government attempt to completely take over health care. Around 400 people gathered to make their views known, and they were able to garner some local press coverage from Fox 45.

The Hartford County Campaign for Liberty has been rapidly expanding, and we congratulate them on their success.  Their county blog reports they will be taking sevenfull buses to D.C. for the 9-12 March!

Across the country, your efforts are also continuing to gain media exposure.  In Tennessee, a local newspaper covered Campaign for Liberty members collecting and dropping off petitions for HR 1207 to Congressman Bart Gordon’s office.  In Arkansas, Regional Coordinator Rob Richard was interviewed by Greta Van Susteren on Fox News after asking a question during a town hall meeting on health care.  In Pennsylvania, York County Coordinator Michael Koffenberger was interviewed for 30 minutes on a cable access show called Uprisingsspecifically to discuss Campaign for Liberty, local events, the upcoming Northeast Regional Conference, and much more.

C4L members are using Congressman Paul’s new book, End the Fed, to educate their countrymen on the Federal Reserve and the dangers of fiat money. Brevard County C4L in Florida has a goalof placing a copy in every single Brevard County library, as well as in four college campus libraries.

You are not the usual brand of activist the establishment was expecting to easily dismiss. You are educated on the issues, passionate about our message, and confident in the real change that we can bring about by restoring our Constitution.

Wherever they turn, there you are.

At townhalls. In front of their offices. On their phones. In their inboxes. At county fairs. Writing to editorsof local papers.Knocking on doorsand recruiting even more supporters.

And later this month, we will gather to hold our biggest Regional Conference yet! Joining us in Valley Forge, PA on Sept. 17-19 will be an incredible roster of speakers including Congressman Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, Daniel Hannan, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, and Phil Giraldi. Don’t miss this chanceto hear from these leaders in our movement and to network and train with other C4L members. (Register using promotional code “Henry”to receive a free gift from C4L.)

Be sure to visit our Recent Member Blog Postssection at to catch the latest news and reports from your fellow C4L members!

Do you have a state success story you want to see included in future installments? Send them along! Email any reports you would like to see highlighted to

Thank you for all of the hard work you do in defense of our freedoms. May we proudly look back one day and know that when tyranny threatened on all sides, we answered the call, overcame the challenges, and took back our country.

In Liberty,

John Tate


P.S. Campaign for Liberty members are reclaiming our Republic, one neighborhood at a time. If you are able, pleasecontribute todayto help C4L spread the freedom message and awaken more Americans and people all over the world to the prosperity and peace offered by championing liberty.

Provocateurs At End The Fed Rally?

September 3, 2009

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

According to testimony given at a Missouri House of Representatives meeting yesterday, anarchists attempted to get other protesters to commit criminal acts during the End the Fed protests late last year, in what was a possible attempt to instigate chaos to justify a harsh crackdown on behalf of the authorities.

In March it came to light that the End the Fed protests, which took place at banks and regional Federal Reserve branches across the country on November 22, were being monitored closely by the United States Army Reserve Command, who implied that those protesting against the Fed and the bankster bailout were essentially terrorists.

On November 22, 2008, Alex Jones led a rally at the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas Texas. The Dallas protest is specifically mentioned in the official Army document. Ron Paul’s brother was also in attendance.

During testimony given in response to the infamous Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report, a document authored by Missouri Highway Patrol and distributed to fellow law enforcement agencies that characterizes Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, people who display political bumper stickers, people who own gold, or even people who fly a U.S. flag as potential domestic terrorists, one of the organizers who attended the protests said that “anarchists” attempted to recruit followers and encouraged them to commit illegal acts.

“My group was at the End the Fed rally and there were a bunch of different groups there,” Cisse Spragin told the Missouri House of Representatives on Monday. “And there was this group of anarchists who started talking to us. And then they tried to recruit us or have us join their group. Then they started telling us what should we should write on our signs, and insisting on letting them re-write some of our signs. Later we overheard them saying they couldn’t even get us to jaywalk.”

Spragin’s testimony suggests that the anarchists were attempting to steer the nature of the protests in the opposite direction to guidelines published by End the Fed rally organizers before the protests which called for “Cooperation and respect for local laws and authorities,” and “No blocking of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that anarchist groups have been used as a tool with which to stir chaos. As we have documented before, the black bloc anarchist groups are routinely infiltrated and steered by authorities who use them to provoke disorder as a pretext to crack down on legitimate demonstrators.

During the April 2009 G20 summit in London, police stood back and watched anarchists attack banks and other buildings in an incident that had all the hallmarks of a staged event.

Following the SPP protests in Canada in 2007, Quebec provincial authorities were forced to admit that three rock-wielding black mask-wearing “anarchists” were in fact police infiltrators used to gather information on protesters.

Video shows two of the provocateurs pick up rocks and try to incite violence before they are outed as cops by legitimate demonstrators. The two thugs then tried to slip behind police lines before their fellow officers were forced to stage their arrest. Again, the fact that they were cops in disguise was later admitted by authorities.

Alex Jones’ film Police State 2: The Takeover exposed how the black bloc anarchists were completely infiltrated and provocateured by the authorities during the violent 1999 WTO protests in Seattle.

The authorities declared a state of emergency, imposed curfews and resorted to nothing short of police state tactics in response to a small minority of hostile black bloc hooligans. Police allowed the black bloc to run riot in downtown Seattle while they concentrated on preventing the movement of peaceful protestors. The film presents clear evidence that the black bloc anarchist group was actually controlled by the state and used to demonize peaceful protesters. Watch the video below.

At the WTO protests in Genoa 2001 a protestor was killed after being shot in the head and run over twice by a police vehicle. The Italian Carabinere also later beat on peaceful protestors as they slept, and even tortured some, at the Diaz School. It later emerged that the police fabricated evidence against the protesters, claiming they were anarchist rioters, to justify their actions. Some Carabiniere officials have since come forward to say they knew of infiltration of the so called black bloc anarchists, and that fellow officers acted as agent provocateurs.

At the Free Trade Area of Americas protests in Miami in late November 2003, more provocateuring was evident. The United Steelworkers of America calling for a congressional investigation, stated that the police intentionally caused violence and arrested and charged hundreds of peaceful protestors.

No Compromise on Audit the Fed!

September 1, 2009

August 31, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Our grassroots Revolution has set its sights on restoring a sound monetary policy to our nation, and every day we are awakening more of our countrymen to the dangers of Federal Reserve secrecy and its stranglehold on our economy.

A year ago, no one in the political establishment would have believed that a bill to thoroughly audit the Fed would have almost two-thirds of the House (including every Republican representative and nearly one hundred Democrats) and a quarter of the Senate on board.

Certainly, no one would have bet that three-fourths of the American people would supportsuch an audit.

As many of you may have heard by now, recent statements from Representative Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, have indicated that the House will vote on Audit the Fed in the next few months.

However, rather than voting on HR 1207 as a standalone bill, many in Congress hope to roll it into the comprehensive regulatory reform package recently proposed by the White House.

This reform package grants new, more comprehensive powers to the Fed and strengthens the government’s control over our economy. C4L and other friends of liberty stand in opposition to this proposal, as well as any other attempt to convert this historic movement for transparency into yet another rubber-stamping of politics as usual.

It is imperative that Audit the Fed come before the House and Senate on its own merits.

The American people stand behind a thorough audit of the Fed, and we should not be adding additional powers when we don’t fully know what is being done with the ones they currently have.

Call Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office today at (202) 225-0100 and urge her to stand with the American people by giving the Audit the Fed bill full debate and a standalone vote on the House floor.

Click herefor contact information for your representatives and senators and ask them to get behind Audit the Fed if they have not yet done so. If they have already cosponsored, tell them to push for a roll call vote on HR 1207 and S 604 on the bills’ own merits.

Our movement has worked hard to bring transparency and accountability to one of the nation’s most secretive institutions. Audit the Fed has received a bipartisan level of support that is very rare in politics today.

Together, we can see a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve signed into law, but it should not be accompanied by more of the same interventionist legislation that helped create the current crisis.

In Liberty,

John Tate


P.S. Click hereto take action, and don’t forget to tell your family and friends about, where they can view the coalition in support of transparency, sign a petition, and learn more about this historic effort.

New Ron Paul Super Hero Comic Book Cover

August 28, 2009


Take Action to Stop the Health Control Scheme

August 27, 2009

August 26, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Make no mistake: there’s a strong, unrelenting push to destroy what remains of private health care in this country.

And now congressional leaders are attempting to overcome their scheme’s plunging approval numbers by manipulating Ted Kennedy’s death to create support for a “legacy” health care bill.

Our representatives and senators are eager to get back to Washington and away from the tremendous grassroots opposition to health control.

Which means it’s time for us to turn up the heat.

Click hereto get contact information to write, call, and fax Congress to express your outrage at their plans to finish taking over what remains of private health care.  And be sure to signour “Stop the Government Health Care Scheme” petition.

Health control propagandists claim that we are defending the status quo of a “failed” private sector by opposing their latest scheme.

However, their bill cementsthe status quo in health care: continuing (and expanding) government intrusion.

Protectionist regulations have decimated competition in health insurance at the local level, and the vast, complex tax code has subsidizedemployer-provided high cost health care. The FDA, in the name of consumer protection, has restricted the supply of drugs from home and abroad. And individuals are barred from shopping across state lines for health insurance.

Watch this YouTubevideo to see a ER physician describe how the government obstructs the supply of health services.

Does any of that really sound like the free marketat work to you?

Government-manipulated health care is bankrupting this country. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are drowning in tens of trillions of dollars worth of unfunded liabilities and red ink, yet the response from Congress is to propose more 1,000+ page bills that will move our health care system perilously close to other nations’ statist care.

You know as well as I that this unfair plan is doomed to be a fiscal nightmare comparable to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and that Congress-created HMOs are notorious for denying care to control spiraling costs.

Our nation has seen enough big government schemes, especially in medicine. President Obama is right about one thing: it’s time to take action.

It’s time to let the free market work.

Click herefor contact information for the House and Senate in order to demand real reform.  In addition to contacting your representative and senators, be sure to campaign hard for health freedom at your local townhall meeting.

Urge your representative to fight to allow individuals to shop across state lines for insurance, curb the authority of the FDA to prevent Americans from going outside the country for cheaper medications, and enable individuals to purchase their own health insurance without being taxed for doing so.

Tell Congress to give Americans control over their health care by giving them control over their health care dollar via tax credits and deductions similar to those outlined in Congressman Ron Paul’s Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act (HR 1495).

Ask your congressman to protect privacy rights by allowing patients and physicians to opt-out of any government-mandated or funded system of electronic health care records, and to repeal the federal law creating an “unique patient identifier” by adopting the policies contained in Congressman Ron Paul’s Protect Patients and Physicians Privacy Act (HR 2630).

In the meantime, we can push for reform of our respective state’s competition-destroying mandateson private insurers.  These simple, common-sense reforms would immediately alleviate the costs of health care without adding to the exploding national debt.

And if you are able, please donateto Campaign for Liberty today so that we can educate Americans on a true free market health care system and defeat this latest health control scheme.

Don’t let the proponents of Obamacare sell you on the notion that we need the government to save us from the mess that government made.  Click hereto demand that Congress support legitimate health care reform!

In Liberty,

John Tate


Ron Paul On Obamacare

August 27, 2009

We Need Sunlight to Disinfect the Legislative Process!

August 26, 2009

By Ron Paul
Published 08/25/09

During August recess, many legislators have heard an unexpected amount of discontent from their constituents about what is happening on Capitol Hill, particularly regarding healthcare. Some people are justifiably terrified at what the government could do to healthcare, should it get its claws even further into it. Others demand a public option for health insurance and are adamant that healthcare be treated as yet another absolute entitlement. One thing everyone agrees on is that the final bill needs to be read and understood by all legislators before a vote is taken. To any American, this is common sense. In Washington, that is unlikely to happen.

There is much confusion and debate over what is and is not in the reform plan being considered. Are there or are there not so-called death panels? What are the end-of-life consultations really for? How will private insurance be affected? Can you keep your current plan or will you eventually be forced into a government plan? Will it pay for elective abortions or not? What are the implications for medical privacy? The truth is no one knows what will be in the final bill until it is on the House floor, and provisions could be added in and taken out in the wee hours of the morning before.

In February, the House was forced to vote on an over 1,000 page “stimulus” bill that had first been posted on the internet just after midnight the morning of the vote. It passed. Then in June, House leaders rushed a vote on the cap-and-trade bill, even though an over 300 page “manager’s amendment” making substantive changes to the bill, was introduced shortly after 3:00 a.m. the morning of the vote.

Washington thrives on crisis. If enough people can be convinced that we are in an emergency, they will more likely tolerate rushing legislation to the floor like this. Last minute changes will be slipped in, benefitting who knows what special interests and at what expense to the taxpayer. But the mantra is repeated over and over: We are in a crisis. We must act immediately.

It should be unconscionable for legislators to vote in favor of legislation they have not had the opportunity to read. This is why I have re-introduced the Sunlight Rule, H.Res 216. The Sunlight Rule prohibits any piece of legislation from being brought before the House of Representatives unless it has been available to read for at least 10 days.

The Sunlight Rule allows citizens to move for censure of any House Member who votes for a bill in violation of this act. Because the Sunlight Rule could never be waived, any Member could raise a point of order requiring any bill in violation to be immediately pulled from the House calendar until it can be brought to the floor in a manner consistent with this rule. This rule does not require that Members read the bills. It merely guarantees the opportunity to do so. It has 4 cosponsors.

Justice Louis Brandeis famously said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” The Sunlight Rule would do much towards negating the cycle of pseudo-crises and cleaning up the legislative process here in Washington. I sincerely hope this is the year Congress remembers its deliberative duties and passes it.

Ron Paul- “The Free Market as Regulator.”

August 22, 2009

By Ron Paul
Published 08/21/09

Since the bailouts last fall, lawmakers have been behaving as quasi-owners of the bailed-out banks and businesses, leading to calls for increased regulation of executive compensation and other wasteful expenditures. We have heard much about bonuses and executive pay packages that sound more like lottery winnings than an honest salary.

Many lawmakers voted in favor of these unconstitutional bailouts, believing that these corporations were too big to fail, and allowing them to go under would precipitate widespread economic disaster. This second wave of citizen outrage at the bailouts has left these lawmakers with a bit of egg on their face, and once again, they feel the need to “do something” to “fix” it. Shouldn’t there be a regulatory structure in place governing executive compensation? Politically, it seems quite feasible. People are outraged that the system has once again gutted the many to make a few at the top fantastically wealthy. But they are incorrectly demonizing the free market.

What we need to realize is that there WAS a regulatory structure in place that was attempting to stop bad management, including overpaying executives. That regulatory structure is the free market, and when poor management brought these companies to the point of bankruptcy, Congress circumvented the wisdom of the free market, and inserted its own judgment at our expense. And now because of that intervention, we will burdened with massive new regulations. We can be certain this effort will fail.

The free market is a naturally occurring phenomenon that can’t be eliminated by governments, not even totalitarian ones like the former Soviet Union. It can be regulated, over-taxed and manipulated until it is driven underground. Lately it has been wrongly accused of doing so many things it just doesn’t do, that are really the fault of crony corporatism and convoluted government policies that brought on the crisis. Too many people equate the free market with big business doing whatever it wants, but that is not the free market. Unconstitutional taxpayer funded bailouts are what allow giant corporations to run roughshod over the economy. The free market is what puts them out of business when they misbehave.

The free market is you and your neighbors working hard to produce what you produce, and exchanging goods and services voluntarily, in mutually agreeable arrangements. The free market is about respecting property rights and contracts. It is not about building up oligarchs and monopolies and confiscatory tax theft — these are creatures of government.

We must watch out when government comes up with interventionist solutions to interventionist problems. The root of our problems lie in interventionism. Trusting the free market is the solution.

Congressman Paul on the Recent Swine Flu Scare (older vid)

August 15, 2009

Audit the Fed . Com

August 14, 2009

August 13, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

As you and I both know, Campaign for Liberty is leading the fight to pass Ron Paul’s bill to
Audit the Fed.  With 282 cosponsors in the House and 23 in the Senate, your efforts have so far proven very successful in establishing large, bipartisan support for Federal Reserve transparency.  We’ve come a long way in demonstrating to the nation that monetary policy is a critical issue, and every day more and more people are waking up to the harm that the Fed has caused our economy.

But our mission is not yet complete.  There are more Americans to educate, more signatures to collect, and more work to be done to combat the “big guns” that have come out against Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill.  That’s why today I’m proud to announce that we’ve taken the next step in our efforts by launching, a focused, coalition website with one purpose: to push this historic piece of legislation through Congress, past the President’s desk, and into law. includes:
contact informationfor your congressman and senators,petitions, widgets, and bannersto promote the website, dynamic graphs of the bill’scosponsors, a detailed summaryof the Audit the Fed bill, a list of our growingcoalition, a blog to keep you up to date on all the latest Audit the Fed news, a sign up for email updates, and social networksto help get the word out online.  This website was designed to put you, the liberty-loving activist, in a position to efficiently and effectively promote Audit the Fed to family, friends, neighbors, and strangers alike.

This new website is the latest addition to our efforts to Audit the Fed, but it is by no means the culmination.  Stay tuned to CampaignforLiberty.comin the coming days for information on how we plan to mobilize to gain not only more cosponsors for HR 1207 and S 604, but support for a vote in the House and Senate.

For Liberty,

John Tate


P.S. If you are able, please consider donatingto Campaign for Liberty today to help ensure Audit the Fed becomes law and we can finally bring transparency and accountability to one of our country’s most secretive institutions.

Cash for Clunkers

August 13, 2009


By Ron Paul

Published 08/11/09

The Cash for Clunkers program has received a lot of attention this week on Capitol Hill and across the country. The program offers a voucher of up to $4500 in federal funds to anyone who trades in a working used car for a new one with better fuel economy. Congress was shocked at how quickly people responded to promises of free money and drained the program, while car dealers have been equally shocked at how slow and arduous the government’s website to claim the rebates has been.

It’s not a shock that people respond to incentives. The program has been deemed a resounding success, and Congress has authorized 2 billion more taxpayer dollars for it. But not everyone is happy about this. Low-income earners who would have been in the market for those perfectly serviceable, working cars will have fewer to choose from, and those cars will probably be more expensive than they normally would have been. Automotive repair shops actively lobbied against this program, as it will destroy many of the cars they would have repaired. They were out-lobbied. And of course, Americans as a whole are hurt, because this additional bailout of auto companies comes at our expense through inflation.

I have introduced a somewhat similar bill that would have provided a much better alternative to Cash for Clunkers because it does not rely on increased government bureaucracy or spending. My bill HR 1768 provides tax credits to people trading in used cars for new cars with better fuel economy. There is a big difference, in my mind, between letting people keep their own money versus giving them someone else’s. It is clear which one a free and fair society would choose. Not only that, but my bill would not have required working, serviceable cars to be destroyed for scrap metal.

Cash for Clunkers is a popular program right now, but in the larger scheme of things it does very little towards accomplishing its stated goals. Requiring cars to be destroyed and new ones made to replace them might help the auto industry in the short run, but any improved fuel economy will not make up for the environmental impact of junking one car and making a new one. So this is not a program that should really make environmentalists happy.

There is also much evidence that the boost in demand for autos, that has made dealers happy, is just borrowed demand from the past and the future. In other words, many have put off purchases they would have made anyway because they were waiting to see what the government would do. Others who would have waited a little longer to trade in a vehicle are accelerating their decisions so they can get in before the money runs out. So I would not be surprised to find that this artificial boom in auto sales is followed by an extended drop. This should serve as a very tangible example of how government meddling in the economy creates booms and busts. While everyone loves the booms, the busts are what creates the crises that government thrives on, and that is what we really need to watch out for!

Part 5: 08/12/2009 Freedom Watch 27 w/ Tom Woods, Ron Paul, Nick Gillespie, and more

August 13, 2009

End Dangerous ID

August 11, 2009

August 10, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Unbelievably, Congress and the Obama administration are currently trying to resurrect the failed REAL ID Act, more accurately named “Dangerous ID.” 

Dangerous ID, which passed in 2005, establishes a de facto National Identification System, and opens the doors for Federal biometric tracking of every American citizen

Fortunately, no state currently complies with the burdensome mandates of the 2005 bill, and twenty-three have passed legislation refusing compliance. 

So what does the Obama Administration want to do? 

You guessed it: “Fix it,” and ram it down states’ throats. 

Well, I say “Repeal it.”  What do you say? 

You see, as Obama Administration Surveillance Czar Janet Napolitano pushes for a revamp of the system to get the invasive federal program up and running, there has never been a better time to for us to push back, and fight for an outright repeal of the original legislation

And although Dangerous ID is a clear attempt to establish a National ID System, the reality might be much worse — an INTERNATIONAL Identification System.  That’s why it is so critical we get that law off the books. 

You see, Dangerous ID actually requires that driver’s license photographs meet United Nation’s biometric format standards.  At this level of sophistication, government software can analyze facial characteristics and generate a unique identification number. 

Think about that for a moment — your identity will be reduced to a single number in an international database that can be tracked globally by one-world government surveillance cameras and facial recognition software

Last month, Senator Daniel Akaka introduced The PASS ID Act to tweak the 2005 Dangerous ID legislation and ram this program into action over state opposition. 

Supporters claim this REAL ID Redux bill softens requirements on states, supposedly making the breach of federalism a little more palatable.  But it is merely a transparent attempt to get the Dangerous ID system implemented in any form, only to be augmented later to meet government’s needs. 

In fact, there is evidence that this reincarnated Dangerous ID bill could wind up being worse than the original. 

Chief among the bill’s supporters is Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, who stands to wield expansive and virtually unchecked power to set standards. 

Under Dangerous ID, Napolitano can unilaterally expand required information on driver’s licenses, potentially to include biometric information such as retinal scans, fingerprints, DNA information, and even Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) radio tracking technology.

If international databases, RFID and biometric identification cards, and constant government surveillance are as alarming to you as they are to me, I hope you’ll click here to sign Campaign for Liberty’s petitionto stop REAL ID Redux and repeal Dangerous ID.

This is an important battle, and one we CAN win.

Just look at all the success stories in states that opted out of the Dangerous ID system.  In many cases, local C4L groups were instrumental in passing that legislation.

If REAL ID Redux passes, the new federal “concessions” may sucker many states into compliance.

That’s why it is so important that we defeat this reincarnation of Dangerous ID at the federal level, and take advantage of this national conversation to repeal the original bill.

So please, click here to sign the petitionurging your Senators and Representative to stop this so-called “PASS ID” and finally repeal the original Dangerous ID legislation. 

And please, make a generous contribution to help Campaign for Liberty spread the word about this important fight. 

In Liberty, 

John F. Tate

P.S. REAL ID (a.k.a. “Dangerous ID”) is back on the move with a revamped version called PASS ID

To stop this move toward a National and International database and biometric ID Card, click here to sign the petitionurging Congress to stop REAL ID Redux and finally repeal Dangerous ID.  And please, make a generous contribution to help Campaign for Liberty spread the word.

Ron Paul: Government Is A Failure

August 9, 2009

“The next President of the United States… if you have a shred of logic, common sense, or compassion for ALL the good people of this country… then this is your guy.”

-Fred Face 8/8/09


Steve Watson
Thursday, August 6, 2009

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, founder of the advocacy group Campaign for Liberty, spoke on a number of issues yesterday including the growing opposition to socialized healthcare, the threat of martial law, his ongoing effort to audit the Federal Reserve and the prospect of running for president in 2012.

Below are the highlights of the Congressman’s comments followed by video of the full interview.

Ron Paul on the Obama administration’s healthcare proposals:

“It is nationalized healthcare, this pretence that it isn’t completely just means that there is some transition involved. Their goal is to have one party payer, which means that they control everything. And there’s a lot of other bad things in too like this effort to consult with anybody who’s over a certain age and talk to them about end of life type of procedures.”

“This bill is just such an outrage, the American people see it for what it is, it’s going to cost a lot of money, their care is not going to be improved, and special interests will be served.”

Ron Paul on the spate of protests at town hall meets:

“I don’t remember seeing the people so angry as they are now, but I think what they have discovered is that the government is a failure… I think a lot of people have come to the realisation that you can’t trust government.”

“That’s a healthy start. It is our job now to fill the void and tell them what the role of government ought to be, so that we can take all this energy and anger and redirect it.”

Ron Paul on government use of fear tactics:

“Up until now they have been able to use fear as their best tactic, and whether it’s on foreign policy issues or domestic policy issues, that’s how that first TARP fund went through… If things get worse, they’ll say this is more reason than ever for the government to take over and of course we still have the threat of martial law coming in because they havn’t forgotten about that and I don’t think they’d hesitate to use it.”

“It’s pure propaganda to get us involved overseas, it’s war propaganda saying someone is going to attack us with a nuclear weapon if we don’t go in and invade other countries. The same way you domestically scare people.”

“When you hear these stories about the use of force and the use of martial law and the tremendous invasion of our privacy, that to me is scary, nothing is private anymore, everything in the government is secret and your privacy is non existent, that is where the real problem is, we need to reverse that sentiment.”

Ron Paul on talk of mandatory swine flu inoculations:

“I don’t like the mass treatment of people, it’s just bad medicine. That doesn’t mean I have an attitude that inoculations are never good, matter of fact I think polio was truly eradicated by inoculations, well a small part. But the question is should government be making massive decisions, when in the Constitution there is not supposed to be any government involvement at all.”

Ron Paul on the effort to audit the Federal Reserve:

“We worry about how much pressure and how much authority the Fed has, but because we’ve done our grassroots work, we’ve gotten the large majority of members of Congress to support our auditing bill. And that didn’t come from me persuading the Congressman, that came from exactly what is going on at these town hall meetings, people being upset. In this way I think we are harnessing the energy in the correct way.”

“Once we hit the 290 cosponsors, which means we’ll have two thirds vote, or the 300, right in that area, I think that’s the time I’m going to really start putting pressure on the leadership to bring this up. So far they’re indicating that they are going to bring the bill up in a mixture of other bills, but they might get bogged down, so I think after we go back you may be hearing some announcements on where we want to direct our energies because we have such great momentum on that issue.”

“It’s a little bit more than Bernanke shaking hands with somebody… it’s the immorality of the system, the violation of the Constitution, the idea that you can print money, the idea that gold is evil, and that deficits don’t matter. It’s a philosophical argument that is so crucial, and we’ve suffered from it.”

“I think eventually they are going to use national security as an excuse to keep the books closed. A lot of times what the CIA does is use national security… because they do use funds to get involved in foreign affairs, because they can make deals with other governments, other central banks, other international financial organisations, and that’s the kind of stuff they don’t want us to know about.”

Ron Paul on the future of the economy and false optimism:

“There is a limit to how long they can fool the people, if you’ve been out of work and you don’t have enough money to feed your kids, and you listen to this you just don’t buy into this stuff. I’ve always argued that the people are always ten to fifteen years ahead of Congress.”

“There will be a time when the psychology changes, when it turns into a rout, and that’s what they can’t control. But I don’t think there will be a bank holiday, that will help cause panic… they’re not going to close the banks, they’re going to keep the presses running. They don’t default by not paying the bills… if they can inflate by 50% they’ve just defaulted on half of the debt.”

Ron Paul on Obama’s plummeting ratings:

“I don’t think he’ll be reelected but it’s way way to early to know that for sure, his circumstances are much more difficult. I often thought early on whether he would be like Roosevelt and never get blamed for anything… but I think Obama is going to receive some of the blame and rightfully so.”

Ron Paul on running for president in 2012:

“In which country?!!”

“I have no plans for that, I wouldn’t be able to make a decision on that today, it’s such a long way off.”

Watch the full interview below:

Doctors Ron Paul & Rand Paul on CNN

August 7, 2009

On Thursday, Dr. Ron Paul appeared on CNN with his son Dr. Rand Paul to discuss health care “reform,” out of control deficit spending, risks of price inflation, and how they would grade the Obama Administration.

You Tube Pulls Hundreds Of Ron Paul Videos

August 7, 2009


Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You Tube has expanded its zealous copyright crusade by suspending the popular C-Span Junkie user channel, and in doing so has pulled hundreds of viral Ron Paul videos, which are now completely dead.

The C-Span Junkie user channel, a non-partisan archive of short clips taken from C-Span broadcasts of events in the Congress and the Senate, has been the home of the vast majority of You Tube videos you have seen of Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson and others being confronted in Congress, as well as Ron Paul’s speeches on the House floor. A total of more than 6400 videos in all have been pulled, hundreds of which featured the Texan Congressman.

Whether or not C-Span itself requested that You Tube pull the channel is not known, but it is clearly in the public interest and constitutes fair use to show a clip less than 10 minutes in length of what the people who are supposedly our Representatives are saying in Congress on our behalf.

As we have highlighted before, You Tube arbitrarily suspends accounts based on flimsy copyright claims that aren’t even properly investigated.

We had our own You Tube account suspended following a copyright complaint from a separate party who didn’t even own the copyright on the original material. In addition, the copyright claim was clearly erroneous as it was based on the fact that Alex Jones held up a printed version of an online newspaper story for a few seconds on camera. The channel was eventually reinstated after You Tube received a flood of complaints.

“I don’t know if you can imagine what it’s like to in a moment see 6400 videos gone,” writes the channel owner on the C Span Junkie website, “Figure 6400 hours (easily) poof GONE! I did this for the common good and now it all gone.”

The channel has now been replaced with a new account but it’s unlikely to survive long if the owner dares to post anything of substance.

Truth is no longer acceptable on You Tube as it transforms itself into a pale reflection of Hulu, a site owned and operated by NBC Universal (GE) and Fox Entertainment Group (News Corp), that is to say a joint venture by a corporation owned by a death merchant (GE manufactures attack helicopters and jet engines) and a disinformation platform owned by a notorious neocon, Rupert Murdoch.

In the Hulu-ized universe, there is no room for truth or alternative media — all channels will contain the same schlock and mindless pablum already available on cable and broadcast television.

Videos of members of Congress grilling Bernanke and his cohorts about auditing the Fed and finding out where trillions in missing TARP funds has disappeared to just aren’t part of the sanitized and lobotomized video landscape that You Tube wants to portray.

If you post videos about people eating each other’s vomit or clips of plastic bimbos with their breasts hanging out then you’ll be left alone, but God forbid should anyone try to give the country a window on what’s actually happening in Congress and what their own Representatives are talking about – in that case your thought crimes will immediately be censored and removed.

“Cash for Clunkers” Hurts the Poor

August 5, 2009

In his latest C4L video, Dr. Paul discusses the true effects of the “Cash for Clunkers” program and talks about how government intervention into the economy will only make things worse.

Healthcare Plan Based on Economic Fantasy

August 4, 2009

By Ron Paul
Published 08/03/09

As the healthcare debate rages on, there is one reality that even the proponents of this hostile takeover of healthcare by government cannot ignore — and that is money. The government simply does not have the money for a new, expansive, public healthcare plan. The country is in a deep recession that will deepen even further with the coming collapse of the commercial real estate market. The last thing we need is for government to increase and expand taxes to pay for another damaging, wasteful program. Foreigners are becoming less enthusiastic about buying our debt, and creating another open-ended welfare program when we cannot pay for what is already in place, will not help. Champions of socialized medicine want to tax the rich, tax businesses that already cannot afford to provide health plans to employees, and tax people who don’t want to participate in the government’s scheme by buying an approved healthcare plan. Presumably, all these taxes are to induce compliance. This is not freedom, nor will it improve healthcare.
There are limits to how much government can tax before it kills the host. Even worse, when government attempts to subsidize prices, it has the net effect of inflating them instead. The economic reality is that you cannot distort natural market pressures without unintended consequences. Market forces would drive prices down. Government meddling negates these pressures, adds regulatory compliance costs and layers of bureaucracy, and in the end, drives prices up.

The non-partisan CBO estimates that the healthcare plan will cost almost a trillion dollars over the next ten years. But government crystal balls always massively underestimate costs. It is not hard to imagine the final cost being two or three times the estimates, even though the estimates are bad enough.

It is still surreal that in a free country we are talking only about HOW government should fix healthcare, rather than WHY government should fix healthcare. This should be between doctors and patients. But this has been the discussion since the 60’s and the inception of Medicare and Medicaid, when government first began intervening to keep costs down and make sure everyone had access. The result of Medicaid/Medicare price controls and regulatory burden has been to drive more doctors out of the system — making it more difficult for the poor and the elderly to receive quality care! Seemingly, there are no failed government programs, only underfunded ones. If we refuse to acknowledge common sense economics, the prescription will always be the same: more government.

Make no mistake, government control and micromanagement of healthcare will hurt, not help healthcare in this country. However, if for a moment, we allowed the assumption that it really would accomplish all they claim, paying for it would still plunge the country into poverty. This solves nothing. The government, like any household struggling with bills to pay, should prioritize its budget. If the administration is serious about supporting healthcare without contributing to our skyrocketing deficits, they should fulfill promises to reduce our overseas commitments and use some of those savings to take care of Americans at home instead of killing foreigners abroad.

The leadership in Washington persists in a fantasy world of unlimited money to spend on unlimited programs and wars to garner unlimited control. But there is a fast-approaching limit to our ability to borrow, steal, and print. Acknowledging this reality is not mean-spirited or cruel. On the contrary, it could be the only thing that saves us from complete and total economic meltdown.

75% of Americans Support Audit the Fed!

August 4, 2009

August 3, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

For the first time in nearly 100 years, the secretive Federal Reserve is a mainstream topic for debate.

Results of a recent surveyreleased by Rasmussen Reports show that 75% of Americans support thoroughly auditing the Fed.

Read our press release about this great news here.

Before Campaign for Liberty started just a little over a year ago, no one could have imagined that such a survey result would be possible.

In less than six months since Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill was introduced, we have reached millions of Americans through phone calls, mailings, and radio and television interviews. Combined with tremendous grassroots efforts including having a presence at events, contacting Congress, spreading the word on the internet, and petitioning, we are achieving true, lasting change by fighting for accountability from the cause of so many of our nation’s struggles.

The House of Representatives is already out for its August recess, and the Senate will follow at the end of this week. This month-long recess gives us a perfect opportunity to challenge those who have not yet cosponsored to join the growing national movement to require transparency and accountability from Washington’s most shrouded institution.

Members of Congress will be hosting townhalls and appearing at fairs and other local events as they travel their districts to promote their agenda. C4L members should be at every stop along the way to push Audit the Fed.

Stay tuned to in the coming days for more information on how we intend to take advantage of the August recess to promote issues including Audit the Fed.

One indication of our success has been the number of ardent Fed supporters who have recently attacked both Dr. Paul and the idea of a thorough audit.  When HR 1207 was first introduced, many of them believed it was a fringe bill that would never gain traction.  Your efforts have proved them wrong.

Click on the video below to see Congressman Paul respond to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and these other critics in his latest speech on the House floor.

If you have not yet signed our Audit the Fed petition or need contact details for your members of Congress, check out our Audit the Fed action page here. You can also find information on which representatives and senators have cosponsored HR 1207 and S 604. Be sure to send the link to family and friends and ask them to spread the word!

We are winning this fight, and Audit the Fed is only the beginning of our national efforts. With our membership continuing to grow by leaps and bounds as more Americans dedicate themselves to reclaiming their neighborhoods and their country, the political establishment hasn’t seen anything yet.

Together, we can continue to push back big government tyranny and restore the freedoms our Founders fought to give us.

Thank you for all of your time and dedication, and keep up the great work!

In Liberty,

John F. Tate


P.S. Don’t forget to visit our Audit the Fed action pagefor congressional information, our petition, videos, letters to the editor, grassroots actions, event reports, and more!

Ron Paul: What Are They So Afraid Of?

August 3, 2009

Ron Paul, 1988: The Power Elite

August 1, 2009

Former four-term Congressman Ron Paul describes the American power structure. As a member of the House Banking and Currency Committee, Paul was in a unique position to see the inner workings of economic power and control of the country, and how this power translates into political power. Paul describes how, through the control of the Federal Reserve and the banking system, the American power elite is basically out of reach of the democratic system. Concurrently, by using such organizations as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, control over the political process is maintained, resulting in what is in reality a in the U.S.

Video Here

Turn Up the Heat on Congress to Stop Obamacare

July 31, 2009

July 29, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

As Barack Obama continues to push his massive Government Healthcare Rationing Scheme on the American public, it’s never been more important that we stand up and fight.

Politicians in Washington and the talking heads on TV all agree that something must be done to “fix” healthcare, but they merely echo the Administration’s position that only government solutions can address this problem government caused in the first place.

Almost no one is talking about an actual free market answer to reducing costs and restoring healthcare decisions to where they belong — between patients and doctors.

No one, that is, except Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty.

Instead of creating a massive, tangled web of bureaucracy to address obstacles arising from government overregulation, we demand that Congress actually allow the free market to work.

In that spirit, Campaign for Liberty supports healthcare reform that:

• Gives Americans control over their health careby giving them control over their health care dollar via tax credits and deductions similar to those outlined in Congressman Ron Paul’s Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act (HR 1495).

• Protects privacy rightsby allowing patients and physicians to opt-out of any government-mandated or funded system of electronic health care records, and repeals the federal law creating an “unique patient identifier” by adopting the policies contained in Congressman Ron Paul’s Protect Patients and Physicians Privacy Act (HR 2630).

• Empowers doctorsby softening antitrust law restrictions on health care professionals when they negotiate with insurers and medical providers.  Our current system gives drug companies and corporate interests all the power.

It is vital that freedom-loving individuals tell their Representatives and Senators that they oppose this Big Government Healthcare power grab and support a free market solution.  We must voice our opposition to tax hikes, government mandates, and redistributive taxpayer-funded “public” options.

In fact, just yesterday Campaign for Liberty delivered 18,992 petitions to Capitol Hill to send just that message.

And I hope you’ll join the fight too, by clicking here to sign Campaign for Liberty’s petitionto Congress in opposition to this Government Healthcare Takeover and Rationing Scheme.  And to really turn up the pressure, I also hope you will call your Representative and Senators through the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121to voice your dissent.

So-called “experts” in the media say that Congress won’t act on socialized medicine until after August recess, but if we learned anything from the stimulus debacle, it’s that the big government ideologues in Congress are willing to force their radical agenda through while we are all sleeping — and they’ll do it in a single night.

That’s why you and I have no time to waste.  Please contact your Representative and Senators to demand a sensible free market solution to the healthcare crisis, and oppose any reform that:

• Raises taxeson any American.

• Forces Americans to purchase a government-approved health insurance plan, imposes fines or tax increases on individuals for failure to purchase health insurance, or conditions the receipt of any government benefit on the purchase or maintenance of health insurance.  Instead, Congress should protect Americans from mandatory health insurance by adopting policies like those contained in Congressman Ron Paul’s Coercion is Not Health Care Act (HR 2629).

• Establishes a government-run or taxpayer-financed health insurance system. Creation of a “public health insurance option” is a first step toward the complete nationalization of health care.  Government-managed and financed health care will inevitability result in lower standards, waiting lines, and rationed care.

It is vital we let Congress know, right now, that we won’t stand for this government healthcare rationing scheme.  Please click here to sign the petitionand call your Representative and Senators at (202) 224-3121.

In Liberty,

John F. Tate

Spitzer: Federal Reserve is ‘a Ponzi scheme, an inside job’

July 26, 2009


“Here’s the idea of the century…(drum-roll)…(wait for it)… Ron Paul for President & Eliot Spitzer for Vice President in 2012. Sounds pretty fuckin’ good to me!”

-Fred Face 7/25/09




The Federal Reserve — the quasi-autonomous body that controls the US’s money supply — is a “Ponzi scheme” that created “bubble after bubble” in the US economy and needs to be held accountable for its actions, says Eliot Spitzer, the former governor and attorney-general of New York.

In a wide-ranging discussion of the bank bailouts on MSNBC’s Morning Meeting, host Dylan Ratigan described the process by which the Federal Reserve exchanged $13.9 trillion of bad bank debt for cash that it gave to the struggling banks.

Spitzer — who built a reputation as “the Sheriff of Wall Street” for his zealous prosecutions of corporate crime as New York’s attorney-general and then resigned as the state’s governor over revelations he had paid for prostitutes — seemed to agree with Ratigan that the bank bailout amounts to “America’s greatest theft and cover-up ever.”

Advocating in favor of a House bill to audit the Federal Reserve, Spitzer said: “The Federal Reserve has benefited for decades from the notion that it is quasi-autonomous, it’s supposed to be independent. Let me tell you a dirty secret: The Fed has done an absolutely disastrous job since [former Fed Chairman] Paul Volcker left.

“The reality is the Fed has blown it. Time and time again, they blew it. Bubble after bubble, they failed to understand what they were doing to the economy.

“The most poignant example for me is the AIG bailout, where they gave tens of billions of dollars that went right through — conduit payments — to the investment banks that are now solvent. We [taxpayers] didn’t get stock in those banks, they didn’t ask what was going on — this begs and cries out for hard, tough examination.

“You look at the governing structure of the New York [Federal Reserve], it was run by the very banks that got the money. This is a Ponzi scheme, an inside job. It is outrageous, it is time for Congress to say enough of this. And to give them more power now is crazy.

“The Fed needs to be examined carefully.”

Spitzer resigned as governor of New York in March, 2008, after news reports stated Spitzer had paid for a $1,000-an-hour New York City call girl.

At the time, Spitzer had been raising the alarm about sub-prime mortgages. In the wake of the economic meltdown triggered last fall by sub-prime loans, some observers have suggested that Spitzer may have been targeted by law enforcement because of his high-profile opposition to Wall Street financial policies.

Investigative reporter Greg Palast wrote that federal agents’ revealing of Spitzer’s identity as a call-girl customer was no coincidence.

Palast wrote that the principle of “prosecutorial discretion” is often used to keep the names of high-profile persons out of the media when they are tangentially linked to a criminal investigation. In the case of Spitzer, the Justice Department chose not to invoke prosecutorial discretion.

Funny thing, this ‘discretion.’ For example, Senator David Vitter, Republican of Louisiana, paid Washington DC prostitutes to put him in diapers (ewww!), yet the Senator was not exposed by the US prosecutors busting the pimp-ring that pampered him.

Naming and shaming and ruining Spitzer – rarely done in these cases – was made at the ‘discretion’ of Bush’s Justice Department.

Spitzer recently told Bloomberg News that President Obama’s regulatory reforms of the financial sector are “irrelevant” because regulatory agencies have not been enforcing corporate laws to begin with.

“Regulatory agencies already had the power to do everything they needed to do,” he said. “They just affirmatively chose not to do it.”

– Daniel Tencer


Related Story:

“This is the real reason why Eliot Spitzer was ousted from his Governors seat. Not because of some margarita sippin’ call girl.”


Stop Obamacare Now!

July 25, 2009

By David McKalip, M.D.
Published 07/23/09 


The Majority in Congress and the President are promising to change the “status quo” by pushing a government run-medicine plan (HR 3200). The plan would create rationing through government committees, force all Americans to buy over-priced, politically created health insurance, create an economically unsustainable government-run insurance plan and impose economy-crushing taxes. In fact, the President would break yet another promise by imposing a 2.5% income tax on each person who refused to buy government improved insurance. Further, after 2013 people would be forced to stay in their current plan for life or buy only a government-approved plan since no further enrollment will be allowed in non-approved insurance. Insurance companies would profit endlessly from the free business of the mandate. As medical care demands increased and artificially high profit margins became unacceptably low (for them) they would join the bailout game. In other words, there would be absolutely no change to the status quo — just an expansion of more people into the currently bad system with the added feature of state-sanctioned rationing of medical care. 

President Obama and Congress are building a medical cage that would trap all Americans and their doctors. Doctors who chose to provide the best, most innovative care with the fewest side effects to their patients would be punished. Doctors will be coerced to buy electronic medical records and send the private medical data of their patients and the details of their medical decisions to the government and insurance companies. The data of your doctors’ medical practice would then be scanned by bureaucrats to see that they have complied with rules designed to force them to ration care. They must practice “efficiently” to avoid a 5%-40% pay cut or to avoid being driven out of practice altogether. The same government that recently accidentally posted all the nation’s sensitive nuclear sites on the internet would then have to be trusted to keep your data confidential. With full access to every bit of your medical data, government and insurance companies would have an excuses to deny care for your “non-compliance” with, for instance, a diabetes control or tobacco cessation program. Congressional plans would likely add to the cost of health insurance by adding mandated benefits to plans you must buy — perhaps even forcing pro-life taxpayers to subsidize abortions. 

Congress is foolishly basing its health system reform proposals on the same approach used in Massachusetts. The state has failed to achieve “universal coverage” with about 200,000 (2.6%) of their state still uninsured. In fact, most of the newly insured were covered by receiving heavily subsidized insurance from the state — not due to the mandate to buy private insurance out of pocket. Due to budget overruns, they recently voted to remove coverage from 30,000 legal aliens for a $130 million savings and last year released others who couldn’t afford costly coverage from the mandate. Health care costs are rising much faster than nationally with spending up by 23 percent. Insurance premiums have increased 10-12 percent per year, nearly double the national average. The state is facing $1.5 billion this year in health spending and now is considering cost control programs that will limit care doctors provide to patients. There are too few providers for the increased demand – due to price fixing of doctor pay for decades by the federal government. Thus patients are waiting long periods to see doctors — especially in primary care. Congressional proposals to fix this included allowing nurse practitioners to be designated primary care “providers”, negating the years of training doctors receive and discouraging more doctors from entering the profession to compete against nurses for the same business. 

Fortunately there are good Congressional proposals to address these problems and to allow American to escape from the government’s medical cage. Congressman Ron Paul has authored HR 2630, the “Protect Patients and Physician’s Privacy Act”. The bill states that all individuals shall have the ability to opt out of any federally mandated, created, or funded electronic system for maintaining health care information. He also is offering HR 2629 the “Coercion is Not Health Care Act'” which forbids the Federal Government from forcing any American to purchase health insurance, and from conditioning participation in any federal program, or receipt of any federal benefit, on the purchase of health insurance. 

Free market economist and philosopher of freedom, Friedrich Hayek defined freedom as “the absence of coercion”. In his classic The Road to Serfdom he describes how parliamentary bodies (like Congress) prefer to delegate their power to unelected committees to insulate themselves from criticism — especially when they create economically unsustainable programs which are promises that they cannot keep. Modern Congressional promises that can’t be kept include Medicare, SCHIP and now a proposed public option and heavily subsidized, but mandated, universal health insurance. Congressman Paul is channeling Hayek when he works to protect us from coercion proposed by Congress and from the power their appointed committees would gain by using the valuable medical information essentially looted from each American alive. As a free American, it is in your your best interest to use the freedom you have now to rise up to stop this very un-American intrusion into your lives. Some would say it is your duty — but that would be coercion too. Yet remember that Benjamin Franklin told us that when you fight for your own freedom, you are helping the cause of liberty for all. And a society with more freedom is in everyone’s individual interest. You can start by calling your Congressman and ask them to support HR 2629 and HR 2630. Then recruit others who have an open mind to the cause. Finally, it is important that you donate to causes like the Campaign for Liberty so they can be on your side to help you fight.

Ron Paul- “The Federal Reserve is a Government Unto Itself”

July 24, 2009

Freedom Watch 24: REAL Health Care Solutions, Federal Reserve

July 24, 2009

Healthcare Is a Good, Not a Right

July 22, 2009

By Ron Paul
Published 07/21/09 


Political philosopher Richard Weaver famously and correctly stated that ideas have consequences. Take for example ideas about rights versus goods. Natural law states that people have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A good is something you work for and earn. It might be a need, like food, but more “goods” seem to be becoming “rights” in our culture, and this has troubling consequences. It might seem harmless enough to decide that people have a right to things like education, employment, housing or healthcare. But if we look a little further into the consequences, we can see that the workings of the community and economy are thrown wildly off balance when people accept those ideas. 

First of all, other people must pay for things like healthcare. Those people have bills to pay and families to support, just as you do. If there is a “right” to healthcare, you must force the providers of those goods, or others, to serve you. 

Obviously, if healthcare providers were suddenly considered outright slaves to healthcare consumers, our medical schools would quickly empty. As the government continues to convince us that healthcare is a right instead of a good, it also very generously agrees to step in as middle man. Politicians can be very good at making it sound as if healthcare will be free for everybody. Nothing could be further from the truth. The administration doesn’t want you to think too much about how hospitals will be funded, or how you will somehow get something for nothing in the healthcare arena. We are asked to just trust the politicians. Somehow it will all work out. 

Universal Healthcare never quite works out the way the people are led to believe before implementing it. Citizens in countries with nationalized healthcare never would have accepted this system had they known upfront about the rationing of care and the long lines. 

As bureaucrats take over medicine, costs go up and quality goes down because doctors spend more and more of their time on paperwork and less time helping patients. As costs skyrocket, as they always do when inefficient bureaucrats take the reins, government will need to confiscate more and more money from an already foundering economy to somehow pay the bills. As we have seen many times, the more money and power that government has, the more power it will abuse. The frightening aspect of all this is that cutting costs, which they will inevitably do, could very well mean denying vital services. And since participation will be mandatory, no legal alternatives will be available. The government will be paying the bills, forcing doctors and hospitals to dance more and more to the government’s tune. Having to subject our health to this bureaucratic insanity and mismanagement is possibly the biggest danger we face. The great irony is that in turning the good of healthcare into a right, your life and liberty are put in jeopardy. 

Instead of further removing healthcare from the market, we should return to a true free market in healthcare, one that empowers individuals, not bureaucrats, with control of healthcare dollars. My bill HR 1495 the Comprehensive Healthcare Reform Act provides tax credits and medical savings accounts designed to do just that.

Ron Paul on CNBC 7/21/2009

July 22, 2009

Contact Congress and Fight for True Health Care Reform

July 21, 2009

July 20, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Universal health care has long been one of the chief tenets of the big government ideology.  According to its adherents, not only does everyone have a “right” to health care, Congress has the right to make you pay to ensure everyone has access.

President Obama and his allies in Congress believe all they have to do is constantly harp about the “high cost of health care” and American citizens will instantly fall in line behind their scheme to “take care of us.”

Want to opt out of this power grab?  Americans who do not have some kind of health care coverage will be forced to pay a “penalty tax.”

The President and Congress also want to increase taxeson the wealthy (an ever more inclusive definition for the government) and tax employer-provided health benefitsto help pay for their plan.

According to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates, Congress’ plans would increase the budget deficit by $239 billion over the next ten years.

It’s enough to make you sick.

Call your representative, Lloyd Doggett, at (202) 225-4865 and let Congress know you want no part of this latest government power grab. Click hereto sign our petition.  Urge your representative to take a stand for patients by supporting true health care reform – reform that ends government meddling and unleashes the power of the free market by encouraging competition and presenting real choices.

At Campaign for Liberty, we agree that America’s health care system needs serious reform.  Since the inception of managed care in the 1970s, excessive regulation and corporatism have damaged the patient-doctor relationship and driven up consumer costs.  The problems today stem from too much government, not market failure.

Instead of moving toward even more government and less freedom, it is critical that America enact the right reforms to empower consumers and doctors.

Click hereto read Campaign for Liberty’s official Statement of Health Care Reform Principles.  Simply put, we will not support any plan that raises taxes on any American, forces Americans into the new system, or creates a “public option.”

We willsupport health care reform that gives Americans control over their health care dollars, protects patients’ privacy rights, and empowers doctors by softening antitrust law restrictions on health care professionals when they negotiate with insurers and medical providers.

President Obama is right that now is the time to take action.  It is imperative that we immediatelyget government out of health care to guarantee real, lasting reform.

Many in Congress and across the country have decided that there’s no point in trying to fight government’s takeover of health care.  They believe it’s a “done deal.”

I believe, however, that the Revolution that made Audit the Feda mainstream media issue, brought the entire Republican Party and nearly a hundred Democrats onto HR 1207 in less than six months, and shocked the political establishment by refusing to back down after Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency ended, is the same Revolution that can successfully fight for real health care reform.

We can stand up to those who seemingly have nothing better to do than think up more ways to interfere with our lives.  Together, we can champion and achieve true, lasting change.

In Liberty,

John F. Tate

Audit the Fed Update

July 21, 2009

The Return of America’s Anathema, “Taxation without representation is tyranny.”

July 20, 2009

By Jerry Salcido
Published 07/18/09

As most American school children know, one of the chief complaints that the American colonists had against the mother country was that they were taxed without their consent. “Taxation without representation is tyranny,” a phrase often credited to the revolutionary James Otis, became an American maxim. Colonial Americans were anti-tax to begin with, but to be taxed by a parliament three thousand miles away without any say in the matter was intolerable.

The colonists revolted and after sacrificing their lives and treasure they defeated the pariah which is taxation without representation; and, consequently, the freest nation the world had ever seen was born. Victory, however, was short-lived, as taxation without representation was resurrected and transmogrified a little more than 100 years later, in 1913, in the form of the Federal Reserve System, America’s third and most menacing iteration of a central bank.

Technically, the Federal Reserve has no power of taxation. In fact, it is not even a governmental entity or agency. It is a bank composed of unelected officials who answer to their shareholders… and who once in a while appear before Congress to discuss a whole lot about nothing. How then does the Federal Reserve effect taxation without representation? Through its manipulation of the money supply, that is, through varying degrees of continual inflation. As even Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted, “Inflation is a tax.”

The problem is that unlike those in 1776, Americans today—courtesy of the fractional reserve banking system led by the Federal Reserve—do not even realize they are being taxed without their consent. One reason for this general dearth of understanding concerning such vital subject matter is the perception that acquiring knowledge of the economics of central banking is equivalent to earning a PhD in quantum physics. Not so; and, if liberty is to return to America Americans must understand that the Federal Reserve is their new King George.

No Representation

To begin, calling it the “Federal Reserve” is a misnomer, because it is not “federal” (or a “reserve” for that matter, but that is not important for our purposes). Nonetheless, it does have loose, somewhat incestuous, ties to the federal government. As one federal circuit court explained it is “composed of both public and private elements.” Committee for Monetary Reform v. Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System, 766 F.2d 538, 539 (D.C. Cir. 1985). The Federal Reserve System was created by Congress’s 1913 Federal Reserve Act, and consequently derives its powers from the federal government. It consists of twelve districts each of which has one Federal Reserve Bank (“Fed Regional Banks”) and more than 5,000 other privately owned banks, that is, your bank. The Federal Reserve System’s powers are distributed primarily among three separate bodies, none of which are composed of elected officials: the Board of Governors (“Board”), the Federal Open Market Committee (“FOMC”), and the Federal Advisory Counsel (“FAC”). The Board governs the day-to-day business of the Federal Reserve and consists of seven members each of whom is appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate. Board members serve fourteen year terms — more than twice as long as U.S. Senators. While the original text of the Federal Reserve Act allowed the President to remove a Board member “for cause,” that is no longer the case. Today Board members may only be removed through Congressional impeachment, a next to impossible process.

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Dr. Paul argues in this video, additional regulations will be just another tax on consumers

July 20, 2009

Quickly Sign The Petitions To Support HR 1207 and S 604

July 15, 2009

This is Vital: When you sign the petition it automatically generates a letter to your Representative in Washington, both House and Senate.  It’s extremely simple and quick.  PLEASE, take 30 seconds and help make a difference.  We Can Still Win.

Don’t Tread on Me

July 14, 2009

July 13, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty: 

When you’re backed into a corner, all you can do is FIGHT your way out. 

Today, that’s exactly where Patriots like you and me find ourselves

It doesn’t matter that the big government politicians from BOTH parties have nearly wrecked and bankrupted our country. 

The out of control Fed…Trillion dollar stimulus bills…Record deficits under both Presidents Bush and Obama… 

Bailouts…Government takeover of the Auto industry…Taxpayer-funded handouts for bankers and Wall Street… 

I’m sick and tired of it.  And I’m sure you are too.

You and I can’t count on politicians in either party to do the right thing, not without being pushed. 

The good news is Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty are fighting back.  And you and I are starting to see results

Not only that, but there’s a groundswell of folks all over the country who are also FED UP and are supporting our cause of Liberty. 

With our battles heating up, I’m asking you to dig deep today to support Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty

These battles simply can’t be won without your help. 

Your support for ALL of Campaign for Liberty’s critical efforts is absolutely vital, including: 

*** AUDIT THE FED, so the American people can finally see the corruption and economic devastation caused by the central planning of a handful of bankster bureaucrats;

*** STOPPING the radical environmentalists’ Cap-and-Tax schemethat would drive already sky-high energy costs through the roof, massively hike taxes on hardworking Americans and grind our economy to an immediate halt;

*** DEFEATING Big Government Medicinethat would not only lead to astronomical tax hikes, but would give big government bureaucrats decision-making power over our healthcare system and virtually EVERY medical decision.

That’s why Campaign for Liberty is fighting – and why I’m asking you to act TODAY to push our battles forward! 

You see, Campaign for Liberty supporters are making a REAL impact in Washington

So many patriotic Americans are FED UP, and it’s thanks to your efforts on H.R. 1207, AUDIT THE FED. 

Already, Dr. Paul’s bill has gained the support of over half of the House of Representatives!  That would have been unthinkable just a year ago. 

But today is a new day for our movement.

You know, it’s funny.  If you read a newspaper, you won’t see a call for a full-fledged audit of the Federal Reserve.

Turn on the television and you won’t hear the talking heads calling for AUDIT THE FED. 

So what’s happening?  Where is the pressure coming from? 

It’s simple. It’s YOU! 

It’s called a grassroots R3VOLUTION. 

And if you and I can succeed, Washington DC and your state government will never be the same. 

But the truth of the matter is there’s still much, MUCH work to be done if we’re going to hold on to the precious freedoms we still enjoy and restore the freedoms that have been whittled away

This is not a battle that will be won in weeks, or even months.  You and I must prepare for long-term revolution to take back our country and our liberty. 

In the past, the Socialists and Statists have used crises like our current economic disaster to grab more and more power. 

They’re trotting out the same tired playbook now, trying to take more of our money and liberty each passing day

The only difference is that — in the past — there’s been no cohesive, organized opposition ready and able to fight back. 

But today, we have Ron Paul. 

Today, there is Campaign for Liberty.

And you. 

There are literally hundreds of thousands of folks all over the country just like YOU

And together, we must fight back, and not back down from this challenge. 

Of course, just knowing how the regime works and what it’s up to isn’t going to be enough

As I said before, we have to start “throwing punches.” 

It’s sad but true — too many politicians don’t care about right or wrong or what’s good or bad for America.

If they did, they wouldn’t be so intent on stripping us of our God-given rights, plunging us into unconstitutional, undeclared wars and spending us to the verge of bankruptcy!

At the end of the day, too many politicians care ONLY about getting and keeping POWER.

That’s why if our movement is to succeed, you and I must FIGHT back and DEFEAT the big government politicians’ pet legislation.

And then hold the politicians accountable as well.

But to do this, the R3VOLUTION must continue to grow.

Already, we’ve recruited over 180,000 supporters for Campaign for Liberty.  But that’s nowhere near the number we’ll need to really bring pressure to our elected officials.  And my research indicates there may be as many as 700,000 more ready to join us – if we can reach them. 

As I’m sure you know, reaching like-minded Americans through direct mail, phone banking and the internet to recruit them to our cause all takes a good deal of money.

Media campaigns like the one we’re about to embark on to help push Audit the Fed are even more expensive.

And unlike the government, we can’t just print money to cover our operations.

That’s why I’m counting on you.

I’m counting on you to make a generous contributionTODAY to help Campaign for Liberty fight back against the politicians’ big government schemes and recruit hundreds of thousands of new supporters.

When Dr. Paul announced he was running for President in 2007, few people could have imagined the movement he — and you — would create.

You see, you are an important part of this movement.

And today, despite all the naysayers, YOU have a very real opportunity to help turn our movement into a major political force in Washington through Campaign for Liberty.

And what you and I are able to accomplish over the next several months will help determine whether Dr. Paul’s Presidential run was truly the “start of something” or just “a flash in the pan.” 

I think I know the answer.  But I’m counting on every single one of Dr. Paul’s supporters to heed his call to arms today.

So please make a generous contributionof $250, $100, or $50 TODAY.

Nothing worth achieving is ever easy.  Nor is it free.  And I’m sure you agree, restoring real liberty in our time is truly a goal worth achieving


John F. Tate

Ron Paul questions Meltzer and Galbraith during hearing on Federal Reserve independence 07/09/09

July 12, 2009

Obama For Dummies

July 12, 2009

Paul Davis at Austin Tea Party – Jul 8, 09

July 12, 2009

C4L Members in Action on July 4th

July 12, 2009

July 11, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

As is the case with so many today, Campaign for Liberty members are outraged at the direction our federal government is taking us.

However, instead of choosing the easy way out and waiting for someone to stand up in defense of our liberties, C4L members are hitting the streets, knocking on doors, signing up their neighbors in support of Audit the Fed, speaking at public functions, and spreading the word about our mission to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution.

Last weekend, C4L members participated in July 4th events all over the country. In addition to celebrating our independence, our members took these opportunities to invite others to join our grassroots Revolution. Their enthusiasm and passion for the message of liberty demonstrated that the spirit of freedom our Founders fought so hard to defend is still alive and gaining more momentum every day.

In the Washington, D.C. area, C4L staff took part in several events. Campaign for Liberty was a Grand Patron sponsor of the 38th Annual Conservative Fourth of July Soirée (hosted by the Leadership Institute) at Bull Run Park in Centreville, Va., and I was able to address the crowd and to give them an update on the organization. Many of the attendees had never heard of C4L, and have since checked outCampaignforLiberty.comto learn more about us Click hereto view pictures of the event on our Facebook page.

Matt Hawes, Vice President of Programs for C4L, spoke at the Prince William County Tea Partyin Woodbridge, Va., and Nick Gossin, a C4L member and co-organizer of the Tea Party, read the Declaration of Independence. Local Virginia C4L members loaded their booth with information, and hundreds of attendees signed petitions asking Representative Gerry Connolly and Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner to Audit the Fed. You can view pictures from this event here.

Pennsylvania C4L saw great success with their participation in the Welcome America Parade in Philadelphia. Over 50 members from several states (and also a member from China!) joined in their efforts, which included a float (adorned with two C4L banners, as well as American flags and Gadsden flags) featuring several members in historical clothing and trailed by members who passed out fliers, flags, and Constitutions to the crowd. For the full story on the Parade and the rest of their outreach on July 4th, check out Pennsylvania C4L Region 13 Coordinator Robert Pepe’s blog post here.

On the national Campaign for Liberty blog, we’ve spotlighted PA County Coordinator Donna Serdula’s video of the event. Check it out here.

C4L North Carolina Interim State Coordinator Pat Armstrong reported that our North Carolina members were able to gather hundreds of signed petitions for HR 1207/S 604 in less than five hours at the Charlotte Independence Day Tea Party. Estimates place the crowd at over 2,500, and North Carolina C4L was able to set up a booth in a well trafficked area to spread the word about our organization. Read Pat’s report and see pictures here.

At the Citrus County Tea Party in Inverness, Florida, C4L Florida District 5 Regional Coordinator John Baeza had an opportunity to address the crowd, and, in less than four hours, C4L members collected 901 signatures in support of Audit the Fed! Read Hernando County Coordinator Debi Longarello’s report here.

In Garland County, Arkansas, C4L Interim State Coordinator Caleb Kinley and C4L District 4 Regional Coordinator Ken Griffin worked with the Garland County GOP to organize the Garland County After the TEA Party Freedom Rally. Taking place in front of the Garland County Courthouse, the Freedom Rally celebrated our heritage of freedom and challenged those in attendance to proudly defend their liberties. Fittingly, a direct descendant of Patrick Henry was among the 500+ attendees. For pictures and a full report, visit Anita Kinley’s blog here.

Be sure to check out the Recent Member Postssection on our website to read more reports from our members’ efforts across the country on July 4th. Thanks to all those who worked so hard to make these outreaches a tremendous success.

Never before have the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution been under so great an assault from all sides. Our movement, guided by those timeless principles, has risen to the challenge of protecting them from further attacks and mobilizing to once again see them respected in all levels of government.

Together, we are making a difference and working to ensure that the independence our Founders declared on July 4th is passed on to future generations.

In Liberty,

John Tate


Robert M. Bowman On Alex Jones

July 9, 2009

“This is a good overview for people who have no idea what is really happening in this country. A “Dot Dot Dot For Dummies” kind of overview of American politics and World politics. This is what is happening. Stop living in denial and stop supporting an administration that used your liberal goodwill by baiting you with the promise of change by ushering in a fake, (corporate shill puppet), black President.

I hate to say it but… wake up people. Your civil liberties will be on the chopping block for good soon, if all you good people do not speak up. Get your confidence back and start standing up for yourselves.”

-Fred Face 7/8/09



Robert M. Bowman, former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations, a former United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with 101 combat missions, and presidential candidate for the Reform Party in 2000.


We Can Stop Cap-and-Trade in the Senate!

July 9, 2009

July 8, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

When House leadership decided to rush through an over-1200 page Cap-and-Trade bill, your actions turned Cap-and-Trade from one of the administration’s highest priorities into an issue that barely managed to pass the House of Representatives.

By a final vote of 219-212 (with eight Republicans 
switching sidesto support the legislation), HR 2454 was sent to the Senate, where it could come up for debate and a vote at any time.  But sources confirm Cap-and-Trade (which really should be called Tax-Kill-Jobs-and-Liberty-and-Trade), is in deep trouble in the Senate.

If you will keep the pressure up against this boondoggle, the Senate may not even vote on it before their August recess.  (Click 
hereto sign the petition to your senators insisting they cast every vote against Cap-and-Trade.)

With this legislation, the Obama administration is once again delivering its version of change — change for the worse.

Changewill come to your energy bills, as estimates place the eventual increase in annual fees in the thousands of dollars for the average American family.

Changewill come to the way business is done, as even more of them decide to escape further regulation by moving overseas. 

Changewill come to individuals and families struggling during this latest economic crisis, as the additional costs of doing business force companies to lay off more workers while the price of heating and cooling a home skyrockets.  The working poor and young families will be especially hard hit by this regressive, hidden tax hike.

Barack Obama has estimated the costs of this legislation to American taxpayers to be over 650 BILLION dollars over the next eight years, and that figure is no doubt just a fraction of the real cost.

Coming off the heels of a razor-thin vote in the House, and with outrage over spending increasing every day across the country, many Senators are already very nervous about supporting a bill creating so much controversy.

Thanks to your efforts, the administration and Senate leadership are facing an enormous hurdle. By continuing to keep up the pressure, we can stop the Cap-and-Tax threat and prevent the federal government from further crippling our economy and eroding our standard of living.

hereto sign our online petition and urge your senators to stand up for their constituents by opposing this latest big government scheme.

And after you sign your petition, visit our 
Cap-and-Trade action pagefor information to call, write, and fax your Senator.  Our action page also lists how your representative voted, and gives a sample letter to send him to either thank him for his opposition, or to express your disappointment and ask him to vote against similar legislation in the future.

With little time to take action, we very nearly defeated Cap-and-Trade in the House.Together, we can stop it in the Senate!

In Liberty,

John Tate


P.S. Your senators need to hear from you! 
Sign our online petitionand make it clear where you stand!



Breaking News on Audit the Fed!

July 7, 2009

July 6, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Earlier today, the first shot in our battle to pass Audit the Fed through the U.S. Senate was fired on the Senate floor by Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. 

Senator DeMint, who has a well-deserved reputation for taking the battle to the other side in the Senate, once again proved why he is such a valuable ally in our fight to bring transparency and accountability to the Federal Reserve. 

A little while ago, the Senate voted to pass HR 2918, the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act. This $3 billion bill contains, among many other things, provisions for GAO audits on certain agencies. 

Seizing on a chance to take quick action to bring Audit the Fed up for a vote, and with the GAO provisions in mind, Senator DeMint attached the full text of S 604, the Senate version of Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill, to HR 2918 as Senate Amendment 1367 before it was considered for final passage. 

However, Senate Democrats refused to even allow a vote on the amendment!   That’s right.  The internationalist, Fed-loving elite in the Senate used a parliamentary tactic to shut down DeMint’s amendment. 

After Senator DeMint brought Audit the Fed to the floor, Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska raised a “point of order” to prevent a vote, claiming that the amendment violated Senate Rule 16 by “legislating” on an appropriations bill. The Senate president agreed, and the amendment was shot down. 

Senator DeMint did not back down, though, and directly challenged Senate leadership by pointing out the other GAO audits contained in the bill. As Senator DeMint listed them off, the Senate president was forced to agree with Senator DeMint that each one he described, all of which would be left in for final passage, also violated Senate Rule 16.

Which tells us at least one thing: the problem wasn’t with “legislating” on the bill or violating Senate Rules (which is commonly done).  Shooting down the amendment was about preventing a thorough audit of the Federal Reserve for the first time in its history!

Senate leadership is hoping this issue will just fade away so they can get on to what they deem to be more “important” business, like dictating what kind of healthcare plan you and I can carry or passing destructive Cap-and-Tax legislation. 

But the American people deserve answers on what the Fed has done with trillions of our tax dollars and what they are committing us and future generations to as part of their secret deals with foreign central banks and governments.

The leadership decided today to turn their backs on transparency, but our fight is just beginning.

As Senator DeMint made clear on the floor, the Audit the Fed bill has wide bipartisan support.  He rightly warned the Senate that even if they delay today, they WILL have to deal with the issue on the floor. 

It is up to you and me to back up Senator DeMint’s words by making sure the momentum continues to build and the bill comes up for a final vote. 

The rejection of the Audit amendment is just the first battle in our war. Now is the time to really put the pressure on the U.S. Senate to Audit the Fed!

Senator DeMint fired the opening salvo and showcased the hypocrisy of the Senate for allowing other GAO audits to be included in the bill while refusing to even allow a vote on Fed transparency. 

Again, we’re just getting started. Senator DeMint will keep fighting to pass Audit the Fed on its own or as an amendment, and we need to continue putting pressure on our senators to do everything in their power to achieve a floor vote! 

Click hereto sign our online petition.  And visit our Audit the Fed action pagefor contact information to call, write, and fax your senators and urge them to support S 604 and to push for a final vote.  

Together, we will finish this fight to Audit the Fed! 

In Liberty,

John Tate


Happy Independence Day from Ron Paul and C4L!

July 5, 2009

July 4, 2009 

Dear Friend of Liberty, 

On this day 233 years ago, our Founding Fathers stood up to the most powerful nation on earth and declared to the world that all men are created with rights that cannot justifiably be taken away by any government. 

Putting their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor on the line, they persevered in a hard-fought Revolution to create an experiment in liberty unlike any other in history. 

Though they would be outraged by how far the federal government has drifted from their vision, I am confident they would be proud of our growing movement to reclaim the Republic they sacrificed so much to leave us. 

Today, we can commemorate their courage, celebrate their achievements, and rededicate ourselves to ensuring the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. 

With our own Revolution headed by the “Champion of the Constitution,” we are re-declaring to the world our commitment to the ideas that made this nation great.  In his latest C4L video, Congressman Ron Paul passes along his best wishes for a happy Fourth of July.



In just a little over a year since our founding, over 200,000 people from all manner of countries, backgrounds, and political beliefs have joined Campaign for Liberty in saying “enough” to government intrusion and overreach.  The political establishment which had written us off for so long is unable to do so any longer.  Our successful efforts so far to Audit the Fedare just the beginning. 

Together, we are leading the charge to restore respect for the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.  And like our Founders, we will finish the fight. 

If you’re able to do so, please consider making a contributionto C4L to help us spread the liberty message and bring true, lasting change to every level of government across the country. 

Thank you for all you do in defense of freedom.  Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Campaign for Liberty! 

In Liberty,

John Tate 


P.S.  If you’re planning to attend a Fourth of July event today, take along a C4L flier to spread the word about our efforts!  Click herefor our recent blog post highlighting some terrific handouts for today’s festivities.


“Young Americans for Liberty,” Launches Brand New Website

July 2, 2009

Dear Patriot:

Today, Young Americans for Liberty is launching their brand new website and kicking off a major campaign to distribute 25,000 pocket Constitutions to young people across the country.

I think you will be excited to learn that YAL is in a unique position to spread the Constitutional message you and I heard during the Ron Paul for President Campaign to the next generation!

YAL Executive Director, Jeff Frazee, has the announcement, links, and details below.

In Liberty,
John F. Tate

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Today I am proud to announce the new Young Americans for Liberty website!

Please take a few minutes to visit our new websiteand join our cause.  If you like what you see, you can show your support with a generous $25, $50, or $100 contribution.

This is only the first step in revolutionizing the youth movement for liberty.

Over the next few months, drastic improvements will be made to this site as we provide advanced online tools to our members and chapters.

To commemorate this launch, I am also overjoyed to publically announce “The Constitution Project” – a nationwide effort to place 25,000 U.S. Constitutions into the hands of young people.

Every $2 donation puts a YAL Pocket Constitution into the hands of an eager new student next fall.

My goal is to find a few hundred fellow patriots to support this effort, so we can print and distribute all 25,000 Constitutions by the end of this school year.

Will you help me reach this goal?

To show you the high-level of professionalism and mass-appeal of this project, here is a sneak peek of the remarkable cover art for the custom YAL Constitutions.

As you can see, this pocket-sized booklet includes more than the U.S. Constitution.  It also exposes young minds to The Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.

Believe it or not, many students have never read these documents!  What a shame!

“Founding Partners” of The Constitution Project have the option of printing their name or business inside the back cover of every pocket Constitution as a tribute to their dedication to liberty.

For $500, I can add your name or business as a Founding Partner of this project.  Corporate contributions are accepted as well.

Can I count on you to help us place the Constitution in the hands of students this fall?

Please visit the new YAL website and donate $50, $100, or $500 securely at this link:

Or you can mail Young Americans for Liberty a check to P.O. Box 2751, Arlington, VA 22202.

You see, if YAL can raise $10,000 by July 4th, Independence Day, I can place the first order and the first shipment of Constitutions will arrive just in time for our chapters to start the new school year. Constitution Day is just around the corner too!

Young Americans for Liberty continues to build on your support, and I cannot thank you enough.  We are well on our way towards reaching thousands of young people this upcoming school year.

For liberty,

Jeff Frazee
Executive Director, YAL

P.S. The nation has strayed too far from the Constitution, but YAL has a plan!  You can help us execute “The Constitution Project” by contributing here:

Cap and Trade Will Lead to Capital Flight

June 30, 2009



By Ron Paul
Published 06/29/09 


In my last column, I joked that with public spending out of control and the piling on of the international bailout bill, economic collapse seems to be the goal of Congress. It is getting harder to joke about such a thing however, as the non-partisan General Accounting Office (GAO) has estimated that the administration’s health care plan would actually cost over a trillion dollars. This reality check may have given us a temporary reprieve on this particular disastrous policy, however an equally disastrous energy policy reared its ugly head on Capitol Hill last week. 

The Cap and Trade Bill HR 2454 was voted on last Friday. Proponents claim this bill will help the environment, but what it really does is put another nail in the economy’s coffin. The idea is to establish a national level of carbon dioxide emissions, and sell pollution permits to industry as the Catholic Church used to sell indulgences to sinners. HR 2454 also gives federal bureaucrats new power to regulate a wide variety of household appliances, such as light bulbs and refrigerators, and further distorts the market by providing more of your tax money to auto companies. 

The administration has pointed to Spain as a shining example of this type of progressive energy policy. Spain has been massively diverting capital from the private sector into politically favored environmental projects for the better part of a decade, and many in Washington apparently like what they see. However, under no circumstances should anyone serious about economic recovery emulate an economy that is now approaching 20 percent unemployment, where every green job created, eliminated 2.2 real jobs and cost around $800,000 each! 

The real inconvenient truth is that the cost of government regulations, taxes, fees, red tape and bureaucracy is a considerable expense that has to be considered when companies decide where to do business and how many people they can afford to hire. Increasing governmental burden directly causes capital flight and job losses, as Spain has learned. In this global economy its easy enough for businesses to relocate to countries that are more politically friendly to economic growth. If our government continues to kick the economy while its down, it will be a long time before it gets back up. In fact, jobs are much more likely to go overseas, compounding our problems. 

And for what? Contrary to claims repeated over and over, there is no consensus in the scientific community that global warming is getting worse or that it is manmade. In fact over 30,000 scientists signed a petition recently directly disputing the claims on which this policy is based. Legitimate environmental claims should instead be directed towards the public sector. The government, especially the military, is the most serious polluter in the country, and is exempt from most EPA regulations. Meanwhile Washington bureaucrats have classified the very air we exhale as a pollutant and have gone unchallenged in this incredible assertion. The logical consequence is that there will come a time when we will have to buy a government permit just to emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from our own lungs! 

The events on Capitol Hill last week just demonstrate Washington’s audacity in manufacturing problems just so they can expand government power to solve them.



Campaign for Liberty Stands up for His Rights, Sues TSA

June 30, 2009

June 29, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Every day, Campaign for Liberty fights government tyranny in defense of freedom. 

But right now one C4L staffer is taking his own brave stand for his liberties

You may remember Steve Bierfeldt’s story.  A few months ago he went through a harrowing ordeal at the St. Louis Airport. 

He was unconstitutionally searched, held against his rights, verbally harassed — and he recorded the whole thing on his cellular phone. 

Steve’s bravery in defense of his rights made him a cult celebrity in liberty circles.

And now his heroism is going mainstream

You see, Steve has filed a lawsuit against the TSA, and CNN recently picked up the story. 

Click here to watch the segment on The Situation Room

Steve is an inspiration to every freedom-loving patriot, and a reminder that there are victories to be won every day in the fight for liberty.

And don’t forget, Steve is not just doing this for himself; his brave stand protects the rights of each and every one of us

Here is a link to Steve’s C4L blog post where he posted the video.  Please take a moment to leave a comment or word of encouragement. 

Let him know that in his fight for freedom, he doesn’t stand alone. 

In Liberty, 

John Tate

Debra Medina (Texas)

June 28, 2009


Fellow Texans,

Thank you for all of your encouragement. The outpouring of time and resources from the grassroots has been an inspiration for me to continue in this fight for liberty. It is clear that We Texans are hungry for the right type of change in Austin. Thanks to your help we have achieved great things in a few short months. We had volunteer Medina teams at 45 Tea Parties on April 15th. You have passed out over 20,000 pieces of literature across Texas and the nation. I have had the opportunity to visit with many like-minded Conservatives at over 50 Republican and non-partisan events, organizations,
radio interviews, Meet-Ups, protests, and Meet & Greets (and thanks to your efforts, we have booked many more engagements over the coming months).  One thousand cars are sporting Medina for Texas window stickers, and I am honored that 1,500 of you are looking good in Medina for Governor T-shirts. Finally, with your financial support, we have been able to launch a top notch campaign site

But liberty hasn?t been secured yet, and the battle continues. Just as we saw this past week, the Federal Government in Washington is determined to infringe upon our liberties and to cripple the economy in our state by passing the unpopular Cap and Trade bill. Texans and Americans from all over the country continue to voice opposition to socialism, and this opposition continues to go unheeded by current elected officials. It is time to stand in Texas and elect a Governor who will stand for you against the encroachment of Washington.

Make no mistake, many resources are urgently needed to wage the battle and win the war. Be encouraged that our forces are growing every day but we need YOUR help!

We have much to accomplish but we know the torch of freedom, once rekindled in Texas will sweep across our nation and true liberty will again reign supreme.

The quarterly filing period is coming to a close, and we want to show that We Texans are ready for liberty with a strong end-of-quarter report.  Supporting a challenger candidate such as me will require courage and sacrifice. I need your financial help.  Can you please give $10, $100 or even $1,000 by Tuesday, June 30th, 2009?

I want to close by echoing the words of Col. William B. Travis:
?I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism and everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch?.
Thank you for your continued fight for liberty.  You are the best campaign team any candidate could hope for — this campaign would not have been possible without you.

Debra Medina

P.S. Our Issue Section will be out shortly, so be sure to check back often and subscribe to:

“If anyone gives back evil for good, evil will never go away from his house.”  Proverbs 17:13

Fighting the New World Order: Information Revolution 2009

June 28, 2009

Immediate Action Required — Cap and Trade Vote in Hours

June 27, 2009

June 26, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Legislative sources on the Hill have informed me that a vote on “Cap-and-Trade” (Cap-and-Tax) is likely to come around 5 pm eastern today.

Once again, most legislators have no idea what is in the 1,201 page bill about to be put up for final vote.

Passing Cap-and-Trade is a very high priority for the Obama administration, but a procedural vote earlier this morning only produced a 217-205 favorable result.  This very tight margin proves your calls and emails are having an impact. 

Now is the time to turn up the pressure.  Call your representative, Lloyd Doggett, at (202) 225-4865 immediately and urge him to vote against this latest tax scheme.  (American families could end up paying several thousand dollars a year in higher energy bills as a result of HR 2454.)

Make sure Representative Lloyd Doggett at (202) 225-4865 hears from you!  For email and fax information, visit our HR 2454 action page here.

In Liberty,

John F. Tate

Congressman Ron Paul on Healthcare

June 23, 2009

Having practiced medicine for over 30 years, Congressman Paul gives his perspective on the past and future of medicine in this country, and the effects of government and special interests on quality, costs and access.

Obama’s Regulatory Plan Strengthens Federal Reserve

June 23, 2009

June 20, 2009


Dear Friend of Liberty,


This week, the Obama administration unveiled another scheme to give more power to an already out of control Federal Reserve under the guise of regulatory “reform.” (The 85 page “plan” can be read in its entirety here.)


This Fed power grab will do nothing to help our economy or enable us to take control back from banksters and Wall Street insiders.  Instead, their proposal will address our economic crisis by creating more rules, regulations, and government agencies.  And of course, the plan is to spend more money we don’t have to implement this bureaucratic nightmare.


The Federal Reserve, currently taking hits from all sides, receives a substantial increase in powers from this proposal.  Yes, you read that right.  In the midst of the unprecedented squandering of TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars, the Fed is going to get MORE power, unless you and I stop this scheme.


According to The Wall Street Journal:


The proposal, if passed into law, would represent one of the biggest changes ever in the Fed’s role. The central bank would win power to monitor risks across the financial system, and sweeping authority to examine any firm that could threaten financial stability, even if the Fed wouldn’t normally supervise the institution. The nation’s biggest and most interconnected firms would be subject to heightened oversight by the central bank….


Read the rest (which also has an Audit the Fed mention) here.


In another WSJ article, we find that:


The Fed emerges from the plan with the power to oversee from top to bottom almost any financial company in the country, including the firms’ foreign affiliates….


So any financial firm, even if it doesn’t actually own an insured depository institution, would be subject to regulation by the Federal Reserve.


The same institution that fueled the housing bubble and made our current economic crisis possible is now the one who gets to decide who poses a risk to the economy!


The idea that the Fed’s power would be increased right now is absurd.


Thanks to the efforts of Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty supporters, well over half of the House of Representatives is now on record supporting a thorough audit of the Federal Reserve.


So why would Congress even consider granting the Fed new powers?


As you may have seen, recorded testimony from the Fed’s Inspector General shows she has NO IDEA how our money is being spent there and NO IDEA what is really going on — or at least won’t say.


And the central bank is under so much fire that it has to hire a lobbyist to defend itself on Capitol Hill.


You might assume that the Fed would be in retreat. Or at least that the Obama administration wouldn’t even THINK about granting them new powers right now.


Think again.  Politics trumps logic once more.


Despite all the promises of “change” that were so easy to make during the primary season, the Obama administration is practicing business as usual.


Like previous administrations, its ideas involve centralizing power among a few under the guise of “streamlining” the process. Instead of achieving accountability, this plan will further empower the Fed and their allies on Wall Street and in international banks.


It all goes to show that our work to Audit the Fed is only beginning.


While the support we have so far achieved is historic, you and I are taking on more than just our nation’s central bank.


We are challenging a long-held, firmly entrenched mindset that begins and ends any conversation by asking how the federal government can increase its power.


So today, let’s do two things:


1. Urge your Congressman and Senators to support H.R. 1207/S. 604, Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill, to pull back the curtain and expose the out of control Fed once and for all.   If your Congressman or Senator is already a cosponsor, urge him or her to do everything in their power to ensure this vital bill comes to a vote in the near future.


2.  Insist your Congressman and Senators resist granting any new power to the Fed by rejecting the Obama administration’s new financial regulatory scheme.


Thank you for all your work on behalf of the cause of freedom. In the face of growing threats to everything our movement stands for, your support enables Campaign for Liberty to champion the principles that made this nation great.



In Liberty,

John F. Tate



Ron Paul Slams Federal Reserve’s New Dictatorial Powers

June 21, 2009

Obama Financial Overhaul


Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, June 19, 2009


Responding to the Obama administration’s new regulatory reform plan, which will officially hand the Federal Reserve complete dictatorial control over the U.S. economy, Congressman Ron Paul told MSNBC that the Fed was now more powerful than Congress.

Paul emphasized that no amount of regulation could compensate for a financial system created and controlled by the Federal Reserve that was completely unstable to begin with.


“The regulations should be on the Federal Reserve. We should have transparency of the Federal Reserve. They can create trillions of dollars to bail out their friends, and we don’t even have any transparency of this. They’re more powerful than the Congress,” said Paul.

As we reported yesterday, the new rules would see the Fed given the authority to “regulate” any company whose activity it believes could threaten the economy and the markets.

Obama’s regulatory “reform” plan is nothing less than a green light for the complete and total takeover of the United States by a private banking cartel that will usurp the power of existing regulatory bodies, who are now being blamed for the financial crisis in order that their status can be abolished and their roles handed over to the all-powerful Fed.

“They’re giving a tremendous amount of more power to the Federal Reserve – the very institution that created our problem. That’s about the way Washington works,” said the Congressman

“Too much regulations to begin with, so they give it more. The Federal Reserve creates the problem, so we give them more power. It’s fiat money that’s the problem, so we allow them to double the money supply – you can’t solve the problems that way. That’s like saying you can take care of a drug addict by just giving them more drugs,” concluded Paul, adding that the lack of understanding about how the Federal Reserve created the problem and how the free market ought to work was the root of the crisis.


Ron Paul Video on the Healthcare Takeover

June 19, 2009

Dear Friend,

As both a defender of Liberty and a Medical Doctor, I’m very concerned about the plans the Obama Administration and many in Congress have to increase the government’s role in healthcare. 

Medical decisions being made by government bureaucrats, loss of privacy of medical data, and our ability to keep our own insurance and doctors are all up for grabs once Congress starts moving on these government takeover and rationing schemes. 

But the good news is you and I can fight back. 

Because you’ve joined me in battle before, I wanted you to be among the first people contacted by Campaign for Liberty in their fight against this federal power grab of our healthcare. 

As you may know, Campaign for Liberty is carrying the Revolution forward and is leading the fight in Congress and all across the country, mobilizing Patriots to battle. 

This battle against government-run healthcare is one I sincerely hope you will join.

Please watch this video I recorded to in response to this Government Healthcare Takeover Plan.

And if you have not already, please take a careful look at the letter below from Campaign for Liberty’s President, John Tate, and do all you can to help our fight for freedom. 

For Liberty, 

Congressman Ron Paul 

A Message from Ron Paul About Socialized Medicine

June 17, 2009

Dear Friend,

As both a defender of Liberty and a Medical Doctor, I’m very concerned about the plans the Obama Administration and many in Congress have to increase the government’s role in healthcare. 

Medical decisions being made by government bureaucrats, loss of privacy of medical data, and our ability to keep our own insurance and doctors are all up for grabs once Congress starts moving on these government takeover and rationing schemes. 

But the good news is you and I can fight back. 

Because you’ve joined me in battle before, I wanted you to be among the first people contacted by Campaign for Liberty in their fight against this federal power grab of our healthcare. 

As you may know, Campaign for Liberty is carrying the Revolution forward and is leading the fight in Congress and all across the country, mobilizing Patriots to battle. 

This battle against government-run healthcare is one I sincerely hope you will join.

Please take a careful look at the letter below from Campaign for Liberty’s President, John Tate, and do all you can to help our fight for freedom. 

For Liberty, 

Congressman Ron Paul 

P.S. As I sat down to write this to you, President Obama and the House Democrats announced a deal to pass his healthcare power grab through the House no later than July 31. It’s even more urgent you read the letter below and take action TODAY! 

US House to debate Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ bill

June 14, 2009


By Stephen C. Webster

After months of activism and lobbying by Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters, House Resolution 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, will move out of committee to be debated by the full House of Representatives.

In a show of cross-party unity, Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich became the bill’s 218th co-sponsor, pushing it over the threshold for debate in Congress.

The bill, which achieved its 222nd co-sponsorship on Thursday, has been in consideration by the House Financial Services Committee since Feb. 26.

Congressman Kucinich, along with Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-NY), announced Tuesday that the House Financial Services Committee will subpoena the Federal Reserve to ascertain the details of the Fed’s agreements with Bank of America in the institution’s acquisition of Merrill Lynch.

“The full committee and Domestic Policy Subcommittee, under the leadership of Chairman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), have been investigating the circumstances surrounding the federal government’s bailout of the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch transaction,” Kucinich’s office noted in a Tuesday release. “Specific documents subpoenaed include emails, notes of conversations and other documents.”

While the bill enjoys some Democratic supporters, the vast majority of H.R. 1207 co-sponsors are Republican.

“The tremendous grass-roots and bipartisan support in Congress for HR 1207 is an indicator of how mainstream America is fed up with Fed secrecy,” said Congressman Paul in a Thursday media advisory. “I look forward to this issue receiving greater public exposure.”

Though the move from committee to full House is sure to hearten supporters, the Senate also has pending before it a bill which would have originally given Congress greater oversight of the Federal Reserve. But in its present form, notes Huffington Post writer Ryan Grim, a recent, ever-so-slight modification essentially ‘neutered’ the bill.

“Thanks to an overlooked document posted on the website of Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, the top ranking Republican on the Finance Committee, voters can virtually watch the water being dumped into the brew that Grassley had hoped to force the Fed to drink,” he wrote.

“On page five of Grassley’s amendment, he intends to give the Comptroller General of the Government Accountability Office power to audit “any action taken by the Board under…the third undesignated paragraph of section 13 of the Federal Reserve Act” — which would be almost everything that it has done on an emergency basis to address the financial crisis, encompassing its massive expansion of opaque buying and lending.”

Grim adds: “Handwritten into the margins, however, is the amendment that watered it down: ‘with respect to a single and specific partnership or corporation.’ With that qualification, the Senate severely limited the scope of the oversight.”

Congressman Paul, in defense of his proposal to audit the bank which controls America’s currency, argues not just for transparency. He wants to close it down.

“Detractors have […] argued that the Fed must remain immune from the political process, and that more congressional oversight would distort their very important decisions,” Paul wrote in an editorial titled, ‘Audit the Fed, Then End It!’ “On the contrary, the Federal Reserve is already heavily entrenched in the political process, as the Fed chairman is a political appointee. High-level officials routinely make the rounds between positions at the Fed, member banks, Treasury and back again, taking care of friends and each other along the way.”

He continued: “As far as the foolishness of placing complex monetary policy decisions in the hands of politicians – I couldn’t agree more. No politician or central banker, no matter how brilliant, is smart enough to know more than the market itself. The failure of central economic planning has been witnessed over and over. It is frankly beyond me why we ever agreed to try it again.

“To understand how unwise it is to have the Federal Reserve, one must first understand the magnitude of the privileges they have. They have been given the power to create money, by the trillions, and to give it to their friends, under any terms they wish, with little or no meaningful oversight or accountability. Thus the loudest arguments against greater transparency are likely to come from those friends, and understandably so.”

The Tragedy and Farce of Collective Guilt

June 14, 2009

William N. Grigg 
Pro Libertate
June 13, 2009


featured stories   The Tragedy and Farce of Collective Guilt

Dark Helmet, evil ruler of the Spaceballs: Before you die, Lone Star, there is something you should know about us.

Lone Star, intrepid if thick-headed space hero: What?

Dark Helmet (with triumphant menace): I … am your father’s, brother’s, nephew’s, cousin’s former roommate.

Lone Star (puzzled): What’s that make us?

Dark Helmet (after a beat): Absolutely nothing.

From  the climactic battle sequence in Mel Brooks’ 1987 satirical space epic, Spaceballs.

The tenuous, gossamer link of distant association described by Dark Helmet works as a piece of throw-away satirical comedy. Under the doctrine of collective guilt being promoted by our would-be cultural commissars, that relationship would also be sufficient to serve as a “ink” connecting Lone Star to the crimes committed by Dark Helmet.

featured stories   The Tragedy and Farce of Collective Guilt  
  Partisan hack and hypocritical ideologue: During the reign of Bush the Lesser, Keith Olbermann routinely — and properly — condemned the Regime for inflating the threat of Islamic terrorism. Now he’s leading the chorus of alarm regarding the supposed threat of domestic “right-wing” terrorism.

Lest it be thought that I’m exaggerating, consider KeithOlbermann’s effort to connect Ron Paul — a man devoted to peace and protecting the individual rights of everybody, a man who seems biologically incapable of malice — to James von Brunn, the troubled 88-year-old man accused of carrying out the murderous shooting rampage at the Holocaust Museum.

Olbermann, who looks like one of Eugene Levy’s SCTV caricatures and (to my disappointment) appears to have the soul of an East German prosecutor, grimly informed his viewing audience that “von Brunn switched his website domain on May 1 to a man who shares a phone number with a woman who was listed as the Michigan coordinator for former presidential candidate Ron Paul.”

What does that make the actual relationship between von Brunn and Dr. Paul?

As Dark Helmet would say: Absolutely nothing.

But this is a “link,” or at least can be forged into one by people whose reserves of silliness and dishonesty are adequate to that task, and Olbermann — who, like most pathologically self-important asses, has an apparently bottomless supply of silliness — easily qualifies.

A theory of collective guilt easily as silly as Olbermann’s dribbled down the chin — or at least oozed from the fingertips — of David Neiwert, a former professional associate of the degenerate fraud and racial ambulance chaser Morris Dees.

Niewert is author of the recent book The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right. For the most part a porridge of self-contradictory partisan talking points, Neiwert’s book does offer the occasional useful disclosure.

For example, Neiwert points out (pg. 126) that during its revival in the early decades of the 20th century, the Ku Klux Klan acted as “an auxiliary police outfit” to enforce laws against bootlegging — which is to say that the Klan acted as government sub-contractors in carrying out the deranged policy of Prohibition. There’s a potent seed of an important realization here regarding the role of the state in cultivating hate groups. Regrettably, that seed requires fertile soil in which to flourish, and where such uncomfortable thoughts are concerned, Neiwert’s mind is barren and rocky ground.

Similarly, Neiwert provides a well-researched and detailed chapter on “Eliminationism in America” (no, it’s not devoted to matters of digestive tract health) which deals with the long and tragic history of the State’s war against the Indians, as well as other forms of State-enforced racial discrimination.

In that survey the author takes due notice of the depredations carried out against the Plains Indians by Union “war heroes” like Phil Sheridan and William Sherman. He then he spends the rest of the book excoriating “neo-Confederates.” That category presumably includes anyone who recalls with horror the eliminationist campaigns against the Shenandoah Valley and civilian populations in Georgia as a prelude to the crimes committed against the Indians.

featured stories   The Tragedy and Farce of Collective Guilt  
  featured stories   The Tragedy and Farce of Collective Guilt
  David Neiwert

One of the most useful passages in Neiwert’s book (see pages 97-98) is a critical treatment of the embittered, authoritarian nationalism that passes for contemporary conservatism.

What is “conservative,” asks Neiwert, about permitting “torture, rape, and the killing of civilians under the guise of interrogating prisoners in the nation we now occupy as a result of the Bush Doctrine?… Is it conservative to issue hundreds of `signing statements’ that place the president outside congressional purview and above the law? To blatantly flout federal surveillance laws nad proceed with the wiretapping of thousands of American citizens?” Is “conservatism” defined entirely by support for aggressive war abroad and presidential dictatorship abroad?

Movement conservatism, Neiwert concludes, “has come to resemble nothing genuinely conservative at all but rather something starkly radical: profligate spending and economic recklessness; incautious and expansionary wars, pursued unilaterally; exaltation of religious fervor and assaults on science; and the undermining of the civil rights of minorities.”

Although this is an incomplete and flawed summation, it’s a good place to begin in discussing the dangers of contemporary conservatism, as opposed to the genuine article.

That being the case, why does Neiwert go out of his way to implicate Ron Paul, who — but Neiwert’s analysis — would appear to be the only genuine conservative of any stature within the GOP?

In his book Neiwert accused Dr. Paul of helping to “mainstream” the ideas of the “Radical Right” — the same ideas, he insists on the same page (136, for those who are interested), that propelled “the rampages of Eric Rudolph, Buford Furrow, and … Jim David Adkisson.” This is because Ron Paul’s presidential campaign promoted what Neiwert dismisses as “classical Patriot monetary and taxation theories” — that is, an understanding of the need for hard money (gold and silver) and of the destructive influence of the Federal Reserve on our economic and social health as a country.

(Neiwert carefully avoided mentioning Dr. Paul’s emphatic and courageous stand against the Iraq War and the demented policy of “pre-emption,” including nuclear aggression against “rogue” countries. He likewise omitted mention of Dr. Paul’s eagerness to work with congressional Democrats — such as Dennis Kucinich and Barney Frank — on issues of common interest where this was compatible with his principles. Oversights of this sort attest to an abundance of bad faith on Neiwert’s part.)

Like a dog returning to its vomit, Neiwert returned to this smear against Dr. Paul in the wake of the Holocaust Museum shooting. Noting that von Brunn was arrested for attempting either a “citizen’s arrest” or kidnapping (depending on your perspective) ofPaul Volcker at the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, Neiwert wove a tangled skein of guilt-by-astronomically distant association:

 “Von Brunn … was an adherent of the white-supremacist/far-right movement called  Posse Comitatus, and was acting on those beliefs. More to the point, this is precisely the same belief system that today fuels the cottage industry in conspiracy theories — promulgated by the likes of Ron Paul and Alex Jones — that the Fed is part of a massive conspiracy of `international [read: Jewish] bankers’ to enslave Americans and destroy the country. It’s been around quite awhile, but lately it’s been gaining the patina of being regurgitated for mainstream consumption on right-wing media. ”


Continue Article 



Audit the Fed Update

June 13, 2009

The Daily Kos Does it Again

June 12, 2009


Jurriaan Maessen
June 11, 2009


Now that a majority-support for Ron Paul’s bill HR 1207 is just a couple of co-sponsors away, it seems that an attempt has been made to undermine the credibility of the congressman by equating criticism of the Federal Reserve with neo-Nazis.

The Daily Kos, known for their questionable reporting in the past, have reaffirmed their tarnished reputation by suggesting that James von Brunn, the man who reaped havoc in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, was a loyal supporter of the Texas congressman. Not unlike Glenn Beck’s idiotic attempt to equate white supremacists with 911 Truth, Daily Kos joins the bandwagon by falsely suggesting that Von Brunn was a supporter of Ron Paul and his political beliefs.

Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. Conveniently, the Daily Kos contributor, using the pseudonym ‘Lefty Coaster’, notes that the alleged gunman posted an anti-Semitic tirade on the Yahoo Message Board ‘Ron Paul for President’. The author quotes Von Brunn as saying:

‘Remember, the un-Constitutional Federal Reserve Act (1913) gave JEWS control of America’s MONEY.’

Besides the obvious fact that the politics of Ron Paul has nothing whatsoever to do with Von Brunn’s obsessive preoccupation with Jews, Daily Kos suggests a kinship with no basis in reality. After the quoted tirade, Von Brunn signs off with an explicit ‘Heil Hitler’- which doesn’t really sound like somebody endorsing the views of the anti-tyranny, individual liberty-promoting Ron Paul.

Von Brunn probably posted his comments on any and every website with a comment section. This attempt at subversion by the ‘liberal’ Daily Kos is a prime example of the amateurism with which this online magazine tries to mix in neo-Nazi’s with real constitutional issues, attempting to infect the latter with the former.

Lefty Coaster’ ends his strange little article with the following comment:


‘The Far Right is in a state of despair, desperate to change the paradigm that transformed our federal government so dramatically when Team Obama took office. My fear is that this is just the start of a parade of Far Right Wing nutballs coming unglued with a gun.’

Wrong on both counts. By any definition, people who disagree with the current administration in the White House could not be equated with neo-Nazis like this James von Brunn-character. Nor does Ron Paul and his promising bill to audit the Federal Reserve resemble anything even close to the racially motivated views of Von Brunn- whose ideas on the Federal Reserve as a racial exclusive society are contrary to Paul’s views of the Fed as an unconstitutional body that requires adequate oversight. But we have come to expect thoughtlessness of the Daily Kos and its contributors. In April 2009, the magazine alleged that cop killer Richard Poplawski got his inspiration from InfoWars and Prison Planet. An allegation they quickly had to retract. It will probably not be long before the Daily Kos will also retract this clear but feeble attempt at smearing the good name of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill Passes 218 Cosponsors!!

June 12, 2009

June 11, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

We wanted to make sure you were the first to know that your hard work and dedication has resulted in Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill, HR 1207, gaining the support of a majority of the House of Representatives!

Just moments ago, Dr. Paul’s congressional office issued a press release announcing that HR 1207 had received its 218th cosponsor, and that the list has now grown to 222!

Read their press release here.

Since our last update put the number at 207 on Tuesday, here is the list of representatives that have signed on:

-Rep. David Loebsack
-Rep. Gary Miller
-Rep. Frank Wolf
-Rep. Corrine Brown
-Rep. Jackie Speier
-Rep. Bruce Braley
-Rep. Donna Edwards
-Rep. Bobby Bright
-Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao
-Rep. Jared Polis
-Rep. Dennis Kucinich
-Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon
-Rep. Howard Coble
-Rep. Jean Schmidt
-Rep. Heath Shuler

This is an incredible victory for the freedom movement, but our work to Audit the Fed is only just beginning! Now we must concentrate on seeing the bill through the committee process and getting it to the House floor for a vote.

With your continued support, we will do just that. Together, we will restore transparency to our nation’s monetary system.

Thank you for all you do for the cause of liberty!

In Liberty,

John Tate


Campaign for Liberty Activists Achieving Success in States All Across America

June 12, 2009

June 11, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

In less than a year, Campaign for Liberty has grown to almost 160,000 members, and our largest legislative push to date (Audit the Fed) has gained the support of almost half the House of Representatives.

But there’s more news, exciting news, than that!

I have tried to keep you up-to-date on the fast-moving situations and challenges we face from Congress and the White House, but you also should know about the tremendous work being done by C4L members like you all across the country.

Here are just a few of the successes we are having at the state level:

Virginia: In September 2008, HB 1587 was introduced into the Virginia legislature to prevent Virginia from complying with any part of the federal REAL ID Act (which C4L Virginia Co-Interim Coordinator Donna Holt renamed “Dangerous ID”) or any other federal mandate that compromised the economic privacy or biometric data of Virginians.

Having such a great bill with which to stand up against a horrendous civil liberties violation,Virginia C4L held a “Stop Dangerous ID” Rally with other freedom-loving groups, organized supporters to call and write their Virginia legislators, and saw the fight through until Governor Tim Kaine signed the bill into law in March.

Virginia C4L also remained vigilant, rallying members when Governor Kaine attempted to pass an amendment to another bill, SB 1046, that would have restored compliance with REAL ID. This amendment was defeated in the House by a vote of 67-32.

Congratulations to Donna and her Virginia team!

California: Last summer, we reported that seven Ron Paul supporters had won seats on the Alameda County GOP Central Committee but were challenged on the basis that they hadn’t been Republicans long enough. Those supporters beat back the challenge and took their places on the Committee, where they have used their new positions to great effect.

(Note: As we were getting ready to send this email, C4L received an update from our friends on the Alameda County GOP. Ron Paul supporters now control 16 seats on the 30 member committee, and the California Republican Party is filing briefs in support of the recent appeal contesting our supporters’ victory in court and calling for their removal from the Alameda County GOP Central Committee.)

Not only were C4L members in Alameda County successful in getting Democrat Representative Pete Stark to co-sponsor Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill (HR 1207), but in March, the Alameda County GOP passed a resolution in support of HR 1207 that has become a blueprint for other groups throughout the nation.

Since March, HR 1207 resolutions have been passed in areas including Sonoma County, California, Contra Costa County, California, Clark County, Nevada, and Prince William County, Virginia, and by groups such as the Republican Liberty Caucus of California and the Louisiana State Republican Central Committee.

Missouri: Less than two weeks before Campaign for Liberty’s first-ever Regional Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, the Missouri Information Analysis Center released a detailed report titled “The Modern Militia Movement” to Missouri law enforcement officers.

This report grouped together Ron Paul and C4L supporters with violent extremists in a broad brush effort that targeted almost anyone who holds a limited government view.

C4L members mobilized, petitioned, called, and put on so much pressure that the Missouri Highway Patrol retracted the entire document. Our Missouri members are continuing to work with local government officials to investigate the origins of the report, hold those responsible accountable, and prevent it from happening again.

Montana: In 2004, longtime Ron Paul supporter Gary Marbut, president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, wrote the Montana Firearms Freedom Act, which declares federal firearms laws relating to the vast majority of guns built, used, and kept within the state of Montana to be null and void.

The MFFA was carried in the 2005 and 2007 sessions of the Montana Legislature by former Ron Paul staffer turned legislator, Rep. Roger Koopman (R-Bozeman), but was twice defeated in the state Senate. In early 2009, another Ron Paul supporter, freshman legislator Joel Boniek of Livingston, Montana, pushed the bill through the House, and Campaign for Liberty members joined other freedom-minded activists to successfully lobby for its passage in the Senate. HB 246 was signed into law by Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer on April 15, 2009. (An appropriate day to challenge federal overreaches!)

Adding teeth to the recent state sovereignty movement, the Montana Firearms Freedom Act, created and driven by Ron Paul supporters, is one of the most bold stands ever taken by a state. According to Gary, “Now clones of the MFFA have been introduced in AK, TX, TN, SC, and MN.  The TN clone has passed the House and Senate with considerable majorities.  I hear serious talk about more clones of the MFFA to be introduced ASAP in FL, GA, MO, OK, KS, CO, AZ, WY, UT, ID, and WA.”

As Dr. Paul has noted on many occasions, freedom is popular!

State Conventions: Over the past several months, state C4L groups have made their presence known at state party conventions, where they are spreading the message, signing up members, and helping steer their state’s parties toward freedom. Check out these reports from VirginiaGeorgiaSouth CarolinaWisconsin, and Michigan.

In addition to these tremendous stories, C4L members are petitioning their representatives about HR 1207 and persuading them to audit the Fed, winning seats locally andreclaiming educational systems, as well as speaking out and planning events to promote the cause.

We are making a difference because our members refuse to back down in the face of historic threats to liberty. We are making a difference because you are taking a stand for the principles that made this nation great.

Space does not permit me to include all the great member actions, so be sure to keep an eye on our Recent Member Posts section on and check out the Recent Member Posts archive for hundreds more of these types of stories.

Also, visit our new Audit the Fed Action Page to download materials, view video updates, check on the sponsorship status of your representative, and read HR 1207-specific member posts.

We will be making these types of emails a regular feature and want to hear from you! Send success reports you would like to see highlighted

If you are not yet involved in your state’s Campaign for Liberty, select your state on our State page today, and join the ever-growing number of dedicated, liberty-minded individuals who are successfully fighting for their freedoms.

Much to the dismay of entrenched politicians, lobbyists who have sold their souls to big government, and a mainstream media that sings the praises of the status quo every day, our movement is stronger than ever and is reclaiming America – starting in our own backyard.

In Liberty,

John Tate


GM, Amtrak and an Increasingly Fascist America

June 10, 2009


By Ron Paul
Published 06/09/09 


Last week, General Motors finally declared bankruptcy. Many in government thought $20 billion in taxpayer dollars would save the company, but as predicted, it only postponed the inevitable. The government will dump another $30 billion into GM and take a 60 percent controlling interest for it. Public officials are now involving themselves in tactical business decisions such as where GM’s headquarters should move and what kind of cars it will build. 

The promise that this is temporary and will eventually be profitable is supposed to ease the American people into accepting this arrangement, but it is of little comfort to those who remember similar promises when the American taxpayers bought Amtrak. After three years, government was supposed to be out of the passenger rail business. 40 years and billions of dollars later, the government is still operating Amtrak at a loss, despite the fact that they have created a monopoly by making it illegal to compete with Amtrak. Imagine what they can now do to what is left of the great American auto industry! 

In a truly free market, GM would get your money one way and one way only — by selling you a car you want, at a price you are willing to pay. Instead, the government is giving public money to a private company in spite of the market signals it has been sending. Throwing money at GM does not stop it from being an engine of wealth destruction; on the contrary, it simply gives it more wealth to destroy. 

Had it been allowed to fail naturally, the profitable pieces of GM would have been bought up and put to good use by now. The laid off employees would likely have found new jobs and all that capital would be in private hands, reinvested in companies that produce products demanded by consumers. Instead, we are all poorer now. 

Political pressure, rather than the rule of law, is deciding how to divide up the remains of GM. The bondholders had billions in retirement savings invested in the company, and though they were entitled to nearly three times as much as the United Auto Workers, the bondholders were left with just a 10 percent stake compared to the union’s 17.5 percent stake. For their 60 percent stake, taxpayers have a future of constant bailouts to look forward to. 

Comingling public control of private business is known as fascism. While today’s politicians may feel emboldened with all their new power, history will only repeat itself as all this collapses on itself. It is the height of hubris for bureaucrats and politicians to attempt to control the market and the freewill of the American people. In the end, the market always wins out. Maybe one day future generations will wise up and allow free markets to function and thrive without the albatross of government around its neck. For now, it looks like those in charge have not learned the lessons of the past, and have doomed us to repeat those mistakes once again.

Fed to Hire PR Wizard to Fight Against HR 1207

June 7, 2009

By Kurt Nimmo

As HR 1207 gains momentum and co-sponsors in the House of Representatives, the Federal Reserve is planning to fight the tide calling for an audit of its books by hiring a veteran lobbyist to “manage its relations with Congress,” according to Reuters.

featured stories   Fed to Hire PR Wizard to Fight Against HR 1207  
Ron Paul featured stories   Fed to Hire PR Wizard to Fight Against HR 1207
Linda Robertson  

The Fed plans to hire Linda Robertson, who previously worked for now-defunct energy company Enron, as well as the Clinton administration. She is currently head of government, community and public relations at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Robertson “spent eight years in senior positions at the Treasury Department, working for three secretaries: Lloyd Bentsen, Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers,” a bio posted on The John Hopkins University website states.

Robert Rubin, as secretary of the Treasury, recommended that Congress pass legislation to reform or repeal the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, while Lawrence Summers in the same capacity organized the looting of Russia, stripping one trillion dollars from Russia’s struggling economy in the name of the bankers.

“Members of Congress have chafed at the Fed’s bold use of its emergency powers and in particular its multibillion-dollar bailouts of investment bank Bear Stearns and insurer American International Group,” Reuters continues. “Critics also bristle at the Fed’s practice of maintaining the confidentiality of the companies that borrow directly from the central bank on the grounds that divulging their names would risk runs on those institutions.”

One such critic is senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. In March, Sanders put it squarely to Fed boss Bernanke when he said “My question to you is, will you tell the American people to whom you lent $2.2 trillion of their dollars?” Bernanke, of course, refused to divulge a single name and instead said the loans in question are “over-collateralized” and thus come with a heavy stigma for the unknown borrowers.

Sanders has put his weight behind a similar bill — S. 604, the Federal Reserve Sunshine Act of 2009. It was referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on March 16, 2009.

As reported by Bloomberg, the Fed has entered into trillions of dollars in off-balance sheet transactions since last September. More specifically, the Fed extended $9 trillion in credit, which is $30,000 for every single men, women, and child in this country.

Early last month, Elizabeth Coleman, Inspector General for the Federal Reserve, told Rep. Alan Grayson of the United States House Committee on Financial Services that she does “not have jurisdiction to directly go out and audit Reserve Bank activities specifically.”  See a video of Grayson questioning Coleman.

“We’re getting instructions from on high saying, ‘Don’t dwell on the past,’” Grayson was told before a hearing scheduled to investigate the Fannie and Freddie swindle.

HR 1207 would put an end to this sort of hide-and-seek nonsense. It would “amend title 31, United States Code, to reform the manner in which the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System is audited by the Comptroller General of the United States and the manner in which such audits are reported, and for other purposes.”

Rep. Ron Paul notes that only the Fed can inflate the currency and create new money out of thin air in secrecy without oversight or supervision. “Debasing a currency is counterfeiting,” Paul told Congress in February, 2008, “it steals value from every dollar earned or saved. “It robs the people and makes them poorer… it is the enemy of the working person. Inflation is the most vicious and regressive of all forms of taxation. It transfers wealth from the middle class to the privileged rich.

HR 1207 would cast a laser light on this criminal process. “By opening all Fed operations to a GAO audit and calling for such an audit to be completed by the end of 2010, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act would achieve much-needed transparency of the Federal Reserve,” Paul explained earlier this year.

An audit would set the stage for the end of the Federal Reserve and a return of honest money and fiscal policies. The banksters behind the Fed understand this very well and that is why they have not only hired a PR wizard but also why they have attempted to subvert the End the Fed movement.

It is hardly a mistake that the MIAC report characterized the End the Fed movement as extremist. It is also no mistake the United States Army Reserve Command issued “mitigation measures” in response to End the Fed demonstrations around the country last year. The Army “established relationships” with local law enforcement and the FBI and encouraged them to “update alert rosters,” according to a Force Protection Advisory leaked to the media. On November 22, 2008, Alex Jones led a rally at the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas Texas. The Dallas protest is specifically mentioned in the official Army document.

As HR 1207 picks up sponsors and gains critical mass, we can expect the international bankers to devise ways to protect their Federal Reserve racket. Obviously, it will take more than a former Enron and Treasury Department hack to stem the growing tide of people demanding the Fed be investigated and eventually dismantled.

HR 1207 Now Up To 190 Co-sponsors

June 6, 2009



Here’s 3 related (WORKING) links for easy access:

DEMOCRATIC List of Shame…

REPUBLICAN List of Shame…

S 604: F R Sunshine Act of 2009. Companion bill to HR1207…



Click here to see the list of HR 1207 Co-Sponsors (as of 6/5/2009)


June 6, 2009

June 5, 2009

Dear Fellow Texan,

Don’t breathe that sigh of relief too soon!  While the Texas Legislature has adjourned, there are many harmful bills that made it thru the session and now await signature on the Governor’s desk.  One that poses a real threat to parents and families in Texas is SB 1440. 

Read the Parent Guidance Center’s press release below or visit Tim Lambert’s Right in Texas blog where you can read more about how this language made it into a bill at

For Liberty,

Debra Medina

Texas State Coordinator


Please call the governor’s office and ask him to veto this SB 1440.


Information and Referral Hotline [for Texas callers] :
      (800) 843-5789


Citizen’s Opinion Hotline [for Texas callers] :
      (800) 252-9600


Information and Referral and Opinion Hotline [for Austin, Texas and out-of-state callers] :
      (512) 463-1782


Office of the Governor Main Switchboard :
      (512) 463-2000


Citizen’s Assistance Telecommunications Device
      If you are using a telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD),
      call 711 to reach Relay Texas


Office of the Governor Fax:
      (512) 463-1849




Parent Guidance Center, 9600 Escarpment Blvd, Suite 745-255, Austin, TX 78749

Released by: Judy Powell, Communications Director

Telephone: 832-592-1323


June 4, 2009





Austin, Texas:  The Texas Legislature passed a new law May 30th which will potentially suspend 4th amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure during the investigation phase of child protection cases.

All families are at risk in the state of Texas if the governor signs this bill.  The FLDS case, where Texas took over 400 children based on the “umbrella of beliefs” held by their parents and no tangible evidence of abuse or neglect, demonstrated the sweeping power that the government wields against families, even when reports are false.  Rights are ignored in the name of “child protection.”  If SB 1440 is not vetoed, Child Protective Services will be able to gain access to people’s homes and children by merely presenting an affidavit to the court asking for a court order to “aid in an investigation.”  This dispenses with a search warrant based on probable cause or a hearing during which parents can defend themselves and CPS must prove “good cause” for obtaining access to children and their medical and mental health records.

“If after being served this order, parents assert their 4th amendment rights, they may be held in contempt of court!” said Johana Scot, executive director of Parent Guidance Center, an organization that helps parents involved in CPS cases.  “How can this be in the best interest of a child in the United States of America?”

The original bill (SB 1064 by Kirk Watson) died on the floor but was revived by Patrick Rose as a last minute amendment to Watson’s SB 1440 and seeks to get around obstacles to information gathering with merely a court order issued for “aid in an investigation” when accusations of abuse or neglect are made “based on information available” which in the case of the FLDS was a hoax phone call.  Parents who do NOT agree to let their children be questioned, transported, or traumatized by strangers could then be presented with a court order sworn by “an investigator or authorized representative of the department” who could then gain access to their property, records, and children.  These court orders can also be gotten without a family’s knowledge that they are being investigated.

The new law goes even further by striking the term “for good cause shown” and lowers the evidentiary bar by only requiring “fair probability that allegations of abuse or neglect will be sustained if the order is issued or executed.”  A search warrant requires probable cause; CPS investigations will no longer require good cause at all.  Anonymous reports and lack of a hearing will place all families in jeopardy.

“It is disappointing and disturbing that the Texas Legislature would seek to get around court rulings that kept families’ rights in place,” Scot said.  “This bill puts families between a rock and a hard place with confusing language that makes the law harder for ordinary citizens to understand rather than clarifying it.”  DFPS already made great strides to change their policies and procedures after these court rulings.


Audit the Fed Advancing in the House

June 5, 2009

June 4, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill is now up to 186 cosponsors!

That means over 40% of the entire House of Representatives is currently signed onto HR 1207.

And thanks to your hard work, Representative Lloyd Doggett is one of the 186 proud cosponsors.

Not only has over forty percent of the House cosponsored HR 1207, but Barney Frank has even promised Ron Paul that he will hold hearings in the House Financial Services Committee.

When these hearings occur in a few months, Ron wants to have a majority of House members on board . . . so there will be no stopping Audit the Fed.

It is amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish in the House on the back of tireless grassroots efforts.

But now it is time to start thinking about the next step.

Pretty soon we will be turning our attention to the Senate, where we are certain to face a more difficult fight.

There, corporate lobbyists and Beltway insiders wield even more powerful influence.

Many Senators are already bought and sold by Wall Street bankers and their Federal Reserve flunkies.

And the Banking Lobby is already pumping piles of cash into Senate campaign coffers in a preemptive stand against Federal Reserve transparency.

Fortunately, Campaign for Liberty has been developing a grassroots program and a massive marketing campaign to counter the banksters’ efforts.

And we’re almost ready to launch.  But it won’t be cheap, and we can’t afford to run out of gas before the job is done and Audit the Fed is passed.

Can you chip in $25 to help counter the millions of Wall Street dollars and corporate contributions?

If you can afford more, every extra dollar will be poured into our campaign to pass Audit the Fed in the Senate.

As we close in on 50% support for Audit the Fed in the House of Representatives, the time is nearing to officially unleash the Ron Paul R3volution on the Senate.

If you can, please click here to make a contribution to help Campaign for Liberty launch our Audit the Fed program in the Senate.

In Liberty,

John Tate

Fight Government Encroachment into Health Care!

June 4, 2009


By Ron Paul
Published 06/02/09 


With a faltering economy, and skyrocketing costs, healthcare continues to be a critical issue for all Americans. Unfortunately government encroachment into the doctor/patient relationship is poised to exacerbate our problems with healthcare. 

As an OB/GYN with over 30 years of experience in private practice, I understand that one of the foundations of quality healthcare is the patient’s confidence that all information shared with his or her healthcare provider will remain private. And yet, the Federal Government plans to undermine this trust with establishment of mandatory electronic medical records collections and “unique health identifier” numbers assigned to all Americans. Funding for this program was among the numerous provisions jammed into the stimulus bill rushed through Congress earlier this year. 

Electronic medical records that are part of the federal system will only receive the protection granted by the federal “medical privacy rule.” This misnamed rule actually protects the ability of government officials and state-favored special interests to view private medical records without patient consent. 

Aside from those concerns, the government’s ability to protect medical records is highly questionable. After all, we are all familiar with cases where third parties obtained access to electronic veteran, tax, and other records because of errors made by federal bureaucrats. We should also consider the abuse of IRS records by administrations of both parties. What would happen if unscrupulous politicians gained the power to access their political enemies’ electronic medical records? 

For these reasons I have introduced the Protect Patients’ and Physicians’ Privacy Act, HR 2630, which allows patients and physicians to opt out of any federally mandated, created, or funded electronic medical records system. The bill also repeals sections of federal law establishing a “unique health identifier” and requires patient consent before any electronic medical records can be released to a 3rd party. 

I have also introduced the Coercion is Not Health Care Act, HR 2629. This legislation forbids the federal government from forcing any American to purchase health insurance, or conditioning participation in any federal program on the purchase of health insurance. Forcing Americans to purchase government-approved health insurance is a back door approach to creating a government-controlled healthcare system. Congress would define what policies and coverage requirements satisfy their mandate. Does anyone then doubt that what conditions and treatments are covered would be determined by who has the most effective lobby? Or that Congress would be capable of writing a mandatory insurance policy that fits the unique needs of every individual in the United States? 

With these conditions in place, I foresee the eventual imposition of price controls and limitations on what procedures and treatments that are covered. This will result in an increasing number of providers turning to “cash only” practices, making it difficult for those relying on the government-mandated insurance to find healthcare — the exact opposite of the desired result! Consider the increasing number of physicians who are already withdrawing from the Medicare program because of the low reimbursement and constant bureaucratic harassment from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

Congress should put the American people back in charge of healthcare by expanding healthcare tax credits and deductions, increasing access to Health Savings Accounts, respecting privacy and the doctor/patient relationship. Further politicizing and bureaucratizing of healthcare will only increase costs and reduce quality, as demonstrated by most other countries with socialized medicine.

A Message from John Tate

June 2, 2009

June 1, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

With all of the great success you and I have had recently, our movement faces increasing dangers from organizations and individuals who wish to trade on Ron Paul’s good name without actually having any connection to or endorsement from him.

To help guard against this problem, Dr. Paul has specifically asked me to bring one such situation to your attention. Many of you may have received letters from David James and The Liberty Committee asking for your support by generously using Ron Paul’s name.

Dr. Paul wanted me to let you know neither David James nor The Liberty Committee have any affiliation or association with Ron Paul, Campaign for Liberty, Liberty PAC, or The Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE). 

In less than a year since our founding, it has been incredible to watch Campaign for Liberty grow to include over 150,000 members who are taking action all across the country to reclaim our Republic.

On behalf of Dr. Paul, I want to thank you for your devotion to freedom and your support for Campaign for Liberty.

Together, we will Restore our Liberties.

In Liberty,

John Tate


Ron Paul on North Korea

May 31, 2009

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 5/27/09

May 27, 2009

Campaign for Liberty Responds to Senator Lindsey Graham

May 23, 2009

May 21, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Across our nation, Campaign for Liberty’s 150,000+ members are taking action, educating their fellow countrymen, and making a considerable impact on the political landscape. Together, we unapologetically champion the principles that made our nation great: sound money, a constitutionally limited government and foreign policy, and respect for individual liberties.

These ideas transcend traditional boundaries and draw Americans (and like-minded people across the globe) from all backgrounds to the liberty message.

Many Republican leaders, however, continue to believe that principle must be sacrificed on the altar of attaining political power, despite the devastating defeats a “win-at-all-costs” philosophy brought their Party last November.  And, as you will see below, it is the liberty message that has all the momentum.

This past weekend at a South Carolina Republican convention, Senator Lindsey Graham adamantly defended supporting those who choose political expediency over substance. “We’re not going to build [the Republican Party] around libertarian ideas,” he told his audience. “[Ron Paul] is not the leader of this Party,” he emphasized.


Senator Graham claimed his view as being that of a Ronald Reagan Republican, but Reagan’s own words in a 1975 Reason interview remove any endorsement of the Senator’s statement.

“If you analyze it,” said Reagan, “I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.”

What about principle vs. politics? (Emphasis in the following mine)

Reagan said: “I have been doing my best to try to revitalize the Republican Party groups that I’ve spoken to, on the basis that the time has come to repudiate those in our midst who would blur the Republican image by saying we should be all things to all people in order to triumph… I’ve been urging Republicans to raise a banner and put the things we stand for on that banner and don’t compromise, but don’t try to enlarge the party by being all things to everyone when you can’t keep all the promises. Put up a banner and then count on the fact that if you’ve got the proper things on that banner the people will rally round.”

South Carolina’s junior Senator, Jim DeMint, spoke after Graham and echoed Reagan, commenting about the Senate that he, “[w]ould rather have 30 Republicans who believe in the principles of limited government and free markets and free people than 60 Republicans who have no beliefs at all.”

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford also defended the freedom movement, remarking, “Liberty is the hallmark of the American experiment. That is the distinguishing characteristic of our Republic, and frankly what’s made it great… I’ve been accused of being a libertarian, and I would say I wear it as a badge of honor because I do love, believe in, and want to support liberty.”


In his speech, Senator Graham noted that those who don’t think winning matters should head for the Party’s exits.

Of course winning is important. But when that becomes your ultimate focus at the expense of everything else, you throw away the integrity our Founders believed crucial in order to be involved in government.

The time has come to make it clear that we will no longer tolerate the rampant trashing of our Constitution by our representatives or their constant shifting on the issues. No matter what political party you belong to, you should have the courage to stand firm on your beliefs.

As our efforts with HR 1207 are demonstrating, you don’t have to cast aside principle to achieve success. A clear, consistent stand on a philosophy of freedom will find supporters, and from there real, lasting change can be effected.

To those in all political parties who wish to maximize freedom and prosperity, we invite you to join us in our efforts. To all those who would sell out our Constitution and their beliefs in pursuit of power, we turn Senator Graham’s words back on him and you by saying, “There’s the exit sign.”

In Liberty,

John Tate


P.S. Campaign for Liberty’s progress in less than a year after its founding has been incredible, but our fight is only beginning. If you are a dues-paying member, take the next step to reclaim your local area for freedom and become a local coordinator today. And if you are able, please consider making a contribution to C4L to help us hold our elected officials accountable.

Please Support Adam Kokesh

May 19, 2009

Dear Friends,

Adam Kokesh has been a tremendous supporter – of both me AND you! As a leader of Iraqi Veterans Against the War, Adam has spent years traveling the country to spread our message of peace, a strong national defense and limited government. Adam has tremendous credibility because of his service in the United States Marine Corps and I have deep respect for his commitment to principle.

And now, Adam Kokesh needs our support.

Adam has formed an exploratory committee to run for Congress in his home state of New Mexico. Sending Adam Kokesh to Congress would be a tremendous victory for the Freedom Movement, and if we come together and stand behind him, he has a real chance to win.

This race will be difficult, but I know Adam has the energy and drive to be successful and pour every ounce of himself into this effort. I urge you to go and support him in anyway you feel comfortable. Whether it is making a financial contribution, volunteering or getting more information share with your friends and family, Adam needs your support now so he can start down this long journey with momentum and a strong wind at his back.

We have a chance to help a real patriot and lover of liberty join me in Washington. Again, I hope you will help me support Adam Kokesh for Congress.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

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May 17, 2009